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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July31st – A Disturbance in the Force

Marcellas, Erika, Diane, and Danielle get into a conversation about America’s Next Top Model and the girls who have been on the show. This is pretty interesting, actually. Marcy says that Ann, Mercedes, Yaya, and Elise are all actually working now. He refers to Adrienne as “past her expiry date”, and says that Jade can only get catalog work now. Heh. Erika says that she tried to recruit Mercedes for Survivor and then recognized her. Marcy was disappointed that Naima of the weird hairline won over his fave, Kahlen. I felt the same way. Then Marcellas says that he met Miss J. at a fashion show, and that he’s scary.

During dinner, BB asks both Marcellas and Will to treat their microphones with respect. Hey, that’s a new one! Cool. At least the BB canned voice is changing things up a bit. Someone has to. They talk about George’s lack of food and how he’s going to start eating hair out of the shower calling it angel hair pasta. Gross.

The groups split off after dinner. James is holding Erika captive with tales of his auto-racing career and his modeling career. Will, Janelle, Kaysar, and Howie rack up the balls for a game of pool. George gets in on the James/Erika discussion as they start talking about cars and mileage and all that good stuff. Diane is in this one too, complaining about her car and how much it costs her. I’m avoiding the obvious “property tax” joke here.

James heads off to talk to Danielle, and they’re working on their “Save Diane” campaign. Dani thinks she can get the votes, because that’s what she does. She listens and then she works on people. Or something. She does a lot, if you believe what she tells everybody. James is raving about the game being “Balls out!” now. Which gives me a mental picture that I didn’t really need. She says that, in this game, you should never do what the HoH wants. They discuss how Diane will end up betraying everyone, because that’s what she did in her season.

Marcellas stops by and he still can’t believe that Diane is on the block and the Chill Clowns are safe. James says that Howie went to Diane on Janie’s orders to tell her she was safe this week, and now he looks like a lair. He says he did the same thing to Jase last week, and made himself look like a liar. Marcellas points out that James is low on the radar now though. He feels that Janie sold everyone out this week. When Marcy leaves, James turns to Danielle and says, “we can do this”.

Dani goes to the gym to try and work on Booger. He explains that the deal with Janelle means that he and Will have to vote the way she wants them to this week; it was the only way they could save Will. Danielle doesn’t like this, and tells Boog to talk to her before he makes any more deals. Booger suggests that, if “we” win HoH next week, that Janie and Howie go up. Dani asks him directly if “he” would put those two up, and he backs up a bit saying that he hasn’t thought about it. She says that she won’t ask him to go back on his word this week, but that, if he wins HoH, she will tell him who to put up and why. Now, y’all know that I’m no Booger fan, but I’m finding myself disliking Danielle more and more every day because of the way she tries so obviously to control the game.

Danielle now goes to tell Diane that she doesn’t think there’s much hope for her to stay. She says that deals have been made to take her out of the game. Diane, ever the defeatist, says she’s not going to try and campaign or anything. At least this time she’s prepared and she knows that she’s leaving. Danielle says that maybe they can find the crack in S6 and keep trying. Of course, just as they really get talking, Erika the conversation-killer shows up and stands there looking like she’s bored. If you’re going to invade conversations Erika, at least make it look like you have something to add.

Inside the house, Janie and Marcellas are gabbing about something when Danielle comes in. Wow, this woman is everywhere tonight. She takes Janelle on a tour of the house, showing her how messy and nasty everything is, including piles of Janie’s clothes, a bathing suit that has been “sitting on the floor for a week”, dirty dishes laying around, and other offences. They even go up to the HoH, where they say that the main room is pretty tidy, but the bathroom is a disaster. Why is this their business? The rest of the house, okay, but the HoH room? Is Janie’s.

Diane approaches Marcellas and says that she feels like there’s something working against her, and that if votes have been promised that she’d like to know so that she doesn’t waste her time asking for them. Marcellas admits that, right after the nomination ceremony, Erika went around and secured the votes she needed to stay in the house. In my opinion, once the veto is used and the situation changes, those promises should be null and void, but whatever. Diane doesn’t latch on to that logic. Marcy says that she’s his favourite player in Big Brother history, but he can’t break his promise to Erika.

There’s a conversation going on about how old people look, and Danielle says (and I am not making this up) that she looks 21. James laughs and Dani insists that she gets carded when she goes out. James says, “For what? AARP membership?” Bwah! Thank you James, that was beautiful.

Will and Booger have a whispered conversation in the bathroom, which is hard to hear. Boog wants to keep their work to Janie and vote Diane out. Will doesn’t seem to care much about that – he wants to know if James is really on board with them. Booger says he is, and Will dubs them “The Fantastic Four”. Will thinks that Kaysar is also warming up to them, but won’t talk game with them. They try to figure out numbers and who would actually nominate one of S6 next week. Will mentions Erika, and says that Booger should talk to her and let her know that there’s a plan being made to save Diane. He needs to make sure that Erika is with them, and tell her that they’re going to vote to save her if she is.

Booger head out like the good little servant he is and catches up with Erika and Janelle by the chess table. He says that he feels badly for Diane, and that she knows she’s going home and he was afraid she would cry. He mentions that Di asked him to save her, and he said he was sorry but he just couldn’t. With the seed planted, Booger wanders off. Janelle says that the nomination wasn’t at all personal, and she feels badly about it now.

Outside, Howie is plucking George’s ear hair. I know. Yuck. He offers to do Kaysar’s, but that offer is turned down pretty quickly. Diane asks Howie if he knows whose tweezers those are, and he admits that he doesn’t. Di seems pretty disgusted with this, and Kaysar says, “great, this is going to be all over the internet now”. I wouldn’t worry too much Kay; it’s not as bad as the hair trimming scissors last season.

Howie, Erika, Kaysar, and Chicken George are all talking about entering the house. George says that everyone was expecting a woman to be called last to even out the numbers, and he was stunned to hear his name. Someone says that the ones who weren’t picked are hurt every time they see the show and see George dressed in aluminum foil. Heehee.

Kaysar goes upstairs to see Janelle, and they talk a bit of strategy. They seem to think that the target is on Chill Town now, and that Danielle and Erika won’t come after them. Ah, they’re so very, very wrong. It’s kind of sad to watch. They think that George is one of the targets also. There’s some talk about how James is just paranoid and he’ll come around soon. The conversation gets lighter, and they’re actually laughing at each other. It’s good to see after all the S6 tension lately.

They wonder what the twist will be, and think maybe there’s another house somewhere. Then Kaysar says that he wants to make a “big move” in a couple of weeks. Maybe that’s what he’s been saving Chill Town for? Janelle agrees, and says she’ll do something big with her next HoH. They talk about the bad things that could happen, including Chill Town playing them and James defecting. Bingo.

Speaking of James defecting, he’s right now talking to Howie and saying that Janelle used them all and then did exactly what she wanted to. Everyone told her that these nominations were a bad idea, but she only cares about herself. Howie doesn’t want to believe that his Janie doll would sell him down the river (which she didn’t – he was the first person she asked Will to protect other than herself), but James is still talking. He thinks the whole week was a setup, to keep Janelle safe and get the rest of them higher up on the radar.

Kaysar joins James and Howie and tries to talk some sense into James, who is ranting “oh my God, we got played by Janelle!” Kaysar says no, that Janelle was just confused but she’s still trying to do right by the group. James doesn’t buy it and argues back. Janelle comes in and James says that the whole house thinks they’re f*cking liars now. He adds that they can’t ask a floater to put up Chill Town now, since they’ve had HoH for four weeks and didn’t do it themselves. That’s a good point right there.

Janelle and Howie leave, and James tells Kaysar that Janie ruined everything for them this week. He says that they’re the new Nerd Herd because they make deals and then don’t honour them. Kaysar says that Janelle just made a mistake this week, that’s all. They have to go all out for HoH on Thursday, and then put up Chill Town. No question. James says that he’d rather put Marcellas up, and Kaysar says he has no problem with that. Argh!

Now we’re on to various groups of hamsters gathering for their pre-bedtime rounds of chatter. Not too much to report, since the conversations are mostly about food, movies, and farting. Howie heads out to the jack shack for his nightly ritual.

Janelle, Kaysar, Howie, and Marcellas stay up for hours laughing and talking. They mention bits and pieces of game here and there, but it’s not a heavy strategy session or anything. It seems that their earlier tension is washing itself away bit by bit, although James is still fuming. And I wonder if Marcy will stick to his declaration that Janelle is now number on (with a bullet) on his hit list.

Finally, after a game of chess and lots more talk, everyone is sleeping soundly. As the houseguests keep saying, this week’s HoH competition may be the most important one yet.

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