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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July31st – A Disturbance in the Force

More moping and whining from this bunch. Danielle decides that it’s not too early to get a beer (it’s 2 in the afternoon), and does just that. Erika joins the pity party, which immediately halts all discussion. She must have a complex or something, because she’s the real life equivalent of a thread-killer.

Inside, James and Kaysar are again talking about the nominations. James is repeating that last week he did what was best for the group even though it wasn’t what he wanted to do, and now this week Janie won’t even listen to him. Last week they told him they’d be going after Chill Town, and now Janelle makes a deal with them. It’s not right. James tells Kaysar exactly what happened last season with Diane and the apologies, and then restates for the record that the next time he gets HoH, he’s doing what’s best for himself. Janelle is upstairs by alone during all of this, listening to her CD.

Kaysar wants to know what they should do next week, besides trying to save their butts. James says that’s all they can do. He points out that this was a waste of a week in power, because all Diane wanted to do was make it to sequester so she could make enough money to find a place to live. James adds that Janelle was the one who insisted last week that it was too early to go after the floaters. Kaysar insists that they have to stick together and continue to work as a team, but James thinks they’re making the same mistakes as last year and targeting the wrong people. Kaysar wants Marcellas gone as soon as possible. James repeats his streets flowing with blood line.

Suddenly James has an idea (which he also had yesterday when talking to Danielle, but Kaysar of course doesn’t know that). He wants to hatch a plan to save Diane. He thinks he can get the Chill Clown votes, as well as Marcellas and Danielle. Kaysar ponders this, but thinks they’d be screwed if that happened, even though Erika is the stronger player.

George and Diane are in the kitchen. Diane is complaining about the slop, while Georgie is still trying to figure out how to make bread without yeast. He says that he knows that Mrs. Ingalls never had to run out to the store to buy yeast on “Little House on the Prairie”, so he should be able to do this himself. Well George, you can create a yeast starter, but I’m not sure if you’re allowed to have flour. Or you could make quick bread, but again, the flour thing’s an issue. BB, please send the guy a recipe or something.

Outside, Danielle is asking Will and Booger what they think of the new “four” being herself, James, Will, and Boog. Will is trying to figure out who would be the stronger ally to them, Erika or Diane. They decide that Erika is stronger and therefore they will keep their word and vote out Diane. They all want Marcellas out, and Dani suggests that the next nomination has to be Janelle and Marcy. With everyone in the house gunning for both of them, that would be an interesting week indeed.

Will is a bit concerned that James is upset that Chill Town isn’t leaving this week, but now he’s willing to create an alliance with them. Danielle talks and talks and talks about how disillusioned James is with S6, and how he’d definitely be willing to break off his connection to them. Has James actually agreed to this? Will agrees to try and win the next HoH, and then they’ll feel James out and see where his allegiance lies.

Danielle wants to know if Will and Booger have made any deals with Janie, and Booger lies and says that they only offered protection for her and to vote how she wants this week. When asked if he would put up Janelle next week, Boog says he’d definitely put up Marcellas, but he’d have to think about the other nomination. Danielle says that if they can’t put Janie up, then they have to take out her “soldiers” and nominate Howie with Marcellas. No! Not Howie! Dani says that Janelle’s strategy of taking out all the women first is confusing and dangerous. Will doesn’t understand it either, or so he says. He can’t be that stupid.

Booger leaves, and Will tells Dani that after Booger, she’s his closest ally in the house. She wonders why Janie didn’t nominate her this week, and Will says it’s because she wouldn’t have had the votes to get her out. Changing the subject, Will thinks that someone is coming back into the house soon, and when they do, it’ll be an endurance comp for HoH. You mean like last year, Will? I don’t think BB would do another carbon copy thing, would they? If someone’s going to be sent into the house, I hope it’s either someone from the original 20 who didn’t make it, or someone completely different.

James and Diane are talking inside, and James is telling her to let the reaction to the nominations die down a bit, then start feeling people out for votes. He says that, since Janelle didn’t listen to anyone this week, then they’re under no obligation to vote the way she wants them to. She says that it might work out okay for her if she gets to come back, but then again everyone has said that if someone re-enters the house, then they’ll be sent right back out.

Marcellas goes upstairs to check on Janelle. He tells her that he’s still upset, but he also still loves her because his love is not conditional. He advises her to just stick it out and start fresh next week, since it’s a done deal now. Janie wants to know how Diane reacted, and Marcy says that she didn’t say much. He just came out of an hour-long session in the DR, so he doesn’t know all of what happened.

Will makes some salsa soup (and addresses us with “hey internet!”, describing his meal) and goes outside to eat. The group out there is talking about the luxury competition, and apparently Will did some damage to the car that was outside. So he’s led a revolt by throwing vegetables over the balcony and chucking things in the pool, he’s caused the flames of doom more times than George has farted, he’s thrown candy all over the HoH room, and now he’s damaged a car? Why is this man still in the game? What does someone actually have to do to get a penalty nomination?

The conversation turns to pro wrestling. Oh terrific. Danielle seems to know a lot about wrestling, but that’s no surprise because she knows everything. Will says that Howie should look into wrestling as a career because he’s big and loud, has no pride, and dresses like an idiot. As opposed to Will who wears a windsock on his head.

Kaysar goes up to see Janie, and tells her that she’s been sleeping a lot lately. She says she knows, and he promises to come by later and see how she’s doing. Howie goes up and talks to her for a while, and she gives shout outs to Joker’s Updates, SurvivorSucks, and a few BB sites. They banter a bit before the camera takes us back outside.

Danielle, Marcellas, and Erika are talking about Janelle. Again. They figure that she hates women, and Erika says that she got that message loud and clear when Janelle put her on the block. Oh come on people, you’re smarter than that. Maybe Janie does think that strategically she has a better shot with the guys, but that doesn’t mean she hates women. Marcellas says that Janie is now “number one with a bullet” on his target list. Marcy?? Danielle pledges to “take her down”, and says that if either of them get the chance, they should let Dani win HoH. Somehow I don’t see Marcellas throwing HoH to Danielle, but I guess stranger things have happened.

Janelle finally emerges from her cocoon and comes downstairs. She still doesn’t look all that lively, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. She goes outside while Diane comes by Marcellas in the kitchen and says she’s going to make Janelle squirm out there. Sure you are Diane. Di goes out and declares that the back yard is a complete sausage fest with all the guys working out. Does anyone else wonder why Will constantly lifts the weight bar – with no weights on it? Anyway, Diane repeats her sausage fest line several times, looking for a laugh. She doesn’t get it. Way to make Janie squirm there, Di.

In the middle of a badminton game, Howie mentions the, er, “toe job” that Dr. Will got from Nicole in the hot tub during season two. It’s all in jest, but Will turns serious all of a sudden and says that they shouldn’t talk about that. Seems Will has more respect for his former showmance than Booger has for Krista. Not that it’s surprising to know or anything.