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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 4th – Is This The BB3 Dani I'm Talking To?

When we left the feeds last night, the BB6ers, minus defector James, were on their way to bed after finally realizing that James had defected, and was working with Danielle pretty much since the beginning, and also realized Marcellas had been playing all sides since pretty much the beginning, and telling everyone everything his friend Janie had been confiding in them. They decided to play it cool and pretend they hadn’t caught on as they were going to bed.

Despite the fact that they aren’t in control for the first time this season, everything seems oddly back in order as Danielle is once again the first one up in the morning, and it just seems right to have the BB6ers out for revenge. I think that’s possibly why they were all so depressed. It wasn’t the same without a Nerd Herd to go after. Now they have an alliance who refuse to admit that’s what they are, who Howie has decided to dub, the Float Herd.

Danielle runs into James and Marcellas in the bathroom, but before Marcellas gets there, the other two get a quick chance to run over a little strategy. She asks if he’s still okay with their decisions, and after sleeping on it, he’s still unsure about going up as a pawn next to Janelle. James says he talked to Janelle last night, and it’s kind of funny because before she was such a bitch, but now that she’s afraid she’s going up, she’s nice, honest, and sincere. Danielle assures him he’s safe, and he says he asked Janelle if she was going to put him up and she wouldn’t give him a straight answer. He says he told her she declared open season on floaters last week by not putting up Chill Town. Seems James is trying justify his actions, but I don’t remember his conversation going down that way at all.

Marcellas goes to find Danielle later in the exercise room, and tells her that he thinks it’s best to put up Janie and James, rather than Janie and Kaysar, and use Howie as a veto replacement. Even though Janelle is his “girl”, he’ll go against her in this case due to her behavior in the house so far. That’s nice. And this is after she was telling Julie Chen last night that even though he’s not in her alliance, she’ll always protect him because he’s her friend. At least she’s on to him now.

James talks about the tough times he had in Miami, as they gave him some of the scars he has. One was from a fight with a guy that was hitting him over the head while handcuffed, then James still had to chase him for awhile, as he kept running due to being jacked up. Another time he was wrestling with this guy, and he stabbed him. Right after, the guy’s girlfriend hurled a baby stroller at James. I’m thinking this had to be on the job in his loss prevention gig. I’m hoping at least. Otherwise he’s living in a tough neighborhood. Danielle suggests he’d be good as a cop, and he says that stuff was fun when he was younger, but he’s too old now. And he’s what, 30? :sigh:

Will tries to make himself out to be a caring individual to Janie. He already knows that James and Janelle are most likely going up, but when Janelle complains that she wonders if it’s her and Kaysar, Will says he’ll talk to Danielle. He know he can’t save Janelle, but thinks maybe he can talk her into putting up James instead of Kaysar. He’s always working it, isn’t he?

Instead, though, it’s Kaysar that gets to Danielle first. He heads up to the HoH room to have a chat. Thinking she could control it, she asks who he thinks she should put up, and he calls her bluff saying he’s pretty sure she already knows exactly who she’s going to put up. She then comes right out and asks if he or Janie made a deal with Chill Town, saying one of his alliance has already told them that they did make deals with them. He asks if it was James that told her that, and she quickly says no, but never offers up a different name.

Kaysar says the only reason he didn’t do it was because he was trying to position himself, as he had a few snakes in the grass he had to take care of first. He explains to Danielle that Jase was volatile and going off on the house, so he wanted to get rid of him, and the things Diane had been saying to them didn’t jive with what others had been saying she’d said. She was the least trustworthy. Besides, Nakomis had called both Jase and Diane out on their plans.

Kaysar explains he thought he had a good rapport with Erika, he thought everything was cool with Danielle, and thought Marcellas was just hanging around with them. George seemed to not be an issue, and Chill Town just seemed like there were there just to have a good time. They didn’t seem like they were as big of targets as the people that were boldly coming after him or his alliance. As for deals, it’s all perception on other people’s parts he says, as he could walk out of the HoH now with a big grin on his face and everyone would assume he just made a deal with her.

Janelle is handling the next part of their plan from the night before talking to James, but not letting on that they are onto him and Danielle being in cahoots, but she does say she thinks that Marcellas is the information leak. She tells him she believes that’s how Diane found out that she was going to be the replacement nomination. James asked if Danielle will be the next target, and she says yes. Janelle figures she’s going up, and says she doesn’t mind; she just doesn’t want to be backdoored. James wants her to admit he was right about last week. She gives him some, but says she stands by her decision about Diane. She knows it was a good move, and the floaters would be after them right now even if she had put Chill Town up.

An outside lockdown is called, and on the way out, Danielle tells Janelle she wants to talk to her, but they never meet up out there. Instead Danielle spends nearly the entire time talking to Erika justifying her picks that sooner or later the Four have to decide who amongst them is staying.


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