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Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 14

Chillin’ on the Web

Our wonderful houseguests are still hanging on that web. Erika comments in diary that her recent nomination lit a fire under her and she’s going to do whatever it takes to win. Marcellas hangs on the web and comments how fun it is initially, but he’s soon upset when the goo shoots out and covers his bald head. He comments that the goo messed up his belt and he’s sending Big Brother a bill.

Danielle comments in diary how important it is for her to prevent BB6 from winning HOH again.

Flashback to Diane’s eviction from the house. James says in diary how Janelle went after Diane out of stupidity (I must concur). Danielle says Diane was backdoored, and Marcellas says Janelle misused her power. Janelle says in diary that it wasn’t personal, but was pure strategy.

Jedi Jack @ss Strikes Again

Howie is being a goofball on the web. The other houseguests make fun of how much he eats. BB shows footage of Howie eating like a pig. I mean, this guy can really put down some food. Chicken George made him 4 Philly steaks, and the Jedi devoured them. He has the nickname “Big Boy” and the houseguests encourage him as he dances around like a dork.

Danielle pulls Howie aside and tells him that he has gained a lot and that she worries about him. He says he’ll cut down. And he holds his word until a few minutes later he goes into the kitchen for some ice cream.

Back to the Web

If you don’t remember, what’s going on with this HOH competition, here’s a brief reminder. All the housguests will be hanging on a web. The last person left wins HOH. The first five people to drop from the web get to pick 1 of 5 eggs which contain different things: 2 are rotten, 1 has 10 grand, 1 frees a houseguest from slop for a week, and the other allows a houseguest to nullify a vote for eviction. Okay, everybody caught up now? Good. Let’s get back to the action.

Will becomes the first one to fall off the web. He says he did it to get an egg. He picks one of the eggs and it’s rotten (kinda ironic, huh?). Will says in diary that he was okay with it, because it allowed him some alone time to talk to Janelle.

After an hour on he web, more of the goo sprays and the web moves around more. Danielle comments in diary how she has to win this HOH because she’s tired of seeing BB6 win it.

After 2 hours, Janelle comes out and announces a new change. All houseguests on the web have to have their head and torso below the web and only hang on with their arms and legs. James begins to struggle, but is able to pull himself back up. James soon bows out at the request of Danielle. He picks an egg and gets the one to nullify a vote for eviction.

Boogie drops next and he selects the egg with 10 grand.

Kaysar falls next, and he gets the rotten egg. Awww… so sad.

Danielle realizes that Howie is the only BB6 peep left so she tells him he should drop next because she’s not going anywhere.

They all tell Chicken George to drop because the only egg left is the one to not eat slop for a week. But Georgie Porgie continues to hang on. Marcellas falls next and takes the last egg.

George finally falls. Valiant effort, Georgie.

Howie, Danielle, and Erika are the only ones left. The Philly steaks appear to be catching up to Big Boy because Howie began to really struggle. Danielle yells at him to stop moving the web. Danielle lets her feet down and starts to quit, but quickly changes her mind and pulls herself back up. Erika looks very comfortable. The two women plead with Howie to drop because they aren’t going anywhere. They both tell Howie that if he drops, then he’s safe. The Jedi finally falls down and goes boom. Erika immediately drops and tells Danielle to take it. Danielle drops and screams “I’m the Black Widow!” You sure are, girlfriend.

BB6 No Longer Runnin’ Things

Boogie says he loves that Danielle got it because Danielle will be focused on getting Janelle out of the house.

Poor Dr. Will injured his back picking up Boogie after Boogie won POV last week. Kaysar attempts to do some chiropratic moves he saw somebody do, but it doesn’t help the poor doctor. Danielle tries to massage his back to no avail. The poor doctor remains in pain.

The BB6 people meet up and James tells Janelle that because she went after a floater, the floaters will be targeting BB6. Janelle seems to not understand why. James says in diary that Janelle is an Anna Nicole Smith wannabe and is the dumbest player to ever play the game.

We are then once again taken through another episode of “Who Wants to See My HOH Room?” This week it stars Danielle. She has the usual stuff. She got pictures of her family. Her mom wrote her a letter and sent a hot pink robe that was the color of Janelle’s bed spread last week.

Hungry, Anyone?

The houseguests open the stock room. It’s fully stocked and there is also a bunch of pizzas. Chicken George looks like someone shot his puppy. Marcellas feels sorry for the guy, and he gives George his no slop for a week pass. George won’t take it, but Marcellas insists. Marcellas says in diary that he didn’t want to give it to George, but it was the right thing to do and George might return the favor in the future. George finally accepts the pass and pigs out on some pizza.

It’s Strategy Time

Danielle and James are in the HOH room. She proposes putting James up against Janelle because she needs someone who can compete athletically with her. James thinks it’s crazy, but Danielle says it could work. Danielle says she knows it’s risky. James says he’ll get back to her.

Marcellas and Danielle are in the weight room and Danielle asks what he thinks she should do. He says he thinks it should be Janelle and Kaysar. Danielle says in diary that she’s shocked that Marcellas turned on Janelle since they were so close.

Kaysar goes to the HOH room to talk to Danielle. She asks if he or Janelle had alliances with Chill Town. He says no. But she says if not, then she doesn’t understand their reasoning for not going after Chill Town. He doesn’t give much of an answer. She says in diary that someone from season 6 has to go.

Nomination Day

Janelle says in diary that Danielle should put up her and Kaysar and that it would be the smart thing to do. Marcellas says he doesn’t trust Danielle because he knows first hand what’s she capable of. Danielle says her only alliance is herself. James says he has no problem going up if it means getting rid of Janelle.

Time for the ceremony. Danielle announces that her decision is based on past week nominations and the POV competition. She pulls out the first key and it’s Erika. Next it’s Howie. Next it’s George. Next’s it Boogie. Next it’s Marcellas. Next it’s Will. And finally it’s Kaysar.

Your nominees: James and Janelle.

Danielle says that she wanted to put the toughest bad asses in the BB6 alliance up against each other. Janelle is shocked that James went up. She says in diary that she thinks Danielle is a bitch.

James does a little acting like he’s really upset about being nominated. Give that boy an Oscar.

My Thoughts

Am I happy Danielle won HOH? Ya darn right! Only because it’s good to see someone other than BB6 hold the power. I would have been just as happy if it was Chill Town who won. Good to see some new blood in the HOH seat. Shake things up a bit.

I think Janelle might go bye-bye this week. She better fight her butt off to win POV or else she’s toast. But hey, anything’s possible in this game. I thought Janelle was cool during her time on BB6. She lost a lot of cool points with me during the whole get rid of Diane plan, only because she should have gone after Chill Town. Even if Janelle doesn’t get evicted this week, the blonde isn’t gonna make it to the end. Chill Town will stab her in the back very soon.

That’s it, ladies and gentlemen. This recap has been bought to you from the couch in my apartment. See ya next Sunday!!

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