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What A Tangled Web Janelle Weaves – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 13

ChenBot has a talk with Janelle about her week as HoH. “Are you falling for Will?” she asks. Janelle giggles, “No. Are you serious? No, I am not, Julie… Will and I are just good friends.” Julie continues, “Last time you were HoH, you declared your loyalty to these people in the following order: Howie first, then Marcellas, followed by Kaysar, and finally James. Has that order changed?” “No, I’m still loyal to those people.” Uh… right. Can we try that answer again, only with the truth? “Where does Chill Town fall in that list?” asks Julie. “They’re not in my alliance,” Janelle says, “my alliance comes first.” When Julie asks if Marcellas is in that alliance, “No, he’s not, he’s my friend,” says Janelle. Huh. How interesting. I wonder if Marcellas knows that, considering he said last week that what he had Janelle had was “above and beyond” the BB6 alliance. But then again, look at how he treats her behind her back.

Speaking of which, Marcellas’ former best BB friend—Amy—talks about her BB3 memories. “Marcellas and I hit it off the first week. Our personalities clicked, and we were just hilarious together,” she says. “I’ve never laughed so much in my entire life as I did in that house.” Amy is disgusted by the fact that some people refer to Janelle as the “New Amy.” Really? They do? I haven’t heard that anywhere. “She doesn’t hold a candle to me when it comes to inner beauty.” And as for her outer beauty? “Janelle looks like you would buy her in a transvestite sex-toy shop.” *snort*giggle* Cut to clip of Marcellas dramatically and vocally tearing into Amy. “Marcellas and I are no longer big buddies.” Amy thinks Marcellas isn’t to be trusted, and even though Marcellas and Janelle seem to be good friends, “he’ll turn on her in a heartbeat,” calling him emotional and shady.

It’s now time for the live vote. ChenBot asks for final pleas from the nominees, Erika and Diane. Erika: “I am truly honored to be part of the All-Star cast.” Boring! Yada yada yada, next! Diane talks fast and says hello to her family and friends at home and gives her last words to everyone around her, knowing that she will be sent packing: “Don’t promise your votes to someone before a veto competition or ceremony even starts.” Uh, yeah, no kidding. The live voting begins, and Kaysar is first. He chooses to evict Diane. Howie is next, voting out Diane. Marcellas follows, voting out Diane. Boogie is next: Diane. Will votes to evict Erika, and George casts his vote against Diane. That’s five against Diane, so she’s out, but let’s hear out the rest. Danielle votes to evict Diane, as does James, who casts the last vote. I’m pretty sure that Danielle and James, realizing that it was hopeless to raise enough votes to save Diane, decided to not alert Janelle’s radar by voting against her wishes.

So Diane has been evicted in a vote of 7-1. (Boo! Hiss!) Diane gets a few hugs as usual before heading out the door (with some chips!). Once outside, Diane meets ChenBot. “It looked like you and Janelle were getting along. You called yourselves the Domestic Divas in the kitchen. And then she nominates you for eviction. What happened?” Julie asks. Diane laughs, “I don’t know… I really thought there was a good chance we could be friends, but she decided to make the decision personal from things that happened outside of this game and unfortunately it hurt me inside this game.” Huh? Like what? “Like, she talked a lot of bad things about me on her season, and I found out she wanted to apologize, but it wasn’t sincere at all, so I said that every time it comes up, it sours me a little bit, and she decided that that was the reason she should put me up… I don’t know what she was thinking.” What about the Mr. & Mrs. Smith Alliance? “I think Jase thought it existed, and I knew nothing about it… I was never asked about it. I would’ve liked to have been part of it if it did exist.” Time for the good-bye messages: Will is sweet and complimentary, Janelle is apologetic, George is sad, Howie is “flattering,” and Marcellas says, “It pisses me off that you’re leaving under these circumstances,” then why didn’t you vote Erika off, you drama queen?! Argh. Bye Diane. I really don’t think you posed much of a threat to anyone, but you’re certainly more interesting than Erika.

It’s time for the HoH Competition! The houseguests head into the backyard and find a large web of ropes positioned in middle of the yard. Everyone but Janelle is instructed to climb aboard and hang on. If any part of a competitor’s body touches the mats under the web, that player will be eliminated. ChenBot says that this “competition kicks off a week’s worth of competitions about power and temptation.” The players will be tempted with five golden eggs. One of the eggs has a slop-free food pass which is transferable to another houseguest; another has the power to cancel an eviction vote, good for one week; a third egg contains $10,000. Only contestants who intentionally drop out of the competition are eligible to choose one of the eggs. However, only three eggs contain prizes; the other two are “rotten.” The last player remaining on the web will win the Head of Household this week.

As the houseguests settle into their positions on the ropes, the “web” rises higher and higher above the ground, and I’m waiting for it to start rocking and shaking. Instead, a shower of what looks like silly string and shaving cream begins raining down upon them. Ewww.

The show ends, and we leave our dear players to play out their endurance test. I’m really hoping that someone other than a Sixer wins. Please. And what’s this “coup d’état” Julie was talking about? I miss the Two-HoH twist from the first episode, so hopefully this will add another new cool twist.

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