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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 5th – The Veto Competition Shakes Up the House

Just as a reminder, the players for veto were picked last night, and besides Janelle, James, and Danielle, we have Booger, Will, and Marcellas all playing for it. Janelle regrets her decision to choose Marcy, but she wasn’t sure that Kaysar or Howie would use it, so she went with her next best option.

For the first time in recent memory, all houseguests are still asleep this morning when BB announces at 10 am that the veto competition will begin in two hours. Danielle and Erika get up right away and slink to the bathroom to gossip. Well, really, this consists of Dani talking (and talking and talking) while Erika nods or grunts in agreement every couple of minutes. The conversation consists of a creative retelling of Danielle’s conversation with Kaysar the night before.

It seems that Danielle thinks she shed new light on the game and S6 for Kaysar, because she’s saying that he didn’t know his alliance was upset when he wouldn’t nominate Chill Town, and that she told him several times to play the game for himself. She says now that she trusts Kaysar completely. Erika warns that they need to be careful with James, however. Dani says that she thinks she got to Kaysar last night, and that he was much happier after their talk. Probably because it was finally over.

The morning routine begins, with much discussion of George’s farts during the night. That poor guy’s digestive system has been through the wringer this summer – maybe they should cut him a bit of slack. Will give a shout out to Neil Patrick Harris, who apparently has the live feeds. So it seems that I have something in common with Doogie Howser, M.D. Yay me. Then he wants to know what kind of people actually get up on a Saturday morning to watch the feeds.

The camera guy (or gal – I’m equal opportunity that way) zooms in and out on one of the devil rubber duckies. It’s like part of a low budget art film, except that I haven’t had enough coffee to appreciate it yet. As Janelle and Booger are getting presentable, they discuss their shared loathing of Marcellas. Janelle calls him a “wankster”. Meanwhile, Will and Booger are having a good old laugh at Howie’s expense once again. It seems that Howie showed up with a bunch of friends at Mansion (where Janelle works) wearing cut-off jean shorts and flip flops, and wasn’t allowed in the door.

James and Janie commiserate with each other. Janie wishes him luck in the competition, and both agree that they’re up against “the best”. They’re also relieved that they aren’t being backdoored. While Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie seem to have caught on that James is a pawn and Janie is the real target, I really don’t think they know just how deep James’ deception runs.

James heads upstairs to check in on Danielle. He helps himself to a Red Bull, and tells her that her kindness will be remembered. Dani replies, “Yeah, well see next week.” After the door is closed behind James, Dani says to herself, ” If you’re still here.” So much for redemption, eh Dani?

Downstairs in the living room, Will, Booger, and Howie are talking about sex. I know! Shocker! Booger says that he hasn’t had sex since December, and Howie is floored. They talk about picking up women and how Big Brother isn’t really all that lucrative for your love life. Boog tells Howie that women like it when you compliment them on their highlights. I’m assuming he means hair, and if that’s the way that he makes his move on women, the whole December thing isn’t really that much of a surprise. The conversation moves to what Howie does for money, and it seems that he hasn’t really done much as far as getting a job since last summer. But heck, if he has the means, why not take a year off and have some fun? I sure would!

James, Kaysar, and Janelle are in the tarantula room talking about the upcoming competition. James wants something athletic, he wants to get sweaty. But he figures it’ll be something like trivia about the size of the testicles of the ants on the wall. Kaysar dryly says, “Better start measuring”. See, this is why I like S6. Janelle says that if she wins she’s going to go “ballistic” on everyone. She’s geared up because now she has people to hate. James tells her to play it cool and keep everything to herself, then bust out on people when she wins HoH and puts them up.

And now it’s veto time, so we get flames and then hours of trivia. Over three hours, to be precise. What the heck? Did someone go off the deep end a la Jase? Did someone take money to leave the game? Another injury? What could possibly be taking this long?

When the feeds finally come back, Janelle is wearing the veto necklace. Hurrah! Danielle looks miserable, as does Marcellas who is practically sitting in her lap. Panning around the backyard, it seems that everyone looks pretty down. What the heck happened? Even Janelle is depressed. Erika hosted the competition, and wonders if the editing will make it look like she actually asked the questions, when it was BB doing most of the talking.

Bits and pieces of the consequences of the competition begin to leak out. Three people are on slop. The beds are being removed from the house and replaced with cots. Danielle will be spending 24 hours in “solitary confinement”. And they have no hot water for a week. On the plus side, James won a phone call and a margarita party, Marcellas got a slop pass (which is karma for him giving the pass from the HoH comp to Georgie, I guess) , and someone won a trip, a plasma TV, and $5,000. Will is saying that he thinks he won the trip, but apparently Booger won that and the $5000. The plasma TV is possibly Marcy’s.

It’s difficult to know exactly what the competition entailed, but from the sounds of it they had to collect points for things like giving up playing for veto next week (Janelle did this), putting the house on restrictions like the hot water and cots, and then they could spend their points on the temptations. There’s a lot of complaining (led by Will of course) over not knowing who had buzzed in first for what, and that some of the buzzers weren’t working correctly.

Marcellas mentions that they are on outdoor lockdown right now, but pretty soon they’ll have a 24-hour indoor lockdown. I guess that’s part of the competition results. He mentions that you know the lockdown is going to be long when BB puts a port-a-potty outside, which they have indeed done. Of course Howie wants to know if there’s a camera in there, because he has other ideas for the little booth.

Will and Booger huddle together and decide that they want to try and get Danielle to nominate and evict Marcellas in Janelle’s place. They’re pretty sure they can get the whole house on board with this idea, which is probably true. As much as I agree that Marcy has been pretty negative on the feeds, I so look forward to his diary room sessions on the actual show – he’s just so damn funny. I’d miss him.

Chill Town continues to throw out ideas. Will thinks it would be better for them if Howie or Kaysar left this week, because then they could scoop up Janelle for their alliance. Both of them admit that they threw the competition and just wanted the prizes.

Booger talks to Danielle, and Dani actually asks if he thinks Janelle will use the veto. Duh. Boog laughs and says that Janie is no Marcellas. It’s not often I side with Booger, but come on Danielle, use that brain of yours. Ack, Booger just told her the same thing, advising her to use her solitary time to run the numbers and think it through. He suggests that Marcellas go on the block, because if Marcy wins HoH he’ll be after Booger next week.

James goes to talk to Chill Town and they heckle him about taking the phone call and margarita party. Rather than respond to criticism, James complains about how Janelle, the “biggest b*tch in the house”, is driving him crazy. Sigh. Meanwhile, Janie is apologizing to Kaysar for putting him on slop. It sounds like Kay, Erika, and Howie are all on slop this week. George would have been as well, but his pass saved him from the ooey gooey goodness. James is on board with putting Marcellas up as well, and goes to tell Kaysar about the plan. He says that he’s going to go talk to Danielle about it, and Kay advises him to “turn on the bible-swearing charm”. Heh.

Janelle is talking to Erika, and she’s surprised that James took some of the little prizes because she thought he would go all out to get himself off the block just like she did. Think Janie, think! She says that Danielle is angry and upset with her because Janie put some people on slop and of course Queen Dani would never do such a thing.

Will thinks that Erika is still with Josh, but that she made up a story that they broke up so that she’d appear single going into the house. They decide that Booger should turn up the heat with Erika, and Will will do the same with Janie. Booger says that Erika stayed at his house before the show started, and that they were getting along well and he wanted to make his move in the morning, but she got up early. Since then she’s been very touchy-feely with him, and was pretty close to giving him a hand-job at one point, but she doesn’t want to do it on camera. Y-U-C-K.

James and Will approach Danielle with the suggestion to put up Marcellas, but she doesn’t seem to want to do it. Maybe she just doesn’t want to hear what he’ll have to say on House Calls eventually after being booted twice before Dani. She doesn’t want to nominate Howie because she promised him she wouldn’t and she doesn’t want to “scumbag” him. Don’t do it Danielle, you’ll never live it down. After James and Will leave, Dani says sadly to herself, “I have to put up Kaysar.”