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What A Tangled Web Janelle Weaves – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 13

For the fourth straight week, the BB6 alliance won the Head of Household (HoH) competition, this time via Janelle. James was determined to convince Janelle that Chill Town (Mike “Boogie” and Will) needed to be nominated for eviction, concerned that if a floater was sent home, the remaining floaters would be inspired to take up arms along with Mike and Will against the Sixers. However, Will managed to use his charm and words to convince Janelle that Erika and Diane were bigger threats to her than Chill Town was. As a result, Janelle nominated Erika and Boogie for eviction. Mike, however, won himself the Power of Veto (PoV) and vetoed his own nomination, forcing Janelle to put someone in his place. Will had convinced Janelle that he and Boogie would ally with her and submit to her demands as long as she promised not to nominate Will. When Janelle revealed her plan to nominate Diane to the other Season Six houseguests, James was furious. He knew that something strange was going on and that Janelle was playing with her own best interests in mind, rather than the alliance’s.

Will laughs arrogantly in the Diary Room (DR), “Janelle didn’t put me up. What a sucker!… Janelle, you just made a huge mistake.” After the nomination ceremony, Will has a weird moment with Howie though… again. Howie, sitting next to Will on the couch in the living room, leans over and strokes Will’s calf a bit. “Did you shave the front part down?” he asks. “My body hair has nothing to do with you,” replies the doctor. “You’re like Charles Manson without the organizational ability,” Will tells Howie, who agrees. “Clearly you’re a criminal. You’ve just not done that big thing that’s going to push you over the edge and require lifelong incarceration… You would love jail. You could work out, wear ugly clothes, kiss boys…” Howie kissing boys. Hm. I’m all for equal love, but please. Don’t make me puke up my dinner.

In the backyard, James declares to Diane and Danielle that he is done playing nice. Danielle agrees. She assures him, “James, Dani from BB3 is back.” James replies, “James from BB6 has never left, but he doesn’t have Sarah to keep him nice this year either.” Really guys, stop the third-person speak. It’s dumb. James continues his rant, “Janelle just stabbed her entire alliance in the back,” and is intent on using the floaters to get the other Sixers out of the house. Danielle admits privately that she has been waiting to see dissention in the SeaSick alliance. “I needed James to start playing his game all solo,” she schemes. James apologizes to Diane for the nomination. She tells him he has nothing to be sorry for, since “Janelle has been after me since Day One. Day One I have been walking on eggshells around that fat bitch.” Geebus Kriste, I can understand the name-calling, but “fat”? C’mon people. If Janelle is fat, then I must be a beached whale.

Macellas joins the three in the backyard and complains, “They’re just handing Mike Boogie and Will the game, week after week.” Big talk coming from a man who’s riding the Sixers’ coattails. In the DR, Marcellas calls Janelle’s decision “petty” and “ill-conceived,” changing his feelings about his blonde buddy. “What she did showed me something that I never really wanted to see: glimpses of something that’s mean and ugly behind the façade of sweetness, and it colors kind of how I feel about Janelle.” Marcellas later tells Erika and Danielle in the big-bed bedroom that Janelle is after them and wants “to be sitting here with every [censored] boy in the house, and she thinks that all the boys will turn around and fight each other, and she’d be, like, the last woman standing. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life, and I love women. It’s disgusting.” Wow, wouldn’t you all love to have Marcellas as a best friend? He’ll talk about you all the time to others, once you’re out of earshot. Danielle tells him, “It’s what you call a vixen.” Personally, I think that’s giving Janelle a little too much credit.

Upstairs, Janelle and Kaysar have a talk in the pink monstrosity of a bed. She tells him she is still upset over the ceremony. Kaysar tells her, “We took a huge risk here,” and points out that James is really upset and now the BB6 alliance is falling apart. He also makes sure to cover his behind, telling Janelle that he agrees with her decision to take out Diane, but not her timing or way of doing it. “Is the target on Chill Town, or is it on us now?” he asks rhetorically.

Outside, Danielle talks to Boogie and Will to inform them about what’s going on within the Sixers’ alliance. “So this is the new Four,” she says, “James, myself, and you two.” Will is doubtful at first about James’ sincerity and interest, but Danielle explains that James was so disgusted with Janelle’s choice in nominations that he has decided he will nominate her for eviction if he ever wins a HoH competition. It’s time for another fake DR phone call between Mike and Will. “So, check this out, ready for the latest?” Boogie smiles, “I think I just formed a sub-alliance between us and James from S6 and Danielle, the girl we tried to vote out the first week.” Will feigns surprise, “This is Mike Boogie?” “Yeah, they’re going for it.” They crack themselves up. “Somebody get these fools a blindfold cuz they’re in the dark.” Har dee har har. Back outside, “We’ve got to get the power,” Danielle and the two conspirators agree.

Host Julie Chen (ChenBot!) chats with the houseguests in the living room. She asks Will how he feels about not being nominated this week. “Not great,” he replies, “I’m ready to go… sweetheart.” Uh no. You did NOT just call Julie “sweetheart.” ChenBot then comments on Mike’s veto-victory celebration injury. Boogie hopes that there aren’t too many physical challenges before he can get the stitches in his foot taken out. Gawd, I hope there’s running. Lots and lots of running. And jumping. And balancing on one foot. And just about anything that will require Boogie not to take part in the HoH competition. Julie asks Marcellas, “What would you like to say to the fans who made those Wake-Up Calls?” He groans, “You are sadistic; it was a waste of money. I can’t believe you did this. If I ever, ever meet you in passing…” he stops. Ooo. I’m shaking in my boots. So threatening.

In the backyard, Diane is discovering from Marcellas that while Boogie was still nominated, some of the houseguests had already promised Erika her safety. “But the veto wasn’t used yet,” Diane points out the stupidity in their actions. George encourages her to muster up some votes, but she knows that her chances are slim. She’s not going down without a fight though. “If I stay, all hell’s going to hit the fan, and Janelle’s going to be the fan.” Hee. Her conversation with Marcellas and George can go no farther though because Erika nonchalantly shows up out of nowhere and finds herself a cozy spot next to the three of them.

Danielle feels bad as she tells Diane that she promised her vote to Erika before the Veto Competition, saying that “we were told somebody else was going up.” “I just can’t believe that everybody’s going to lay back and do [Janelle’s] dirty work,” says a disappointed Diane. Danielle privately ponders, “If I could turn it around and keep Diane in the house, what would Janelle do? Things that make you go hmmm.” Well, then, why don’t you? I don’t get this whole Oh-But-I-Promised-Erika thing. To me, that promise is only valid as long as Boogie was on the chopping block. Why does it still hold now? Ugh! Stupid. Once again, Diane’s conversation is short-lived because Erika saunters over to where she and Danielle are sitting. Diane doesn’t appreciate particularly care for her new Erika-shaped shadow. Danielle later talks to Boogie in the gym, where she finds out that he agreed to vote out Diane in exchange for saving Will from nomination/eviction. “I’d like to be somewhat of my word,” he says. WTF. “Somewhat.” So lying in certain situations is okay, but lying now is bad? I don’t get it. I don’t understand this sudden surge of honor and morality that everyone has taken up. Danielle says in the DR that she almost wants to keep Diane in the house just to “drive Janelle crazy.” I know! Where’s my drama, damn it?!

James and Danielle discuss in the backyard the prospect of Will or Boogie breaking their promise with Janelle. Danielle thinks that Will can because “he doesn’t care” but that Boogie “isn’t that type of man.” Oh whatEVer. James isn’t worried about his own promises to Janelle, because as far as he’s concerned, she broke her word with him. James wants to send a statement to Janelle with his vote: “Bam! We’re coming for you.” Uh, yeah okay. Is it just me, or do I recall this weird revenge type of thinking from James before? Later, Will and James chat outside about how Boogie will vote, and Will admits that while Boogie can consider other options, he has already given his word to Janelle to vote out Diane. James keeps pushing his desire to make a statement. I’m thinking, BB should be about strategy, not statement.

Diane tells James that she feels homeless, and that Erika is walking around with the attitude, “I’ve got this s—t in the bag.” Diane considers who she can get to vote for her, but there are too many Ifs and Maybes. She rants privately, “I really want to stay now because Janelle made it personal,” and tells James, “You know her ass is mine if I can get to it.”