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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 3rd – The Float Herd

Will starts singing Chichu Migachu, rhyming “he gave George his slop pass” with “ass.” Marcellas is hoping people won’t start referring to him as Chichu Migachu when he gets out of the house. He then launches into his own lyrics about attacking the All Stars with a machete. The talk changes to the internet feeders, and Danielle thinks they can’t be seen yet, that the live feeds haven’t kicked in yet. Oh yes, we can see you. We watched you declare yourself the Black Widow.

Erika decides George is a better man than she, as she could never go through with eat slop for two weeks. Is there something we don’t know about you Erika? Does Goobie know? George only tells Marcellas that he’ll be on his Christmas card list this year. Kaysar and Janelle have disappeared into the bug room, and are saying they feel sick from the pizza, but I’m thinking it probably has more to do with them not being safe for the first time since the game started.

Kaysar and Janie are wondering why everyone threw Danielle the game so quickly. Umm, t hat would be because she’s been running around since you saved her the first week, telling everyone she was taking you out as soon as she got the chance, despite telling you she wouldn’t do that. Janelle thinks if she and Kaysar are on the block, Howie needs to win veto and pull one of them up to force Danielle into putting up one of the Chill Town. Wait till they found out Chill Town formed an additional alliance with James and Danielle.

Janie goes into the red room with Kaysar and Will and Will talks about being depressed when Diane left, as he wished it was himm. He also lies and says he told Julie Chen that he voted to evict himself. He says he figured Erika could have won the competition, as it looked like she had forty to forty-five minutes left in her, and tells Howie had he been wearing a long-sleeved shirt he could have done better. James comes into the the room, and says he knows he is safe, and figures “the four” save for possibly Janelle are as well. He figures Marcellas should be scared.

Danielle talks with Goobie, George, and Erika and says she plans to put up James and Janelle. Huh? James? Is she trying to throw people off that they’re in an alliance? If so, I think everyone is well past that by now. They do bring up James’ egg win of being able to nullify a vote, and know that if they can use his nullifier they can get it to a tie, and Danielle can decide the tie and take Janie out. They also decide it’s nice to see the BB6ers in power for a change. Yeah, I have to admit, the shake up here will definitely make things more interesting.

Danielle invites everyone up to see her HoH room, and Will asks to take a shower. Perhaps this week it will be a shower puppet show instead of a bathtub one. Her room is decorated in beige and brown, a little drab and manly, and it makes me wondered if they expected someone else to win. Her CD is Queen’s greatest hits (thank you, BB, for not giving her the Wham she keeps requesting other than that the one time as a wakeup). In her basket Danielle has many Payday candy bars and is passing them out to whoever wants one. Marcellas notes that “colored folk love their payday, both figuratively and literally.” She also has Honeycomb cereal that Will begins eating and wine that she wants to share with the other girls. A note from her mom is in there along with her pink robe. She also has the key that was Jason’s vote for her to win BB3, the only vote she had.

Erika and Goobie are still playing house and setting up a little honeymoon suite in the red room. Janelle plans to sleep in there but got called to the Dr. Marcellas expects to sleep on the couch in there like usual, and Howie plants himself in the bed, declaring that there is room, and refusing to leave. That’s right, Howie; stand your ground.

The lovebirds finally get some alone time, and Erika admits that she really does like him. The return to talking about the game, and Erika believes that Kaysar threw the game purposely after Goobie fell. They figure he must believe he is safe in some way. They discuss what they see as the likely possibility of them being in final four, then go back to talking personally as Erika wonders if Goobie’s friends and family will like her. You’re worried that a group of people that call their child and friend “Boogie” won’t like you?

Somehow everyone comes to the conclusion that there’s no food competition this week, and decide if it’s a week of temptation, maybe someone will be offered cash to put others on slop. I wonder what that would do to George’s pass.

Danielle finally gets a chance to strategize with James, and fills him in on her plan of putting up him and Janie and saving him. He, of course, freaks out a little, and worries that Janie would win the veto. What? The veto king is worried? Danielle says she’d just put up Kaysar or Howie then. No big deal. She wants to protect James and Kaysar though. Hmmm, why does she want to protect Kaysar? James says Janie isn’t the same girl she was last year and refers to her as a fat piece of shit. That’s nice.

James leaves the HoH room and goes downstairs to pick Marcellas’ brain and heart, to see exactly where he stands with Janelle. James talks about Janie’s noms last week being stupid, and saying how hit wasn’t right to call Danielle weak, and also how stupid she is to be falling for Will. Marcellas is asked if he would take out Janelle, and he agrees he would. Remember what she toldJulie on the live show? He was her friend, and even though he’s not in her alliance, she’d protect him. He says what she did was put him in danger. James adds it put the whole house in danger, and actually has the nerve to complain that he picked the egg Janie told him to pick for the $10,000 as she usually has luck with those things, and now he’s stuck with the nullify the vote thing. Is there anything this guy won’t whine and complain about?

George pulls a Diane and asks Danielle to help him get to sequester. He says he needs the money and doesn’t feel he can compete with the others. He says Danielle is the only one that has helped him so far in the game. I still think this guy continues to play everyone. We saw at that veto competition that he’s way more of a player than he usually lets on.

Danielle gets Erika along in the HoH room, somehow breaking out of her honeymoon suite, and talks her ear off about her hatred of Janelle. First, Marcellas wanted Kaysar to put her up in week two, but he doesn’t know she knows. But first she wants Janelle gone for saying she was weak. She lies to Erika and tells her that she knows Erika was Janelle’s true target. She believes Janie threw James and Kaysar under the bus, and thinks, along with Marcellas, that Janie just wants all the pretty girls out so she can have the guys for herself. If Danielle only knew that Janie was calling her the most beautiful girl in the house …


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