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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 4th – Is This The BB3 Dani I'm Talking To?

James beats a path back up to the HoH and Danielle tells him Janelle will know why she’s nominated, pinpointing it all back to the incident where Janelle called her weak. He tells her he thinks it was a mistake to have Erika give up so quickly in the HoH competition, as it certainly looked like they were all in cahoots. Right on cue, the doorbell rings in the HoH room, and it’s Erika, coming in to eat her sandwich. The three decide they need to pull George in to their plans, because they think he will then join and vote the way they want. I’m hoping at some point George sees that the others use George just as a vote, but Howie really likes to spend time with him.

Outside on lockdown while Danielle makes her nominations in the DR, Will mentions Howie’s faux hawk, and how it’s his best one yet, although it’s a little too heavy on the gel. Erika suggests it needs pomade instead of the gel. Goobie talks about how he did it, and they realize he did Howie’s hair for him tonight. Will says that was a really gay thing to do, and Goobie points out it was Will that was having a shaving party with Howie in the backyard the other day. And it’s another good line from the Goober today. He’s having a good day. Somehow this leads into talking about Coco the gorilla that knows sign language, although I’m not quite sure how it segued to that.

Goobie talks about how interesting it would be with Beau here too, and he tries to explain him to Will who says he didn’t see last season, saying Beau makes Marcellas look like Steve McQueen. It’s another good one from the Goober. He and Will then talk about several of the other reality stars they have met on Battle of the Network Reality Stars and at other events. They mention how much Nikki McKibbin can drink, how arrogant Ryan Star is, how Jeri Manthey brought fire-breathing things to some party, and the things were similar to the ones Courtney used on Survivor this past season.

Shortly after we go to flames, and we know that means the nomination ceremony is taking place. When we come back, the BB6 are all in the yellow room laying down and it’s clear that it’s indeed James and Janelle that are on the block. Janelle wants to make it official, and “throws the hat,” making the guys join her in a pillow fight. Too bad they aren’t all as happy as this scene makes them look. James says he’s going to go talk to Danielle, but doesn’t leave. Erika is already up there counting votes with Danielle. They decide it was a good move so that they could test James a little. Danielle says she had Marcellas’ key in the box close to the front, then moved it back some to make him suffer a little bit. I’m guessing that means we’re dealing with BB3 Dani right now.

James still hasn’t made it up to the HoH yet, but now Marcellas is in there. He’s pretending to be tough, saying he will not allow to be called Busto. Now, that stands for busty blonde. Why the hell would they call Marcellas that? He says Janelle asked him if he would play the veto for her, and Danielle says he’ll have to throw it in their favor, but then she starts to wonder why she’s asking people outside her alliance to do that for her. They figure it must be because she no longer trusts any of the them and the alliance is completely breaking apart. How little they know.

Janelle tells James, Kaysar, and Howie that she wants to work over Erika a little bit, try to get some info out of her by offering to do nails with her. Howie tells her to tell Erika that they’re putting up Chill Town next time they’re in power. She makes a pit stop in the kitchen, talking to the Chicken Man about food. James, still in the yellow room, asks Kaysar what he’ll do if he’s not picked for the veto comp. James believes the comp will be geared to Janie winning because she is America’s Choice. James finally leaves, but is on his way to get cookies.

Howie practically begs Janelle to get drunk with him and go Busto, but she wants to wait until after veto. She likes to do it then to scare people, but she doesn’t want to ruin her chances beforehand. Their targets, Marcellas and Erika, get together in the red room, with him saying he’s between a rock and a hard place because Janelle expects him to play for for veto for her, yet last week he promised James he would vote for him to stay. He thinks she should be the one to go as Howie would always play for her. Erika wonders why Janelle wouldn’t ask Kaysar to play for her, and Marcellas figures it has something to do with her knowing she would replace her on the block with Kaysar or Howie, but if they played it would make them safe too if they won. He thinks Kaysar needs to go before James because everyone knows they can’t win against him in the end. Janelle finds her way into the room and they pretend they’re talking about George.

Janelle and Kaysar find each other again to play cards. They laugh about Janelle asking Marcellas to play for the veto for her, and also about working over George and Erika. Kaysar thinks the floaters are turning into the Nerd Herd, and it’s kind of funny, as they are either defending themselves too quickly saying they aren’t the nerd herd, or they are claiming that the four is turning into the Nerd Herd. No one wants to be one of them. Janelle asks if Kaysar plays for veto would he use it. He asks who he would use it on. Well, if they’re mad at James, why is there a question about that?

While they talk, Janelle and Kaysar notice James downstairs cooking a pizza. She waves James upstairs, and he asks if he can finish his pizza first. Kaysar tells him no, then says he’s just joking. James returns to the kitchen to check his pizza, and Kaysar whips a pillow down there at him, which causes everything on one counter in the kitchen to go flying. At least he’s nice enough to come down and help James clean up the mess.

Waiting for James to come upstairs, Janelle and Kaysar decide they want to take Marcellas out of the game if he’s still there next week. Janelle goes back to saying she thought he was her friend, and Kaysar tells her to think again. Now they wonder if they are turning into the Nerd Herd being nice to people one day and mean the next. Nah. I seriously haven’t seen anything close to the Nerd Herd this year, but I can’t even describe what it was that made them the Nerd Herd. As James joins them with his pizza, Kaysar notes that Marcellas did the same thing to Amy, which is funny, as I was thinking the same thing watching the clips of them together on Thursday’s show.

The BB6ers and Chill Town find each other outside, along with George. They take on some lighthearted games of pool and badminton. Goobie lets Janelle know that if she wants them to help her play for veto, they’ll help out, as she’s helped them out the past few weeks. Who is he kidding? A, she kept them alive the past few weeks, not “helped” them. B, you can’t trust them to help you anyway. They have a lot of fun teasing each other, making up nicknames, etc.


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