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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 2nd – Howie Shaves the Day

And now it’s time for another shaving scene. This one stars Chicken George, and co-stars Howie in the role of the barber. Yep, that’s right, Howie is shaving George’s body hair off in the bathroom. I don’t know if there’s enough beer in my house to watch this. The shaving begins with Georgie’s back, and Howie proceeds to shave his chest, arms, armpits, FUPA, and legs. So now we’re going to have George hungry, gassy, and stubbly. Terrific. Then George gets to shave Howie, even though Howie has already spent almost half an hour shaving with Dr. Will.

BB tells the hamsters to check the storage room, and they find some wine and three decks of cards. No! Not cards! Cards are the feed watchers’ nemesis. Why? Because they’re loud as hell being shuffled, and because they’re boring as hell to watch. I guess with over 21 hours being locked in the house, BB decided to give them something to do. But really, a craft or something would be much more interesting.

Howie and James do some whispering about the game. James is, of course, pissed off with Janelle and the nominations, and he’s trying to convince Howie to vote to evict Erika. Howie wonders what will happen this coming week, and who Danielle is after in the game. James deflects the question and points out that Marcellas is really upset because he took Boog out of the last HoH comp and now he’s a target. James keep trying to convince Howie that Janelle and Kaysar are selling him out, but Howie is nothing if not loyal and refuses to agree. He says that he likes their chances for HoH this week, and that he’s ready to win it.

Marcellas and Danielle are trying to teach Diane and a few others how to play gin rummy, but it’s pretty boring in there. They keep forgetting the rules, and the others are just sitting there waiting for the game to get enjoyable.

Will, Erika, and Janelle talk about how much they miss their dogs, and that segues to Will saying that he misses his girlfriend. He says some really nice things about her, and then says he doesn’t want to come off as a p*ssy in the house, talking about how he misses everyone. Except that he does miss them all. Nothing wrong with that, Will. He jokes that if HoH is an eating contest, he’ll win it for sure. Then he says if it’s endurance and a hot pizza is offered, he’s out.

This is followed by the usual stuff. There are people playing cards, James and Danielle rehashing the same stuff about comp and wanting Janelle out of the house (remember when Dani said she didn’t understand all the strat discussion? How she and Jason used to talk for two minutes and make all their decisions and then not discuss it again? How quickly she forgets), and Howie eats some more. When Howie shaving Chicken George is the highlight of the evening, you know things are going downhill in the house. On the bright side, things can only get better, right?

George fashions himself an outfit for the live show tomorrow. Seems he’s discarded the plan to go in drag as “Georgina”, which is a relief.

Janelle and Marcellas talk about how both Danielle and James are saying that they’re being honest this time, but then they sneak off to scheme together. They both seem to know that James and Dani are up to something. Marcellas says that Diane is resigned to leaving the house now.

In the living room, Will is giving the scoop on his life story. The short version is that he got a degree in biology and then didn’t know what to do. So he worked in a pet store and did modeling and acting part time for a while. He went to med school and hated his internship because he was working so many hours a week and people were dying all the time. So he applied for Temptation Island and Survivor, and eventually CBS called and wanted him for BB.

After he won BB, 9/11 happened and he and his brother just hit the road and traveled around. He ended up in California with his brother, and worked in reality TV some more, then studied to become a dermatologist while investing his money in Booger’s restaurants. The moral of the story, for Diane, is that you can do pretty much whatever you want to do once you figure it all out and start working towards a goal.

As people get ready for bed, Will and Kaysar hang out together talking about how the game isn’t all that exciting this time ’round and how Will was promised so much more for returning. Will says that the person in the DR told him that three more people would be leaving before sequester begins, so they’re trying to figure out exactly what the twist will be and how many people will be involved. He promises Kaysar that he’ll try and keep him safe, but that there may be other people from his alliance going home soon. Will infers that he’s still planning to throw the HoH comps, but tells Kay that he will work with Booger as much as he can to convince him that Kaysar shouldn’t go up.

Janelle joins Will and Kaysar, and they continue to talk about the game and how things will hopefully be shaken up soon. They discuss the “feeders” and how we shouldn’t be watching them unless we’re friends or family. Some fans apparently try to contact them on the phone or in person, and this kind of creeps them out. Understandable.

Kaysar falls asleep on the couch – by this time it’s about 6:30 am. Will and Janie joke about changing the time on the clocks and then waking up the others. Will tells Janelle that James is 100% with Danielle now, so she needs to watch her back. Janie says she knows. Finally Will decides to get some sleep, and I notice that Kaysar is missing too. He must have gone to bed during one of the sessions of flames.

Janelle goes to the HoH room and tells Howie (who is slumbering peacefully in the Barbie bed) that she can’t sleep. But soon everyone is sawing logs, dreaming of the big bad HoH comp the production staff is building in the backyard, and the possible twist that will mess with their games.

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