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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 3rd – The Float Herd

Goobie whispers into his mic to the producers to watch Marcellas, as his head is dangerously close to the red line. This coming from the guy that cheated in the first food competition and picked up Diane using his hands, and threw her into the slop to retrieve a rat. Inside Will and Janie talk about Diane leaving, and he admits he voted for her to stay so that it would be blamed on someone else. He believes when she sees the show at home, she’ll see Janie didn’t evict her out of spite, but because of strategy. I hope so, as I think it’s kind of funny that Janie only did this for strategy, yet Diane is marching around calling it a personal decision, and calling Janelle a fat bitch, and Marcellas is saying Janelle just wanted cute girls out of the house, yet Janie never said anything bad about Diane.

The HGs on the web have white stuff thrown on them again, and Will points out it’s not the first time it’s happened to him. He and Janie discuss the possible nominations to come of this. Wil thinks if George wins he will definitely put up James, and believes James will put up Chill Town. He’s not sure what Erika and Howie would do, but says Janie can influence Howie, but he can’t be trusted because he’s stupid. That’s nice. Asked by Janielle who he thinks Howie should put up, and he says Marcellas and either the Chicken Man or Daniellle. Will wants food, and has Janelle, since she’s currently still the HoH, go to the DR and ask if they can have a private dinner for two.

Apparently Janelle was denied her special dinner, and she and Will are back outside watching the competition. Not much has changed out there … George is farting, Howie is yelling out “What up, Kaysar?”, and Marcellas is talking about his clothing. he’s wearing purple underwear, and he’s worried about his $300 belt being ruined. I’m wondering here why anyone would wear important clothing to a BB competition, especially since during one a few weeks back they were asked to burn their clothes. Kaysar and Howie continue to joke around, with Kaysar deadpanning he’s going to put Howie up if he wins HoH, and Howie yells out to Janelle asking if she’s seen Spiderman, a reference to her and Michael’s famous kiss from last season.

Janelle gets called to the DR, and when she comes back she has an envelope with new instructions for the competition. Now the HGs head and torso must be below the spider web, and you can’t move anywhere, just hanging in with legs and arms. They get one minute to reposition themselves, and as they do so, James falls. He made it a few minutes under two hours. He chooses and egg, and gets the one that allows him to nullify an eviction vote. In a close vote, it could be interesting. With the odds increasing, Will tries to talk Kaysar and George into dropping off to get an egg in the hopes they’ll get the $10,000, as it’s now a 33% chance.

Goobie falls off next, still under two hours, and Kaysar falls off right after. That change of hanging underneath the web seems to have made three people drop off within minutes. Goobie gets the $10,000, and Kaysar gets the other rotten egg. That leaves the slop pass in the last remaining egg. The true competitor that George is, he doesn’t drop off to get the pass, he stays. Instead it’s Marcellas as the next one off, and he gets the slop pass. Erika, Danielle, Howie and the Chicken Man are all still left on the web.

A few minutes go by, and George falls off the web, to the applause of the HGs. Well, those not on the web, as those on the web would fall off themselves. Marcellas walks around pouting and kicking the broken eggs on the ground. Danielle tells Erika she’s done, but she doesn’t let go. Both girls swear to Howie that he is safe and beg him to let go. Danielle tells Howie she just wants her pictures, reminiscent of Jennifer last year. After she guarantees him safety, again reminiscent of Jennifer, Howie lets go with two hours and fourteen minutes in, Erika gives up right after with guaranteed safety, making Danielle the winner. She refers to herself as the Black Widow. If the web fits …

With the competition over, Will is climbing on the web, then notices Howie having a hard time getting up. Will yells for someone to get Howie some water, and we go to flames. We we come back, there is no mention of what happened to Howie, and James is quite giddy, telling Goobie that Danielle is going to slit Janie’s throat. He then utters that line that is greating on all our nerves, that “the streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers.” Apparently this means the people that don’t believe his sincerity will get axed. Being that he can’t stop talking about how he was wronged last year, I don’t think he had a sincere bone in his body coming in this year, so maybe he’s the true non-believer.

Will suggests that Goobie should offer the $10,000 to charity, since everyone is a little perturbed at him winning the money, when he walks around talking about how rich he is all the time. They also laugh about Janelle being asked by Julie Chen if she is falling for Will. His giddiness now over, James is mad that when Marcellas was kicking things he kicked sand into James’ face. Maybe when the non-believers’ blood starts flowing it will wash away all that sand.

Marcellas has his own problems. He plans on keeping the slop pass and not giving it to George, as he talks to himself saying he never went along with that agreement from Danielle. He’s gone two weeks without eating and says he’s too skinny at 166 pounds. The charity Goobie has chosen is his own grandmother, saying he’ll use the money to buy her a new car. Somehow I don’t think that’s what Will meant.

Janelle finds Kaysar and tells him about the conversaton with Julie Chen and her asking if she was falling for Will. Will teases that he sees the way she looks at him. They wonder what Danielle nominations will be, and realize it’s a possibility that Janie will be going up. They wonder if she’ll follow through with her threat to put Marcellas up, and realize Kaysar could be another possibility for going up. They both talk about being depressed in the house this year, and Kaysar goes back to teasing Janie about Will.

Danielle takes her post outside the DR to demand that Marcellas give his slop pass to George, because you know, it was her suggestion, so everyone has to follow through with what she wanted. I’m thinking everyone will lose their appetite anyway when Erika and Boogie are flirting. He’s jumping up and down in excitement, and she wonders how she’ll stay married to him when he’s such a brat. Gross. What are they doing playing house? He responds by wishing he had some tequila. The worm that he is, I imagine he is planning on crawling into the bottle.

A pizza arrives for the HGs, and Will is the first one in line. Marcellas comes and eats, then tells the crews to get the cameras ready, as he’s going to give up his slop pass to George. George, sitting by himself and depressed, refuses it at first, but now that he’s made the gesture, Marcellas won’t accept it back. Marcellas leaves it with him and walks out. George drops it on the floor, and leaves it there for awhile.

George comes out and announces to everyone about Marcellas’ gesture, but says he doesn’t want to use it in case Marcellas goes on slop again this week. Marcellas tells him he’s normally selfish, but wouldn’t have offered it tonight unless he meant it. George accepts it this time, and they share a very sweet hug. He sits down to eat and groans like Matt Dillon in The Flamingo Kid throughout the entire time. George gets a beer handed to him and proposes a toast to Marcellas. Everyone else is just excited they won’t have to put up with Mr. Fart for a whole week.


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