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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 4th – Is This The BB3 Dani I'm Talking To?

James and Erika find a private corner in the backyard and check in with each other on how Danielle’s plan is coming along. James says he’s playing it good, even telling George he was upset with Danielle, and saying it hurt him more than what Howie did to him last year. On cue, Danielle enters and he gives her the brush off in front of George. They discuss only needing four votes, then say actually three, as James has the nullify the vote thing from his egg, but James really wants to win veto and take himself off. Actually, I think if Janelle gets herself taken off and Kaysar goes up in her place, Kaysar stands a chance to stay over James, but maybe not with Chill Town voting.

Still excited, James runs up to the HoH room to talk to Danielle, and Amber, I mean Erika, follows him. He just can’t believe how well this is all working, as they actually have the rest of the BB6 fooled. It’s even better, James, because they actually have you fooled that you have them fooled. 😕 James says he knows they are trying to figure out a way to save Janelle, and this has Danielle floored that they’d actually want to save her over James. He says this is how it’s been all season. He’s expendable. They claim the BB6 drew first blood. Hmmm, suddenly they are beginning to sound like the Nerd Herd.

It’s actually kind of funny as Danielle claims to know Janie, saying she’s a vixen and afraid of powerful women. It’s actually the other way around. She liked Nakomis and was against her nomination and fought hard to get her to stay. She’s called Danielle the prettiest female in the house, and liked her, saved her the first week even, until she found out Danielle was playing all the sides.

Janelle finds Chill Town outside and complains to them about the position she has herself in, and how it’s all because she didn’t put up Will last week. Will says even though Marcellas is a f’in liar, he did say one thing that’s true. It’s cold outside. Janelle says if she goes home, Chill Town still has Kaysar and Howie to play with. Will says, “Great, we have an idiot ape and a fake moral liar.” I’ll leave it to all of you to figure out which is which.

All the BB6 have a meeting to decide if the red ball comes up when picking veto players who they should choose to play for them. James seems to feel very backed into a corner, and makes an excuse to leave based on knowing that George is cooking. Outside Will is planting seeds in Danielle’s ear, telling her that Janelle isn’t mad at her, but mad at Marcellas and Erika. Danielle can’t understand why Erika, then decides it’s probably because she threw HoH to Danielle. He says Erika promised her she’d let S6 win HoH. He says he told Janie he has her back, but he will actually vote to keep James.

Will says he was just happy she was mad at Marcellas, because if she stays Marcellas would then be her target. This is the pure genius of Will. He says if you want to see a show, let Janelle win PoV, take herself off the block, and totally go off on Marcellas. He’s just planting seeds. He has to know somewhere the Marcellas vs. Danielle thing is still alive, and he’s working to get her to see she could easily use him as a replacement nomination, saying she had no choice if Janie comes off, especially if these two blow up at each other, there’s bound to be info that comes out of it that Danielle could use as a reason to put him up.

Instead, Danielle goes back to talking about Janelle calling her a weak player, and how it bothered her. Will says he told Janelle note to pick him to play for veto, as he wouldn’t use it out of fear of Goobie going up. He tells Danielle his loyalties are first to Goobie, then to Danielle, then to James. Oh man, this guy is good. Janelle comes out and announces that Kaysar won’t use the veto for her if he plays. Danielle leaves, and Will tries to convince Janelle to see Kaysar for someone who only cares about himself. He wants her to force Kaysar to play and use it on her. He says he can’t play for her as he has to protect Goobie. He wants to pull Janie back to him, to not having the other guys to back her up.

Erika asks Kaysar if he is mad at her, and asks him not to be. She says she didn’t want the HoH last night, and Kaysar says it looked like she was wanting Howie to step down from it. She says she just wanted someone to fall to know she was safe, but he counters this saying it looked like she wanted Howie to fall because she knew she would them be safe. He says he’s been put in a tough position, as he needs to make a choice. He talks about people second guessing him and putting up a fake front. Erika wonders if he’s talking about her. Honey, I’ve learned that if you think people are directing their comments to you, they probably are.

James talks to Howie and lies to him, saying that Janie is campaigning against him. C’mon, James, that’s going too far, to now try and pit your friends against each other? He also says he wants to pick Will to play for PoV for him since he throws all the comps he plays in.

Everything is interrupted by the choosing of PoV players. Other than the nominees and HoH, it will also be Will, Goobie, and Marcellas. The odd thing is Janie picked Marcellas. They’ve gotten everyone so confused here, and Danielle can’t figure it out, knowing that Jane’s been going around saying she’s mad at Marcellas for pretending to be her friend, but talking behind her back the whole time. Janelle says she didn’t want to force Kaysar to make a choice he didn’t want to. In a way, it’s bad, as Janie has to save herself, there’s no else to help her. In another way, Goobie and Will are probably going to throw it, and Marcellas doesn’t really want to do it, so it will be Janie against James against Danielle. Kind of good odds there.

Danielle tells Marcellas if he wins and takes Janelle off, she’ll put him up. And if Boogie wins and takes off Janelle, she’s putting up Will. Erika finds Janelle and apparently is feeling a tad bit guilty thanks to Kaysar. She admits she threw the HoH to Danielle, because she knew she wouldn’t go up. Janelle says she’s not mad at her; she’s mad at Danielle. Janelle thanks her and says Marcellas told her he would help her. I’m somewhat confused, but I do know this is going to be awesome.

Goobie and James talk about the PoV, and James admits to being nervous about how good Janie is. They agree to take out Janie first, then Marcellas. Meanwhile Danielle is telling Marcellas she loves the live feeds because you can’t fake the person you are on there. That’s right, Danielle. You can’t. Oddly, she also says she’s not sure if she wins the veto who she’d pull off. Huh? Is she lying to James or just putting up a front for Marcellas?


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