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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 5th – The Veto Competition Shakes Up the House

Chicken George is wearing a pastel blue leisure suit, and looks really funny. They call him Mr. Roper, which cracks me up. George too, apparently. BB cuts in and we get flames, and when we come back the party is on in the backyard. Those on slop are allowed to watch, but not partake. I’ll bet they really don’t care much, as this seems to be the lamest party ever.

All the party peeps have sombreros, and James has claimed the piñata because he wants to beat on something. There’s a margarita machine set up, and a little hut decorated in Mexican blankets with food on platters. George looks like he’s having a good time, but the rest of them … notsomuch. The rest of the hamsters are sitting off to the side of the party. Erika mentions that Janie must be having the time of her life, since she’s the only girl at the party.

Inside, Dani is pacing back and forth in her cell. She’s talking about loopholes, trying to figure out a way to save Kaysar. She seems to think that Howie never actually agreed to her offer of safety, and she needs the DR to replay the tape for her so she can find out for certain. Surely they wouldn’t do that for her, would they? She swore on her kids’ lives that Howie was safe – that should be enough.

Kaysar and Erika set up the hookah outside, while Booger and Will have some trouble with the margarita machine. They try to take it apart, which gets an admonishment from BB and then flames. Booger is now mixing beer with his margaritas, and is well on the way to getting hammered.

Danielle must be bored out of her tree, because now she’s still walking around but she’s reading the instruction booklet that came with the port-a-potty. Hehe – I’d probably resort to that as well. Hey, it’s something to read, right?

Janelle and Will have a little flirty private talk after Will asks George and then Booger to leave him alone with her. They talk about how it was weird at first because neither one of them seemed open to conversation. Then Will suggests an alliance that includes the two of them, Booger, and whoever Janie wants to bring from S6. Just one person though. Janie seems to agree with this, but she doesn’t give Will any names. She tells him about Marcellas and Erika yelling at her last week for not putting him up when Booger won the veto. Boog comes over and Janelle shares the story with him too. Much rehash of how they have to take Marcellas out.

Will slips inside and starts whispering to Danielle through the door about how Marcellas took all kinds of prizes in the veto competition. He keeps apologizing, telling her that she doesn’t have to be strong, she can just be herself. He promises hugs for her when she gets out.

The “party” goes on until they run out of alcohol, which doesn’t seem to take too long. Will heads for the hot tub, telling Janie that she can join him if she wants, but it’s probably in her best interest not to. Everyone except Erika, George, and obviously Marcy are having little discussions about how Marcellas must go because no one wants to be stuck in sequester with him.

Danielle, on the other hand, is starting to lose it. She’s asking BB to tell her parents that she loves them, and to tell Rosalyn that she’s defeated. She wants to go home, and asks who wants her DOR. She doesn’t even know why she’s there.

It’s an emotional night apparently. Now Kaysar and Erika are talking about how they’re all putting themselves through this just for the money. Erika is quietly crying, and she’s upset that someone was actually rejoicing in Danielle’s confinement. She can’t believe that people would be so cruel. She won’t tell him ho it was, even when he asks if it was someone in his alliance.

Dani is crying again, pacing around the room. Will, Booger, and Howie are in the hot tub in their sombreros, trying to get Kaysar to join them. He does, as does Chicken George. They call themselves the “Hot Tub Sombrero Posse”. Erika goes inside, tells Danielle that they love her through the door, and heads off to go to bed.

Will goes inside to take another sink shower. Janelle comes by and Will sprays her with water. They’re laughing and spraying water everywhere, when BB tells them to stop. They both lament how they’re not allowed to have any fun. After brief flames, we’re back and Will is cleaning up the water, which is everywhere. A few minutes later, BB tells them that the lights will be turned off in one hour. Heh – that’s our BB, laying the smackdown.

Booger goes inside to change, and lucky us, he’s not hiding anything. As I peek at the feeds through my fingers which are covering my face, I hear Janie yell “Oh God!” and look to see that she’s come across Boog in the same state as I just did. She runs away to tell the rest of S6 what she just saw. I have no one to immediately complain to, but I rest assured knowing that those of you reading this recap will offer sympathy.

Hamsters are now getting their cots or pieces of floor ready for bed. Erika is upstairs in the HoH room with Booger, and she’s getting angry at him for farting. Meanwhile, Will has asked Janie for a bed time story. He asks her about her relationship with Michael, and she tells him about the Spiderman kiss. When Will calls it “showbarassing”, Kaysar says he detects some “showjealousy”. Ha!

Erika flees the HoH room after Booger tries to grab her. She runs down to sleep in the room with Marcy, saying that she feels like she’s living in a fraternity. Apparently Booger kept calling her a “company girl”.

By 3 am, everyone is snug in bed sleeping, except for Danielle who is laying down and staring at the ceiling. BB has left the lights on for her, which sounds harsh but is probably decent, since the room would be pitch black and we all know that Dani doesn’t like to sleep alone.

Things are heating up in the BB house now, which is what we all hoped would happen after a few people left. With the number of strong strategic players that are left, things can only get better.

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