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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 4th – Is This The BB3 Dani I'm Talking To?

James moves on to talking game ethics with Kaysar, who says he was intent on playing a different game this year. He’s upset at Marcellas and wants to go tell him off right now. James tells him that isn’t the smart move in this game. You need to store those feelings, then go off on the person that you’re upset with when you win HoH. James also warns him to stop giving people second chances in this game, and they’ve given Marcellas many, many chances. Kaysar answer that Janie said Marcellas would never screw them over.

Danielle talks to Goobie, and tells him that if Janie wins PoV, she’ll put Kaysar up. As far as who to take out in the PoV, she suggests to take out Janie first, then Marcellas, then James. Too bad James doesn’t know this is coming from yet another one of his supposed friends. I have to wonder, though, how do they know it will be an elimination type of PoV? It’s like they are assuming it will be like last week. They wonder why it was that Marcellas and Janie were fighting all day, but she goes on to pick him for PoV. It makes him extra-untrustworthy, and they decide he needs to go home very soon.

This house is like musical chairs tonight. Kaysar and Janelle play cards together now, and both express that they feel badly for James that Danielle put them up, although I’m not sure if they’re buying his act or truly just feel badly for him. Then again, we now know that Danielle isn’t as true to him as she’s been saying, so their feelings aren’t entirely without merit. They know that Chill Town would rather keep Janelle than James, so they are afraid James might get evicted over all of this. Kaysar tells Janelle she’ll probably get his vote over the two of them, but it’s hard, since they have all bonded more since last year.

Goobie and Will talk in one of the bedrooms about the PoV competition and who t heir target is. Goobie says it’s perfect that Janie is pissed about Howie and Kaysar not wanting to use the veto on her if they won. They ask each other if they’re trying to help James win, and decide above all, they just don’t want Janelle or Marcellas to win. The odd thing is, James is in the darkened bedroom the whole time, either asleep, or just laying there. It’s not clear whether this was a set up on Chill Town’s part, or whether they didn’t realize he was in there. Either way, they probably do want to leave the the nominations the same, as then it’s easy for them to keep janelle and oust James. If it’s James vs. Kaysar for voting, though, then they have to decide the better of the two evils. They know Janie will help them, but the four guys in her alliance, they aren’t so sure of.

Danielle now corners Kaysar outside on the hammock, and tells him she had to do all this as those nominations from last week just didn’t make any sense. She says that Goobie had stated in no uncertain terms that he was coming after Janelle. Then when she gets HoH, she puts him up, but then during the PoV ceremony, she and Howie target Diane, not either of the two nominees to lose it. She keeps repeating it just doesn’t make sense to not take out Goobie who Janelle knew was after her. Kaysar, on the other hand, just keeps repeating that he thinks Danielle had these nominations in mind long before last week, but she will not admit to that. Danielle urges Kaysar to play for himself instead of his alliance, because everyone else in his alliance is playing for themselves. They keep going ’round and ’round with this, as they both keep repeating the same stuff over and over and over.

Everyone ushered inside as BB wants to put the house on lockdown, but they have to wait for Howie who is making use of the jack shack. We hear him talking to himself, humming, etc. Eventually he pops out, and Erika tells him that didn’t take long, as she takes much longer. Wouldn’t it be funny if she climbed in there one day?

Howie wanders into the bathroom to wash his hands (his mom will be proud!) and he runs into Danielle, Will, and Kaysar. Danielle just keeps hammering away at him for doing something like that on television. Howie says he needs it, and turns to Dr. Will for a medical opinion. He gives himself an out right away, saying it’s not his field of expertise, however, he doesn’t see anything wrong with people satisfying themselves as long as it doesn’t interfere with their social life, work, etc. Danielle won’t let go of the fact that it was on television.

Will admits it is hard for him, too, to not do it, so he understands Howie needing to do it. Howie says he needs to do it as it helps him for competitions. Danielle asks if it would have helped him if he did it before the HoH yesterday, and he says no, as it would have zapped his strength, however, this is great for the mental things. Danielle still can’t understand why he can’t wait until he’s off the show to do it, and she just won’t let it go. She says she’s so disgusted, yet she asks him which hand he uses. What? Will says that on his season Bunky did it in the shower and Hardy got mad and forced him to clean it. When Hardy found out that Bunky was thinking about him, it made it much worse.

After this, everyone heads to bed, save for the late night session of Janelle and Howie, as they are sharing the HoH bed tonight. Tomorrow will prove to be a most interesting day. It sounds like it could be a very interesting competition, and the possibilities of winners, and taking someone off the block could make it even more interesting. I think the only people truly playing to win tomorrow will be Janie, James, and Danielle. You’ve got a great competitor in Danielle, James the veto king, and Janie that has more luck that anyone else, and combines it with competitiveness and intelligence. It could get ugly.

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