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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 1st – The Battle of the Omnipotents

The cameraman must be as bored as everyone else, as he shows a closeup of Will and Howie’s feet touching as they sleep. It’s kind of cute.

Goobie talks about being on SuperMarket Sweep, and then about being on Street Smarts along with George and Monica. George ended up winning, and gave the money to charity. Will, who has woken up, walks through and says they asked him to be on the show, but he told them to call George. I used to think this season was the battle of the narcissists, but now I think it’s the battle of omnipotence. I think Danielle and Will are currently running neck and neck.

Will and Goobie take their chat outside, and believe the only people that would win HoH this week and put them up are Kaysar and Marcellas. Will doesn’t think he and Kaysar see eye to eye very well, so he sends Goobie off to chat with him and see if they can make a deal. It seems that’s all they do. All that’s missing is Carol Merrill and door number three. Pretty soon all these deals with catch up with them, and I think the question is only if it will be too late for the rest to realize what’s going on.

Howie’s nap did him well, as he now shares with Goobie, George and Danielle that he had a dream he won the next HoH over Will, which put him in a mansion with Cappy asking if he was going up. He then switches to talking about an earlier dream where he was with Janie and they ran into Scott Baio. And this is a guy that isn’t even on food restrictions.

Goobie and George are left alone, and Goobie works his magic on George, turning him against the BB6. He says the BB6 is working to put a wedge between Chill Town and George, but of course, Chill town is always working to keep him safe. He goes on and on, saying that the BB6 believes George would put Chill Town up on the block if he ever got HoH. Goobie would like George to win the whole thing, because he and Will don’t need the money due to being so successful. The others, though, are losers and more desperately need the money. I’ll be right back; I’m going to get my boots.

Janie and Kaysar get to a little bit of strategy over chess, when they aren’t being interrupted by George and Howie’s farts, and Erika just sitting there watching their every move, chess-wise and other. Kaysar believes the floaters only wanted Chill Town out because it cleared a better path for the floaters to then take out BB6. I believe you’re right. Now take it a step further and realize that’s the only reason why James wants that. He is aligned with you and the floaters. If Chill Town is gone, he has no enemies. They’re getting close, though, as they talk about Danielle always being around, knowing everything, and being the best at hiding how she’s really feeling. That’s right; now put it together that she and James are working together.

Will is still working to figure out what Danielle’s plan is. He asks her why she is called to the DR so many times during the day, and she says they must just like what she has to say. That’s right she knows all that goes on here. She should be here writing the recap, instead of me doing it for the third time. Come to think of it, this is where I left off the last time. SAVE.

Will has some big plans. He plans on winning HoH and pulling a Sophie’s Choice, forcing the five people that haven’t been on the block, to go outside and figure out which two of the five should be on the block, and which of the remaining three should be the replacement nomination in case the veto is used. As sick as that plan is, I would almost like to see it to see what happens. And since those five are BB6 and Danielle, I’m thinking the vote would be in their favor and Danielle and James would be on the block.

Many are outside chit chatting about mostly nothing. Goobie says that Hugh Hefner sometimes comes into his restaurants, and when he does he brings his own food with cooking instructions. He likes pork and potatoes. Danielle asks the obvious, why he goes out to eat and eats his own food. Goobie says his dates get to eat whatever they want at the restaurant, and Hugh likes to be seen at the popular places.


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