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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 4th – Is This The BB3 Dani I'm Talking To?

After the lockdown, it’s Marcellas that goes up to the HoH room instead of Janelle. He says he has already promised Janelle that if she goes up today he’ll vote for her, but he knows she’s been lying to him since the beginning :bs: , so he doesn’t feel the need to still keep his word to her. Danielle says she’ll leave it up to him, as she doesn’t ever try to persuade people … of course not. Well, that depends on which Dani you’re talking to. Sometimes she says she isn’t the BB3 Dani anymore, and other times she says, c’mon, this is the BB3 Dani you’re talking to. It’s like Forrest Gump’s chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get with her.

Danielle tells Marcellas she would like to nominate Howie, but can’t, as she swore on her children’s lives, and this isn’t the BB3 Dani. Okay, we’re flopping again apparently. Marcellas continues to talk himself into making it okay to lie to his friend, saying the Four think they’re the only ones that are allowed to have an alliance. No, it’s just that them and Chill Town are the only ones that will boldly admit it.

Will’s downstairs in the kitchen spreading his philosophy about meat. He doesn’t come out and say he’s a vegetarian, but claims beef and pork are gross and milk is cow puss. Will hasn’t eaten red meat in four and a half years. He wants it known that Chill Town is officially against beef. He then moves over to Kaysar and talks about how good of a cook he is. Remember, Kaysar is the guy that boiled his special kosher meat and forgot about it for hours, stinking up the whole house. Kaysar claims he doesn’t know how to cook at all, and continues to eat his turkey burger.

As Will resigns himself to waiting for James to get out of the DR so that he can have him make him a turkey burger, Goobie suggests they try making it themselves, saying it can’t be that hard. Will wonders who will cook for him next week after James goes home. James makes it out of the DR and says he was asked in there how it felt to be nominated by his friend, and he said, who Kayar? Howie? Janelle? And they said no, Danielle. He replied you never know who your friends are until you get nominated. Kaysar called him on this, though, saying it can’t be true, otherwise he would have gotten yelled at to stop talking about his DRs.

Goobie has an interesting chat with James and Will, asking them if they have masturbated while in the house. Will says no, and it’s driving him crazy. James says no because he did it last year and got caught. He’s asked how he’s handling not doing it, and asks if they didn’t see him get pissed when Marcellas kicked sand in his face. Goobie asks if that means if he had [masturbated], he wouldn’t have gotten so mad at Marcellas. You have to give it up for the Goober on that one.

James starts insulting the internet fans, and of course, Will joins right in. As they’re talking about a chat Kaysar had that Will crashed, James says he’s surprised New Yorkers can even use a computer, let alone NY Jets football fans. Will then says if any fans on the internet likes him, he’ll be upset. He thinks they are all fat and have fat cats. He issues a warning saying that if anyone is watching on the internet and has a cat over fourteen pounds, they should go kill themselves. Just a little advice from the good doctor.

Howie does his part from the plan last night, and has a talk with the Chicken Man. They both compliment each other on their game play during the competition last night. The agree that it was hard for big guys like them to hang on for that long. Howie then makes sure to repeat the same line a few times, “they just wanted us to put up Chill Town or George,” they being the floaters. George had been blaming BB6 all this time for his shortcomings here and being on the block, and it makes him think things out a little differently now. Way to go Howie.

James doesn’t want to get caught talking to Janelle again, and makes a break for it up to the HoH room. While he’s in there, he and Danielle go over the plan to be sure they have their stories straight. He is surprised that Erika has been told, but Danielle assures him they can trust her. Goobie joins in, damn near ecstatic. Danielle says it’s different for her this time. Last time she would stab people in the back and lie, but this is the BB3 Dani. Okay, just so we know which one we’re dealing with. You know how they have dishwasher magnets for clean and dirty? We need to attach one to her so we know which way she’s playing at that particular moment.

Goobie then goes down to talk to Will, and gets pulled into the toilet with him so they can talk privately and have an excuse to talk without their mics on. We go to flames just then, though, and when we come back we hear Will suggest that they flip flop the vote and take James out, and then take out Danielle the following week. They come out of the toilet, and magically have their mics on. How did that happen? Did they come out and put them on and finish, or did they stage the ending to make it look like they were planning that? When they come out, James and Erika catch them, and accuse them of being the ambiguously gay duo.

James uses his Acting 101 classes again, pretending like he’s upset knowing that Danielle might be putting him up. Janelle tells them if they go up, then whichever one stays has to take her out the following week, and she says she knows Marcellas isn’t going up as he’s already told her he’s been told he’s safe. James is just a nervous type of guy, but he seems to be even more so, if possible, and is biting his nails with extra emphasis.

Right on cue Howie comes in and says he talked to George and told him the only reason he was given the slop pass was because the floaters were looking for votes. Playing right into what Howie told George, James says yesterday he talked to George and asked if he got put up would he have his vote. He told him that a lot of people were talking about wanting to put George up since it would be a free week for them. Now George is sitting there thinking that it was the floaters telling that to James. Good feeding of info, Howie!


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