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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 1st – The Battle of the Omnipotents

There’s nothing like restarting a recap for the third time. I have accidentally deleted it twice now. The first time I had gotten to early afternoon. This last time I had gotten to early evening. It all goes into this weird week we’re having. The BB6 is fighting amongst themselves. Goobie is winning competitions. Danielle is never the first one up in the morning. Next thing you know, Marcellas will be wanting to date Diane.

Today it’s Erika that is up first, before Danielle, and I’d like to say she looks a little rough around the edges, or like she looks like she’s been rode …. but I think I’ll just say she’s not a morning person. She lifts the edge off the hot tub, sits down and sticks her feet in, but doesn’t take the cover off. It’s like a large pedi-bath to her. She doesn’t stay long, and crawls back into bed.

Danielle gets up next and James joins her in the bathroom for an early morning convo. I can only think of how irritated I am as a mom that I never get five minutes in the bathroom alone. I’m at the point of telling my kids unless the house is on fire or they’re bleeding, it can wait. Perhaps Danielle is missing that from her own kids. She tells James that Will wants to have a private conversation with him. James can’t wait to see if they can create a super alliance of he, Danielle and Chill Town, to then vote out Janelle. Tell me how that works, that you can be mad at someone for not nominating who you perceive the biggest threat is in the house, and now you want to join up with the biggest threats and take out you ally who isn’t a threat to you, but who you just disagree with. Interesting choice there, James. He believes Janie’s move is just like Howie’s last year. That’s right; things are the same. You still won’t let things go and grind everything you don’t agree with into the ground.

James also thinks Janie’s decision has made them the new Nerd Herd, and figures they’re probably unpopular now too. Amazing that you’re in a game to win $500,000 and you’re worried whether you are popular or not. Then again he’s also still angry at Janelle for saying in her DRs last year that she could beat James and Kaysar at chess. He wanted BB to run some type of retraction. Yeah, that’s going to happen. And if they do that, they should run a retraction after t hose stupid DR bits of Goobie and Wills pretending to be on the phone. Caution: Objects you see are not as funny as they first appear.

Will gets his one on one with James, and James tells him his plan is working because everyone is working in “schizophrenic mode” in the house. Will says everything is working well now with Janie in the fore-front, and I’m pretty sure he means with Janie now the big target. James asks if Will is in this thing for the long haul now, and Will admits that if he’s still in the house after next week, he’s in it to win. Then again, we knew that. Not exactly news to us, or to anyone else in the house. Kaysar walks through and they change the discussion to talking about James’ moles, and no, I don’t mean Danielle.

On an outside lockdown, Will organizes everyone into the writing of a movie script. Marcellas, fresh off his Radford Place soap opera creation would like to be a CIA agent in the movie, but Will tells him if he is sensitive to homosexuality, it’s not a good fit for him. He adds that if he’s into killing people, selling white people into slavery, and smuggling diamonds, he’s got a part for him. BB apparently doesn’t see this as “good TV” like Will does, so they give the HGs a checkers set. When that’s more interesting than your movie, you have a problem. Apparently George’s confusion is contagious, as Erika and he can’t remember how to set up a checkers board. Thank God omnipotent Danielle is around to solve the problem for them.

James has decided to spend his time complaining. He’s wondering what happened to the week of competitions, as all they have had is one extra luxury competition. He also is tired of having red meat and pork in the house, because he doesn’t eat it. He and Danielle fake an argument, almost as if they’re trying to convince the rest of the house they aren’t working together. But, I think it’s a little late for that. Will suggests that if they took James’ last name of Rhine, and exchanged the R for a W, they’d have it right. I tend to agree.

As he moves on finally, James has a mini floaters’ meeting with Marcellas and Diane. He says he went into the DR the other day at 3:30 in the morning to light some people up. He thinks they like him in there. This from the guy who claimed last week he was never, ever doing another DR again after he thought they used his strategy against him to create the PoV competition that George won. Diane is still upset about the personal decision of Janelle’s to take her out of the house, and thinks Janie is jealous because Diane is cuter and smaller than her. Wait, just who is making this personal? Diane also wants to go straight to Taco Bell is evicted, but wonders where they will fly her to after, since she has no home to go back to.


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