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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 3rd – The Float Herd

The power seems to be gong to Danielle’s head as she wonders if Marcellas gave George the slop pass because he wanted to or for game reasons. If he hadn’t followed through, she would have put Marcellas up, as we all know, if Danielle gives a direction, everyone else must jump. Danielle is quite proud of herself for calling Janie a B-I-T-C-H, but can’t believe Janie had the gall to call her weak. Huh?

Marcellas makes an appearance in the HoH room, and Danielle lets him know right away he isn’t going up or being backdoored. He says he’s not standing in the way of Janie going up, because what she did was unforgivable. Marcellas says anything said to him stops there. He’s like a steel trap. Huh? Danielle says she just knows they are all just dying to talk to her, so she opens the door to let the rushing crowds in, and there’s no one out there. Now needing to know where her adoring masses are, she turns on the spyscreen.

Goobie and Erika are back together in their honeymoon suite. Erika’s hand moves under the covers, and well, I just don’t want to know. Honestly. Marcellas comes in to break it up and tells Erika her present it wanted by the others to play spades. She feigns sleeping.” Ugh. Alone again, they talk about their mutual friends, and if it wasn’t clear before, it certainly is now, that these two had a relationship previous to entering the house. Goobie shows his insecurities and tells Erika he’s upset with Will and how he’s playing the game. He doesn’t understand why he’s so close to the BB6ers all the time, and he’s even more upset about him throwing the competition tonight. He asks Erika to help keep him safe.

Marcellas and Janie are playing a game by the chess table and he asks her is she thinks Danielle will put her up. She says if she does, the “four” will go after her. Marcellas makes a quick exit to the DR, assumably trying not tell everything he knows to her. Not that she wouldn’t do the same for him. I feel kind of bad for her.

Danielle comes downstairs and says she can’t sleep in the HoH room. She wants her usual bed, and offers the room to the people in the red room. Howie and Will had joined in there with Erika and Goobie, making them lose their honeymoon suite. Will gets the HoH room tonight and Howie will get it the next night.

Will, Danielle and James go back up to the HoH and talk about the nominations, and Will offers to split the winnings with them just as he did with Janie. Is this why Danielle offered the room up to others to sleep? Was she just upset about no one coming up to rush through the door for a meet and greet? Is this the only way she can get people up there?

Will figures Janelle is the new Allison, and says she could have won that competition had she played. Danielle says no, because Janelle weighs too much. Good God. She really hasn’t said anything negative to the others, especially about physical features, yet all they can do is pick on her weight, when she really isn’t even heavy. The Janeallousy is high around here tonight.

James ends up alone with Janie and she must be pretending like she didn’t totally defect from their alliance. She goes over her plan of how she thinks they can keep all four of them safe this week. She goes to get Kaysar to add to the chat, and James yells out “F***” in frustration. She comes back and says Kaysar will be along later; he’s reading the Bible. Perhaps he should bring it with so James can put his hand on it. Janelle wonders if she should talk to Danielle, and James says talking is always good. She says that’s what got her in trouble last week, though, as if she didn’t she wouldn’t have changed the nominations for Chill Town. And she says Diane coming to talk to her seemed more like begging. She admits her nominations were stupid, and of course James agrees. She says that even if she had targeted Chill Town, the floaters would still be after them this week, which is true.

Kaysar and Danielle talk, and he tells her about being depressed this time playing the game. Last year they didn’t like the other people, but this year he likes all the people. This year he is doing it for the money, not the game, and it just seems wrong. He’s giving up the things in his life that mean the most, like spending time with his family. Strategy? Because this is a great way to get to Danielle. Janelle joins in and says she is depressed as well. When Danielle leaves, Janie says she’s worried she’ll become depressed like last year, on a month-long drinking binge, although she tells Kaysar it was because of Michael and the way he treated her. Danielle re-enters and Janelle goes back to talking about Howie using her shampoo. This is why people think Janie is superficial, because she doesn’t allow them to see that more tender side to herself.

Howie joins Kaysar and Janie and she says she knows that Danielle is going to put up her and James, as James told her. Howie gets really upset and starts swearing and kicking stuff. He blames it on Danielle and Erika, saying they are both targets now. He must have thought they meant something else when they said he was safe. He must have thought they mean the whole alliance.

Once they go over all the evidence, the realize James wasn’t very upset about any of this, and realize it’s some type of set-up. They talk about having to win PoV, and Howie says if he goes up in the place of someone else, Hurricane Howie is going to make an appearance. Does this excite anyone but me?

Continuing to put it all together, Kaysar starts to realize Marcellas has been leaking their information. He says he sits up here and listens to Janelle in the HoH room, then goes down and tells everything he just heard to all the floaters. Janie starts to remember certain info she revealed to Marcellas getting back to her through Chill Town, and she realizes maybe there’s some validity to this. Kaysar also talks about James having a problem with every one of their nominations. Janie says she wanted to put up Danielle and Erika, but Kaysar stopped her and didn’t want her to do that to James. Now he stabs them in the back.

They believe that’s the purpose behind Danielle forcing Marcellas to use his slop pass. This way they could bring him in, and he’d feel like they owed him something, like say, a vote. That’s also why Danielle is not sleeping in the HoH. She can stay downstairs and keep control of her troops. Kaysar says they should just continue as they have, and not let on to Marcellas, James, or Danielle that they have figured it all out. Howie refers to the floaters as “The Float Herd.”

Kaysar gets the idea to let George know that Danielle was begging for him to leave last week, but Janelle refused to put him up, hoping they’ll be able to bring him back to their side. Kaysar then leaves to pray, and Howie and Janelle leave to go to bed.

This is going to be one interesting week. The jilted BB6ers are onto everything, and they are ripe for revenge. They haven’t been able to play the game they got used to last year, as they didn’t need to seek revenge on anyone. This week changes it all, though, and it seems to have energized them. Lord save the house when all these Super Powers start clashing. Something tells me Will will sit back, watch and laugh, and we’ll hear a deluge of “phone calls” in the DR between he and Goobie.

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