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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 5th – The Veto Competition Shakes Up the House

James heads over to talk to Marcellas, who is apparently public enemy #2 for him now (after Janie of course). He says that last week Janelle sold out her alliance, and now this week she’s selling out the entire house with the restrictions. Marcellas complains a bit before the conversation goes to other reality shows that feature former reality stars, like Battle of the Network Reality Stars. Marcy says that he’s asked all the time to do stuff like that, but the only one he really wants is The Surreal Life. He was apparently pretty close to getting in last year, but then they decided they wanted a hunky straight guy instead. And as well all remember, that’s when Scott “Savage” Long decided to parade around in front of the Surreal Lifers in his soiled underwear. Bleh.

The lockdown is finally over and everyone goes inside. The cots are, I hear, like army-issue deals that are very hard and don’t have real mattresses. Even the HoH bed is gone and replaced with a cot, but the headboard is still there so it looks rather ridiculous. Danielle enters her solitary confinement, which is actually the workout room minus the equipment and mirrors, armed only with a bible and her bathrobe. There’s a port-a-potty in there too.

James is ranting about how much the competitions suck. If his supposed allies were just a bit more observant, they’d realize that he’s flipping out more over having to sleep on a cot than he did about being put on the block. Janelle knows that James feels safe this week, but she needs to dig just a bit deeper. He complains that they all agreed not to punish the house with the veto, and Janelle says that she never agreed to that. Which is true. And don’t try to tell me that if James really thought he was the one being pushed out the door that he wouldn’t have done the exact same thing.

In solitary confinement, Danielle lays down on her pink bathrobe and begins to cry. She mutters “idiots … stupid idiots…” a few times, but it’s mostly just sobbing. Personally I think she’s disappointed that the three guys she’s supposed to be allied with went after prizes and didn’t back her up at all in the competition. But she’s probably also thinking of her family, and this little crying jag will probably be good for her in the long run. It’s kind of sad to watch though.

Marcellas and Erika are together, and Marcy is worried that he might be going on the block now. Erika assures him that she asked Danielle what she was going to do, and that Dani is focused on breaking up S6 this week. Erika adds that James is a dangerous player, and that they can’t trust him at all. Marcellas thinks that the viewers don’t like S6 this season, because they play dirty. Wow, some people are in for a big surprise when they get out of the house! What it is about the Sovs that makes others think that no one could possibly like them?

Quick shot of Danielle, still teary-eyed, asking if she can just go home because she’s tired of the stupid game and the stupid people. Sure Dani, just hand over your DOR and you’ll be on your way home.

Marcellas is still complaining. This time it’s about Janelle putting the house on restrictions, but then he says that Kaysar and Howie deserve it because neither one of them lifted a finger to help “their girl” on the block. They both think that Kaysar is going to be put up with James now. And Erika wants to start asking around about the possibility of keeping Kaysar over James. Wheee! Watch the tables turn! Erika then says that she can’t handle slop for another week – she’s getting too skinny and it isn’t good for her. Glad she’s realized that. She says that she might ask Danielle to put her up and vote her out. Right, like anyone has actually gone through with that threat so far.
They promise each other that if one of them is on the block next week with Danielle, that they’ll vote for the other to stay in the house.

Will approaches James and Howie and proposes a truce for the upcoming weeks to get Marcellas out of the house. They both seem to be on board with this plan. Will then says that the next person to go should be Chicken George, because no one wants to be sitting beside him at the end. When Will leaves, Howie tells James that he likes this plan and trusts Will to keep his word. Ruh roh.

Will tells Kaysar to keep his head up and stay in the game. Kaysar explains that he’s not really at a low point right now, he’s just angry and wants Marcellas gone. Will agrees, calling Marcy a “cancer”. Will says that the two of them are the most unlikely alliance in the house, and Kaysar asks if Booger knows about it. Will says no. Interesting.

Erika and George start up a rousing game of checkers, as Kaysar watches. Things are pretty quiet now. Will and Howie both come in to see what’s going on, but both leave without saying a word. Erika starts asking BB to call her to the diary room because she’s ready to go home.

Will goes on a bit of a rant about how four people got up this morning, did nothing, and now they’re on slop, sleeping on cots, and have no hot water. Danielle is alone, lying on the floor with a bowl of slop beside her. And now a select few of them are supposed to get dressed up and enjoy a margarita party while the others suffer? He doesn’t think it’s right, and suggests some kind of revolt to show BB just how disgusted they are with the situation.

Erika gets called to the DR and comes right back out, saying that she didn’t want to talk to them with things as they are in the house. Even though she had been begging to be called in earlier. Way to show your solidarity, Erika. Will tries to wash his hair in the kitchen sink, which apparently still has some hot water. Erika helps him, and then he tries to climb in to wash the rest of his body. Kaysar, Howie, and Booger all offer assistance. See, the woman in the workout room by herself? Not weird. People on slop and cots? Not weird. Will taking a shower in the sink with a little help from his friends? Totally weird.

S6 is together and wondering when their margarita party will be. Will joins them, and he says that BB just wants to get footage of half the house partying and the other half watching enviously from the sidelines. For good TV, of course. The subject of The Surreal Life comes up once again, and Howie says that they asked him to be on it. Apparently the show is taking a season off, but Howie may just be there for the next one. Janelle is called to the diary room, and the brain trust left over decides that Marcellas must have been the one to put the house on slop so that he could get more points to spend them on prizes.

The houseguests who aren’t on slop are told to get dressed up for the party. James decides to be understated and not participate, even though it was technically his prize. Janelle gets into a little black dress and shiny pumps, while Will is wearing a tuxedo shirt and jacket with his hair slicked back. It looks like he’s wearing jeans with it though. Booger comes out looking like a reject from Miami Vice. He’s got a salmon-colored jacket on with a t-shirt underneath, and a fedora. The sleeves on the jacket are rolled up too. I wonder if he’s wearing parachute pants? Or leg warmers? Maybe jelly bracelets?

As Janelle gets ready, she tells Howie that it was her that put the house on slop and cots, not Marcellas. Howie says the numbers don’t add up, but she swears that it was her. Why would she take heat for Marcellas? She must be telling the truth. Marcellas comes out in a blue short-sleeved shirt and pants, not really dressed up per se, but at least it’s not his grandfather’s pajamas.