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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 2nd – Howie Shaves the Day

Up in the HoH room, the discussion is about what the upcoming twist will be. I really hope there is a twist or else the resulting disappointment is going to kill some of these people. Howie, Janie, and Kaysar are trying to come up with scenarios and how they should react – if someone comes back they need to sent right back out. If they have to choose someone to come back in, they think Diane would be the best choice because everyone else it too dangerous.

Erika and Janelle talk about the possible twist, and Janie warns Erika that Diane is still campaigning. Erika thinks she has the votes to stay even without Chill Town, who she says will do “whatever you tell them to” anyway. Ha! Erika complains that the twist has to come in the week she’s on the block.

Chicken George announces that he’s finally giving up on the idea of making bread out of slop, unless one of the women get a yeast infection that he can use. Yuck. Just … yuck. I know the guy was trying to be funny, but some things just shouldn’t be joked about. That’s one of them.

Howie cleans the house (I know! The sentence doesn’t make sense, does it?) as Janelle searches for her missing Ugg sandals. She thinks she last left them near Diane’s stuff, but she doesn’t make any accusations. ‘Cause that’s all we’d need – Diane running around telling everyone that Janie thinks she’s a thief. Dani and Erika are talking about the show “Unan1mous”, and how they were only there for 12 days, which these people could do standing on their heads. No kidding. Then Danielle mentions how disappointed she was when she found out that Alison was doing The Amazing Race, because, of course, Dani herself would have been great on that show, and so appreciative of the opportunity.

Now it’s Marcellas and Danielle talking, and of course they’re kvetching about S6 and the Chill Clowns. Marcy thinks they had a pre-game alliance in place. They talk about Howie going to tell Diane that she was safe this week, and then Janelle nominating her. Dani correctly points out that Howie was just doing what he was asked to do. They figure that S6 wants to keep the Chills in the game to make sure there are still other targets around. Marcellas says that if he wins HoH, he’ll put up Howie and Chicken George, and tell Howie that he’s just a pawn. He wants to go after Janelle and Kaysar, but he’s afraid if the repercussions. I don’t know if he’s just saying that to keep himself off of Dani’s radar, or if his alliance with Janie is truly toast.

Marcellas think that the people who have been evicted all left the game “unfairly” because they didn’t do anything to warrant having to leave. I’m not sure I follow that logic. He says that S6 aren’t close outside the house, because they don’t have shared stories and experiences like Will and Booger do. Danielle says that she won’t put the Chill Clowns up if she wins HoH, because S6 has had several chances to do so. And she’ll tell them that if they ask. She adds that she’ll lock the HoH door and just stay in there. Howie shows up, and they discuss the possibility that there will be an eviction at the start of Thursday’s show, then the HoH comp leading to another eviction. Er, okay.

A bit later, Marcellas is talking to Will and James, saying that if S6 wins HoH and he has to go on slop for another week, he’ll walk out. He doesn’t need the money badly enough to warrant spending another week this way. Diane is still working on Howie, trying to convince him that he doesn’t have to do everything Janelle asks him to do. She says he’d be surprised at the people in the house who are willing to vote to keep her in the game.

Over dinner preparations, James somehow convinces George that drinking olive oil will help with his hunger and tummy troubles. George tries a sip of olive oil and literally screams about how awful it is. Marcellas is still whining about being there, saying that he could be riding a horse on the beaches of Malibu instead.

Howie and Will decide that it’s time to shave. Which wouldn’t be a big deal except that they’re grabbing their electric razors and heading outside to shave their bodies together. Howie mentions that he’s heard Will wants to put him up, and asks if that’s true. Will says no and wants to know who told him that, but doesn’t get an answer. He tries playing his little mind games, asking Howie if he thinks Janelle’s bond with Marcellas is stronger than the one she has with him. They discuss having a possible “Shaving Alliance” consisting of Howie, Janie, Booger, and Will. Howie is non-committal, but open to discussion. They both agree that they’re run out of places on their bodies to shave, but want to keep talking so the razors keep buzzing.

Will asks if they look “gay”, and Howie says no. Booger comes out to watch, which makes the scene even weirder. Eventually Danielle is out there too, helping Howie shave the back of his neck. Janelle stops by too, as apparently this tandem shaving thing is quite a spectacle. Will points out that Howie is shaving his balls right in front of Janelle, but Howie doesn’t seem to care much. The shaving party finally breaks up. For now.

Janelle and Kaysar are once again going over what the twist could be, and Howie stops by to add some humour. The only problem is that Janie’s not in the mood, and tells Howie that he’s annoying. Howie walks towards the door and then moons her. Heehee.

Danielle is now on a tear. Apparently Janelle was theorizing about bringing someone back into the game, and said that America chose Kaysar last year because the Sovs weren’t doing so well and they wanted to see a fair game. She went on to say that maybe this season America would choose someone to help out Chill Town or someone like Danielle who doesn’t have a lot of support. Well, Danielle overheard this and now she’s mad, y’all.

Dani rants and raves about how she’s going after Janelle, and she hopes Erika will too. She’s got leverage with Marcellas because of his complaining about Janie, and it sounds as if she’d use it to threaten him with if she has to. She says she needs to be called to the DR because she’s about to say stuff she doesn’t want to say on the feeds. Apparently she’s been spending a lot of time in the DR lately. She wants wine too, just for the record.

BB calls out to Janelle and the houseguests, and we get flames. When we return, Will is saying that something big must be going down if they’re being locked inside for the rest of the night and all day tomorrow. Indeed!

Erika and Marcellas are talking in the room with the ginormous bed. Erika says that she was excited that Janelle would be in the house this season because she loved her in BB6, but now that she’s met Janie, she’s a total letdown. Marcellas agrees, saying that the Nerd Herd must have been truly awful if America loved the Sovereigns so much last season. Erika says that she and the floaters are not the Nerd Herd.

Will makes himself comfy in Janelle’s HoH room, and they talk about the veto comp and how seriously everyone takes the game. Janelle says that whoever wins does so mostly by luck anyway, so it’s no big deal. Which doesn’t account much for her stressing all week. Danielle, meanwhile, is telling Erika that Howie had better stop sexually harassing her (Erika). Puh-leeze. If Erika had a problem with it, she’s free to says something. Erika’s the one who mentions her boobies half the time anyway.

The hamsters only have a few minutes left to enjoy the backyard before the lockdown. Howie and Booger are out there, and Howie is busy complimenting Boog on his amazing veto win. Diane, on the other hand, is calling Janelle a f*cking c**t. She apologizes, and says she saves that word for those she really hates.

We get flames as BB announces the official start of the lockdown. Howie stands looking out the back door, waiting for the big lockdown door to come down. He looks like a little kid, and it’s almost sad. Oh Howie!