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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 3rd – The Float Herd

Thank God. I’m ready for this weird week to be over. To add to everything else, we now have houseguests up nearly all twenty-four hours of the day. Janie and Kaysar had decided to stay up while everyone else is sleeping in the early morning hours, work out, and then go to bed early, but someone by the name of Will crashed their little party early this morning, and they never got that extra workout in.

Eventually everyone had given up and gone to sleep, but that lasted less than an hour before Goobie got up. For some reason that huge kitchen just doesn’t seem to be roomy enough for him to eat his breakfast in, and he chooses to eat it in the cramped living room, sitting in one of the nomination chairs. I could understand if he wanted to watch a little TV while he ate, but there is no TV other than Julie Chen during the live shows and occasional clues and/or messages that come across the screen. When he’s done eating he sits down on the floor in between the nomination chair and he coffee table and stretches out, although he clearly doesn’t have enough room. Again, why not go to the exercise room? Knowing him, though, it has something to do with “good TV.”

Goobie doesn’t spend too much time by himself before BB is waking the other HGs up with Whatta Man by Salt N Pepa. Sometimes these songs are hints to HGs, but I can’t figure out who here is a “mighty fine man.” Some would argue Will, and some others Kaysar, but I wonder if it has something to do with the twist that everyone thinks is coming, including the HGs. As Danielle gets up, she says she had a dream she was evicted. That’s funny; so did I.

Will refuses to get up, so apparently he isn’t the mighty fine man. BB then plays the Ramones’ I Wanna Be Sedated. Okay, someone back there spinning discs has a sense of humor this morning. The feeds keep going in and out, and in one of the quick instances, we see what appears to be BB staff in the living room. This is odd. They’re on an indoor lockdown until this evening, so what’s going on? Perhaps this is why Goobie was camped out in there. Maybe he was waiting for excitement. I’m surprised he hasn’t learned by now that it really doesn’t follow him around, which is probably why he has to create his own excitement opening thousands of restaurants.

Either the cameraman knows something we don’t, or he’s bored and playing games. He keeps the camera focused on the shoes in the red room. Then again, nothing much is going on in the house. Will and Marcellas are sleeping again, and James and the Chicken Man are cleaning. Goobie is eating again and complaining about the dishes, wishing they could leave the dirty ones on people’s beds. He blames these particular dishes on Kaysar and wonders if the other HGs think there’s a dish fair. That’s funny, because I’ve asked my kids the same thing. It just adds to more weirdness of the week that suddenly Goobie is sounding like the responsible one.

Will is second-guessing his decision to shave in the backyard with Howie yesterday. He’s now figuring it will be on tonight’s montage. I kind of wondered about that at the time. I mean, Will sits there and walks around saying how much he hates Howie doting on him like that, yet he decides to do some weird male bonding ritual while shaving in the backyard. Meanwhile Janelle is pissed at Howie for using up all her shampoo, complaining that it costs $90 a bottle. I’m surprised he didn’t take the bottle as well to sell it on eBay. Kaysar tells Janie he uses the same stuff, except his is for curly hair. Well, not much use for that lately, is there?

Goobie has a convo with Kaysar just to make sure they’re all good with each other. Kaysar assures him that if he wins HoH, he is not putting up Chill Town. Will then gets called to the DR and Goobie wants him to get an urgent message to them that he left his Blu Blockers outside. Not like he would need them while in the house, so Kaysar wonders if he is worried someone on the BB staff would steal them. I love those deadpan oneliners of Kaysar’s.

When Goobie and Kaysar are alone again, Goobie says that everyone is is expecting Chill Town to put up the BB6ers, but he doesn’t want to do the floaters’ dirty work for them. He adds that he knows Marcellas ranks pretty high with the BB6ers, but he thinks they should cut him off. I wish Janelle knew that while she was remaining loyal to her friend Marcellas, he was constantly stabbing her in the back. Goobie plants yet another seed in Kaysar’s ear about Danielle running the whole show, and says he thinks either she or Kaysar are going to win the next HoH. Kaysar tells Goobie if he is nominated and doesn’t win PoV, that’s fine. He’s not ready to go, but he has a lot to go back to.

James is once again going over everything bad that happened to him during last year’s BB, including Howie not nominating Maggie and him swearing on the Bible. This guy just does not let anything go, and I thought I carried a grudge. I don’t believe for one minute that he came into this house wanting to keep the BB6 alliance intact. I think he sat and waited for the first little thing to defect.

After we get flames for a bit, we come back and some of the HGs are discussing what to wear for the live show tonight and what happened during previous endurance competitions, so it appears they were tipped off that tonight would be endurance for sure. Will says he won’t last long because of being on slop the past week, yet talks about peeing on himself to last in the endurance competition from his season. He says some may call it embarrassment, but he calls it winning $500,000. Howie doesn’t believe it will last real long this time. He believes it won’t be done by the end of the live show, yet it won’t go on and on and on.

We never get to see the live feeds again until after the live show, and when it resumes we have everyone still hanging on to the huge spider web. Will is the first to fall off the spider web, lasting not even a half hour. Goobie claims he’s looking for another alliance after this, and it’s funny that he has no takers. Will goes to select an egg with Janie’s help, and Danielle quickly yells out she thinks whoever gets the slop pass should give it to George. Will reluctantly agrees, but gets the rotten egg bringing some type of justice to the guy that though he could throw the competition that quickly and just get $10,000. He and Janie don’t even stick around; they go inside to get something to eat.

The rest of the HGs begin playing the movie game outside on the web, and George is grossing everyone out, especially Marcellas, as he has his ever-present gas. Inside Janie tells Will about her convo with Julie Chen, and her asking if she was in love with him. She laughs hardily about it. Will talks yet again about his belief that Julie Chen doesn’t even watch the show. Well she hosts the live show, so she has to watch at least that one every week, which pretty much recaps the rest of the week. I doubt if she watches the feeds though.


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