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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 1st – The Battle of the Omnipotents

Everyone is wondering which one of the male HGs George would let his daughters date. He won’t commit. Erika is asked who her mother would want her to date, and she says a Jewish doctor. Howie asks Will if he is a Jew, and he says he’s Jewish, but not a Jew. Now I know Howie is Jewish, but I’m now left wondering how Will’s stipulations are for Howie. Is he Jewish and not a Jew as well?

Kaysar and James are inside chatting about the game and wondering if they are safe next week or not. Kaysar believes they are, and James believes differently. He thinks they’re in trouble as the others don’t want all the BB6 in sequester, to which Kaysar answers they just have to be sure to win HoH then. As they part ways, James calls Kaysar a dumbass. You know, I miss hearing that one this year. We haven’t heard it enough, as it’s been replaced by the other catchphrase of people being thrown under a bus.

Erika tells some story outside of working as bartender when she was really young and having a relationship with one of her customers. He lived in an estate with his rich parents, but had his own entrance. He called her up and told her to come by, and whey she did, he was in there having sex with a 50 year old fat woman in the missionary position. Erika went crazy and trashed him room and left. Will loves this story and says this is why she is an All Star.

James and Danielle catch up with each other in the kitchen, and he is angry and incredulous that both Kaysar and Janie believe the floaters won’t do anything to them this week. He says it’s different this year as that alliance of his always safe. He thinks Janie’s move will go down as the stupidest in BB history, just like Howie’s last year. No, sorry. The stupidest move is still Marcellas not using the veto. The other reason you think the other two are stupid is because they affected you. They also discuss their new alliance – James, Danielle, Will, Goobie – now being named the Fantastic Four. It’s kind of funny that James was one of the ones telling Howie now to name their alliance after cartoons, and now he’s in a different alliance named after a cartoon. I find that very ironic.

Will, Goobie, Kaysar and Janie discuss dating. Kaysar says his parents wouldn’t say he couldn’t date Janelle, as it’s his decision, but Goobie still suggests he call her Janelle-ah to make her sound Muslim. When asked what would happen if she brought him home to meet her mother, she says her mother has met him and loves him. When asked what would happen if she brought home Erika and announced she was in a lesbian relationship, she says he mother still wouldn’t mind.

Will asks what kind of guys Janie dates, and she describes “white trash with money,” Huh? Is she dating Jethro Clampett? She says she won’t get the numbers at a grocery story as it scares her. She gets their business card, which makes Will and Goobie laugh, saying it’s so business-like. Will asks if s he likes to have doors opened for her, and she says no, not at first. She likes to be more casual. Will says he likes to do that, and Goobie switches the conversation up to naming names that Will has dated, and it’s clearly crossing Will’s line. Funny that he can do that to others though.

Everyone else goes to bed, but Janelle and Kaysar stay up well into the night. I’m glad she still has her game face on, as then I know all is still good with her. The house may be getting really weird with funky stuff happening, but as long as she is still talking game, all is good.

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