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Busted! – Project Runway 3, Episode 4

Fashion INC

As with many reality shows, there’s usually some twist that leaves us in awe and shock, but this week on Project Runway we witnessed an event that we rarely see.

For this week’s challenge, the designers were able to try a real life experience in the fashion industry. The designers had to sketch a three-piece, ready-to-wear outfit for INC (International Concepts) and present it to Macy’s VP of Sportswear, Mahmet Tangoren. Mahmet reminded the group that INC’s customers are “fashion forward, ageless, read all the magazines, and want the hot new looks.” The winning outfit will then be put into production and sold at Macy’s largest stores nationwide.

After their presentations, Mahmet then chose four team leaders that he felt best fit the INC brand.

  • Robert was chosen because his sketches were great. He then chose Kayne and Vincent as his team members.
  • Bonnie seemed to “understand the customer,” and she added Uli and Bradley to her team.
  • Keith’s colors and presentation won him a position as team leader, and he picked Alison and Jeffery to join his team.
  • Angela – yes, I said Angela – was chosen because Mahmet loved her inspiration of the Empire State Building. She then added Michael and Laura to her team.

The Cheater Goes Home

With a $100 budget, the designers scramble to buy the perfect fabric. Keith bartered with the cashier and ended up with an $18 discount. “I always kind of break the rules, just a tiny bit,” Keith confesses. “Because I think I’m right.”

Apparently this wasn’t the only rule Keith was breaking. Kayne confided in Vincent that he saw fashion pattern books in Keith’s room. Vincent blurts that rules are rules, and Robert insists that it was clearly stated what you can and can’t do in this contest. So Kayne tells the producer, who then tells Tim Gunn, who then knocks on Keith’s door and informs him that not only is he being kicked off the show, but he’s also “disgusted” by Keith’s tactics since he’s such a good designer. But this isn’t Keith’s only transgression; he had also left production for several hours and used the Internet, which are also huge no-nos in the reality show world.

Alison and Jeffery are then left to “carry on and frankly make it work” to finish Keith’s brainchild.

And The Winners Are…

Since we only had four outfits this week, I narrowed it down to these categories:

  • Most Ridiculous: I’m not sure what Robert was thinking; even Barbie would be embarrassed wearing this nutty outfit. Although this piece wasn’t “over the top” ridiculous, his design (based on the challenge) just seemed down right ridiculous because it lacked panache. The bulky, sporty, oversized jacket, combined with a short black skirt with a slit up to the fanny was confusing and mortifying. This outfit looked at if the model was running late for work and threw on any old jacket without clearly thinking it through.
  • Most Creative: At first glance, I wasn’t too sure about Keith’s design. It was like eating something new for the first time, and the first bite you’re not real crazy about, but after a few more bites your palate begins to understand the flavors. This piece was versatile, flashy, and edgy. The pants were stunning, with the details and venting at the bottom of the legging. The white jersey top could be worn as a t-shirt, or pulled down for a longer look. The jacket was light and was a perfect match for the ensemble.
  • Most UN-Dramatic: Bonnie’s sketches were absolutely gorgeous, but her execution stunk! I really adored the jacket, but once you took it off, the outfit underneath was horrendous. The pants were unflattering, and the top with a high belt only through the proportions off more. This outfit was boring, tired and old.
  • Most Beautiful AND Most Wearable: Kudos to Angela. When teams were being picked, everyone was worried she’d pick them, but she proved not only to be a great designer, but a fabulous team leader. Laura and Michael, skeptical at first, were able to throw in ideas to help tame her rosette craze and they all worked together just like a team should. This extraordinary three-piece outfit was hip, trend setting, and fun. Angela’s trademark rosettes added exquisite details to the front of the jacket as mock buttons on each side, and on the back of the collar. The pale pink top contrasted the dark gray short jacket and slimming pants perfectly. She also added a surprise detail of a satiny, art deco fabric as a lining inside the jacket. This piece was stunning.
  • The judges agreed. Angela and Keith’s outfits were both the highest scored designs. Heidi announced that the winning piece would be showcased in a Macy’s window display the next morning. Both teams headed out to Macy’s in anticipation, and it was Angela’s team who rejoiced in victory.

    You’re Out!

    Although Robert’s design lacked creativity, it was Bonnie’s “fashion backward” outfit that left her in tears as she said goodbye to the her fellow designers. Keith claimed he’d be a laughing stock to his family and friends as he left the show, but I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Keith, because despite his arrogance and rule breaking, he was a fine designer. It’s a real shame he had to break the rules; it would have been fun to watch him carry on with his innovative designs.