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Big Brother 7: All Stars – And the HoH Is …Endurance Competition Results

After Diane’s live eviction, Julie Chen had the houseguests hop on to a giant spider web for the “Caught in the Web” HoH competition. It was a basic endurance comp, but the hamsters looked pretty comfy up there on their little cushy web, laying down and relaxing. Just before the show ended, they were squirted with some icky white goo, resembling shaving cream.

Will pretty much gave up and was out first. The egg he chose was one of the two rotten ones, proving that there is indeed some karmic justice in the world. But that karma was short lived. After getting cleaned up a bit, Will spent a lot of time in the kitchen with Janie, trying to feed her some strategy and see where her loyalties lie.

Chicken George began to implement his own personal strategy of ripping slop farts in the general direction of those beside him. More white goop, which was dubbed “spider sperm” was shot at the houseguests as the web spun ’round and ’round at seemingly random intervals.

Janelle was called to the DR, and came out with an envelope with a note telling the hamsters that they now had one minute to readjust themselves on the web so they were hanging with only their arms and legs. The next hamster to fall was James, which isn’t much of a surprise since he said he was planning to throw it. His egg contained the “nullify an eviction vote” card.

Booger and Kaysar came down one right after the other. Going back to the karma comment, Boog got the $10,000 egg and Kaysar’s was rotten. Oh well, can’t win ’em all.

Marcellas, who appeared to be touching the red area several times, is out next and he has the slop pass. Danielle had asked everyone to agree to give George the pass, which Marcy actually insisted on after the comp. So Chicken George gets a week of food. Yay Georgie!

George is the next one out, leaving Howie, Erika, and Danielle. Howie looked pained, and was really trying. He finally let go, looking like he was having trouble standing, after Danielle promised not to nominate him and plead with him to let her get the pictures of her kids. Sounds like J-Blow, doesn’t it? “I just want my pictures! Wah!”

With Howie out, all Danielle had to do was say “Give it to me” and Erika let go. The whole competition took about three hours. Danielle, the new HoH, dubs herself “The Black Widow”. While I’m sure Dani will shake things up (which is a good thing), I’m not sure I can handle the amount of talking that she’ll be doing this week. At least Howie and Kaysar are safe. Win that veto, Janie!

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