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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 2nd – Howie Shaves the Day

If the e-mails I’m getting are any indication, it seems that BB fans are pretty divided on what’s going on with the nominations this week. On one side, we have Janelle supporters who think it’s a good thing that she does what’s best for herself during her second tenure as HoH. On the other side are those who think that Janie is selling out her alliance and being selfish. Personally, I think that Janelle believes the floaters pose a bigger threat than Will and Booger, so she’s doing what she thinks is best for everyone she’s close to. Her deal with Chill Town came after she had stated she wanted a floater out this week, and she did ask for safety for all of them, including Marcellas.

Anyway, on with the feeds!

Janelle and Kaysar have stayed up all night, talking about strategy, the other houseguests, and their friends and family back home. By 7 am, they’ve decided that they’ll stay up until 11:30 tonight and then get a good night’s sleep and be back on a regular schedule. I don’t see that happening. The subject of Janelle’s love life comes up, and she says she’s sure that Big Daddy has broken up with her by now. She says that she’s ready to settle down now though, which Kay doesn’t buy. He brings up the whipped cream incident, and asks her how she would feel if she saw Big Daddy licking whipped cream off a hot girl. Heh – not a good comparison, Kaysar, because Booger doesn’t qualify as a “hot” guy.

They talk about how Marcellas waffles over all of this decisions, which leads them to the kitchen to make waffles. They’re both in a really good mood as they sit outside eating waffles and drinking coffee. It’s like last season, watching the two of them bond even more.

After breakfast, it’s time for a workout. They do laps around the backyard, originally planning to do 300 of them but eventually knocking the number down to 100. Kaysar is exhausted after sprinting for the last 5 laps, but they decide to walk around some more and then try doing jumping jacks with hand weights. Plans are made to do this every morning, as early as possible so the other houseguests don’t find out. They really want to be in good shape for the physical competitions.

They hit the hot tub just as Erika is getting up for the day. Howie wanders out and is surprised to see his Janie doll and Kaysar awake. They go and sit on the outdoor couches and Howie says that they need to get to bed. If the HoH tomorrow is endurance, Kaysar will be the first one out from lack of sleep. Howie goes back inside where Danielle is busy flossing her teeth. Dani keeps talking about how crazy Janie and Kay are for staying up all night.

The other houseguests wake up, one by one, and Danielle takes it upon herself to tell them all that Janelle and Kaysar were up all night. And they’re crazy. I swear, she says this a dozen times or more and then says she doesn’t understand it. I hereby cancel my membership in the Danielle Reyes fan club. Loved her and thought she should have won in BB3, but she’s morphed into this know-it-all that is really difficult to warm up to this season. Lord knows I’ve been trying, but it ain’t happening.

Dani hopes that her HoH room on Thursday is purple. Because she knows she’s going to win, and she has her nomination speech all planned out. James is ranting about Janelle putting Diane on the block, and still thinks that he can flip the vote. I’d love to see that happen, just to shake things up a bit. Speaking of Diane, she’s not feeling all that well this morning. Will tries to get her to drink a protein shake to get some food in her stomach.

James and Dani keep sneaking off to discuss their new alliance, The Fantastic Four. James keeps bitching about Janelle not nominating the Chill Clowns this week, but of course he’s now aligned with them, so he should be happy. But no, he keeps saying that Will and Booger should be on the block. James makes my head hurt sometimes.

An inside lockdown is called, and everyone seems to think that BB is setting something up for the upcoming HoH comp. Which is over 32 hours away. Smart hamsters. Diane’s spirits are up a bit because Booger has offered her a job at one of his restaurants. I think I called that one a few weeks ago – that Diane would be the only BB alumnus that would take a job working for Boog.

George is starting to lose it a little over his slop diet. He complains about all the powdered stuff he’s eating, and how it feels like dust in his mouth no matter how much liquid he adds. Will is getting annoyed with Chicken George, and when Georgie is called to the DR, Will starts his rant: George accused him of putting a pickle in his shake, he wastes half of the protein shakes by spilling them, and he smacks his lips constantly while eating.

The lockdown is over now, and James runs out to check if anything is different. It’s not, and everyone just lounges around in the living room waiting for something exciting to happen. Much like I’m doing.

Someone brings up the fact that no one has voted yet, and Diane lets slip that it’s going to be a live vote – someone told her that in the DR. Hmm. It’s much too early in the season for something like that, as Will points out. So the talk turns to a possible twist. Erika thinks there will be a competition with the ten people in the house versus the four boots and the six people who didn’t get in – 10 versus 10.

Almost everyone else thinks someone is coming back. I really hope not. But I’m not sure how that would affect the voting anyway. Maybe it’s a double eviction? Whatever it is, Erika is clearly nervous.

And now it’s time for the riveting movie game, where the hamsters try to guess movie titles and actresses and actors. Looks like they’ve thrown in television shows for this round too. It’s the perfect opportunity for Danielle to show off how much she knows about, well, pretty much everything.

Diane, Howie, and James are sitting outside when Howie starts telling Di how cute her various body parts are. She offers to let him grab her butt and her boobies if he votes to keep her in the house. He wants to know if he can do it today, but she says no – only if she’s still in the house on Friday. She throws in $1000 from her stipend to sweeten the deal. Diane is pissed that Erika is walking around so confidently, knowing that she’s not going anywhere.

Not to be outdone, Erika comes out in her itty-bitty black bikini and starts telling Howie how handsome he is. She pretends to be practicing with light sabers in the pool. I guess she thinks that if Howie flips, the rest of S6 will as well, so she’d better make sure that Howie wants the bigger boobies to stay in the house. It’s become a competition between the ladies on the block, as Diane tells Howie how attractive he is and how she can’t imagine he’d ever need a hooker.

Kaysar comes down with the HoH digital camera. We don’t see Janie, so I’m assuming she’s either sleeping or putting on makeup for the photo-taking hilarity. Kay gets a picture of Howie’s FUPA (which I doubt we’ll be seeing on CBS.com any time soon), and lots of shots of Erika and Diane posing seductively with Howie. Janelle finally appears and wants pictures of S6 in the HoH room. Marcellas comes up too for some picture fun.

Will and Booger go to the tarantula room for some strategy talk. Will is feeling like he wants to flip the vote this week and take out Erika. It’s just a gut feeling. Booger disagrees, saying that they’ll be safer if they keep their word with Janelle for now and see how it all plays out. Will points out that Boog has a “relationship” with Erika, so he can understand why he wants to vote out Diane instead. They agree that, if a twist comes along that causes them to change their mind, they’ll use the code word “flip-flops” during the live show.

Diane and Will talk about flipping the vote as well, and Will says that Booger will come around. It seems he really does want to send Erika home. Di goes to talk with Booger but can’t get a straight answer out of him. She returns to Will, who says he’ll talk to Boog for her and he’s sure that things will work out.

After all that, Booger finally tells Will that he trusts Erika more. He mentions something about a “foot job” under the counter. Which is disgusting, but better than the “job” I thought I heard him say before rewinding and rinsing my ears with bleach.