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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July31st – A Disturbance in the Force

Today’s the day. Booger will be taking himself off the nomination block, and Janie will have to name his replacement. All signs point to Diane going up and Dr. Will slipping by for another week, but maybe someone will finally get through to Janelle and change her mind.

Danielle and Kaysar are the only ones up when BB announces at about 10:15 am that the veto ceremony will begin in two hours. Kaysar comes out wearing a party hat because it’s his best friend’s birthday. How adorable is that? Happy birthday, Kaysar’s best friend!

James and Booger wake up, and James says that Boog woke him up several times during the night shouting “hey!” in his sleep. James asks if Booger’s going to use the veto, and he jokes that no, he’s going to pull a Marcellas and not save himself. James laughs and says, “You have my vote!”, but Boog wonders if it would be a vote to stay or a vote for eviction. James says to stay – then he’ll have James and Will on his side.

James says that the game is about to get heated, and utters his new favourite line: “The streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers.” I’m already tired of this one, but I guess the streets would indeed by pretty bloody since all of these people are throwing each other under busses. Booger gets a quick Veto 101 primer from James, who has quite a bit of experience hosting the veto ceremonies.

Marcellas goes upstairs to try one more time to change Janie’s mind. Atta boy Marcy! He’s trying to explain the message that Janelle is sending to the house – that she’s willing to nominate anyone, even the people who voted with her for the first three weeks of the game, in order to save the Chill Clowns. He points out that Diane has no support in the house, and Janie would be better off breaking up a strong alliance that is absolutely coming after her and her alliance.

Janelle doesn’t want to hear any of this, but instead of arguing with Marcellas she says that she’ll have to talk to Kaysar about it. Marcy almost laughs at her, saying that Kaysar was the one who sunk her ship last season, telling them on the way out the door to go after James. Marcellas thinks that, if Janie can’t nominate Will, she should go after Chicken George.

Janie goes downstairs to find Kaysar working out with Will. She tells Will his head gear is cute and then grabs Kay to join her upstairs. She tells him what Marcellas has said, and that he feels Chicken George is a better replacement nom than Diane. Kaysar says the idea is ridiculous, and that he doesn’t like how Marcellas is up there every day whispering into Janie’s ear. He tells her not to go only 90%, she has to complete the job she set out to do, whether it be Will or Diane being nominated.

Of course Janie is worried about people hating her or being mad at her. I really wish I knew what happened to cause Janelle to second-guess herself constantly this week. Is this all a result of Dr. Will’s manipulation? If only she had put up both of Chill Town and decided that they were the enemy, she would have been just fine.

She mentions that James is upset with her, and Kaysar stresses that they can’t lose James. Janie doesn’t believe that they’ve lost him; she thinks he’ll get over it and be fine. Kay seems upset though and says he’ll have to go and work things out with James now. He asks about Janie’s relationship with Marcellas, and she says only that she likes him. Kay warns her that hanging out all day and talking about fashion doesn’t make Marcy a good ally, and that he’ll be gone in a couple of weeks. Janie isn’t happy with this, and asks Kaysar to go after Danielle first. Kay says fine, but that doesn’t mean that Marcellas gets a free pass. Kaysar doesn’t like how Marcy goes around leaking information to everyone, and how he’s so emotional. He says that Marcellas leaves their “back door” open for the rest of the hamsters to see into their game.

In the middle of the heated exchange between Kaysar and Janie, we zoom in to the ginormous bed room where Diane is saying that she thinks Janelle will put her up. Erika says, “Honestly, I have no idea.” Well Erika, “honestly”, are you forgetting about your conversation with Janie ensuring that you’d have the votes to stay over Diane?

Back to the HoH room, where Janelle is trying to tell Kay that there is no deal between her and the Chill Clowns, she just wanted to try and keep S6 safe. Wow. Janie, what are you doing? Kaysar seems to believe this, and says again that Marcellas is just infuriating him. Janelle continues to defend Marcy until Kaysar leaves and says that he’ll see her downstairs.

Will wakes up and tells Booger that this will be when they find out if Janie will be true to her word, because, we’re reminded, “actions speak louder than words”. The list of overused catch-phrases in the house continues to grow. Diane says that if she ends up staying this week, she’s going full force after Janie.

Kaysar tells James about his conversation with Janelle, and they both commiserate over their frustration. James says that if Will doesn’t go up today, then clearly Janelle has made a deal with Chill Town that she won’t tell them about. Meanwhile, Marcellas is telling Danielle outside that Janie won’t put Will up – it’ll be Diane or Chicken George.

Erika comes by and Kay tells her that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen, he can’t get a straight answer out of Janelle. Erika complains that her stomach hurts, and Kay points out that it could be because she’s gone into the negative sizes since arriving in the house. She pretends to be distraught over this, pointing out that her pants are falling off. Erika, here’s an idea: eat something. Something bigger than your fingernail.

Danielle and Marcellas decide that James is the smartest member of the S6 alliance, so he’ll be the first to go. They even high-five over this revelation. I’m starting to see a bit of BB3 Danielle in there, even though she insists she’s playing straight this time. Howie is pegged as the last one to go.

Time for an hour of flames as the veto ceremony takes place, and when we come back Diane is acting as if she’s surprised to be on the block. I hate that, when people know there’s a good chance they’re going to be nominated and then they act like they had no clue. Di is smoking outside (ironically, that’s gotta be Janie’s cigarette) with Marcellas and Danielle on consolation duty. Marcy says that they’ve just handed Will and Booger the game.

Diane is saying that she doesn’t understand why she’s up, that Janelle must be trying to play both sides of the fence. Danielle looks upset too. Diane says that this must be personal – it must be about what happened outside the house. (Just for the record, last season James and Janie made some comments about how Diane was too ugly for Drew. At their wrap party, someone told them both that Diane was upset, so James called her right away to apologize. He passed the phone to Janie, who also apologized, but apparently her apology wasn’t sincere enough for Diane. Since then Diane has made some public comments about wanting to take Janelle out of the game this season. That’s what all the “personal” references are about.)

Diane goes through the stages of being nominated: disbelief, “I don’t care”, threatening to go balls to the walls if she comes back, and then finally acceptance. All in a period of about ten minutes. So I think she’ll be rotating through these cycles a few more times before Thursday. Again she says that this must be personal, from things that happened online before the game. Marcellas says that the internet fans finally got what they want – they’re affecting the game. Hey Marcy, I love you to bits, but let’s make a deal, shall we? I won’t put all reality stars in the same category, and you won’t lump all of us who happen to follow the game online in the same one either. Fair? It drives me crazy how these hamsters try to paint everyone with the same brush – we’re all mentally unstable fans with no life who have applied for the show and been rejected. I may be mentally unstable with no life, but I’m Canadian and therefore cannot apply for the show. So there!