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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 30th – Fast Cars and Slow Thinkers

After talking to each other about being fat, Janie tells Howie she’s made her decision. She’s putting Diane up, although she’s worried about James’ reaction, and Howie agrees he’ll be pissed. It then just returns to the same discussion about James upset about last week and Janie being mad at Diane about what she posted on the internet. Sheesh! Everyone needs to just get over it!

Janie brings Will up to the HoH room and makes him promise to vote out the person she is nominating in Goobie’s place. He’s all for it, and promises if she keeps him safe to keep her and one other person safe next week. Hey Will, that would require you to win HoH, something that you refuse to do. Think, Janie. Think! She wonders if she should tell the person she’s nominating, and Will tells her not to, as you can’t get emotional in this game. I’m worried about little Janie, I have to tell ya. This isn’t going to be good.

Will then goes to find Danielle and tells her he is safe, and wonders if they “have James.” They both laugh about the way everything is going down, and think it’s funny that Will being safe started it all. Meanwhile Janie is asking Howie if he thinks James will be upset. Yes, for the 5 thousandth time. Howie says he doesn’t want to keep Diane safe, though, just so that James can have a future alliance with her. Good point.

Word travels quickly around this joint. James is now talking to Danielle about Diane going up, and they both agree to keep erika and vote out Diane. James votes to put up Janelle and Marcellas the following week. Well, in two seasons you’ve won HoH once. Yet, as he leaves this discussion, he says, “The streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers.” Hmm. Maybe that’s a saying he picked up when he had his hand on the Bible.

I’m not the only one that remembers James’ attraction to the Bible. Will decides outside to have a little fun, and sets up a wrestling match between James, Howie, and the Chicken Man. He makes up complete characters for them, just like in the WWE, and even directs them. Kaysar introduces James as the five-time veto winning, Bible swearing James Rhine. When Howie makes a big hit, he does his dance move that makes everyone laugh so much, it’s hard to believe he used to be an exotic dancer. Will calls him “Big Boy”, and Howie keeps saying, “Big Boy likes wresting.”

As they get ready to go to bed that night, Will and Goobie discuss the nominations and what to do. will wants to get Erika out to go against what Janie promised. He says if Janie was smart, and she was going after floaters, she’d take out Danielle, not Diane. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. As right now she’s controlling everything. Goobie says he believes he now has Kaysar on their side. It’s hard to tell with him though.

Erika, Marcellas and Janie talk in the HoH, and Janie admits that taking Diane out is selfish. Again, Marcellas and Erika tell her she needs to do what is best for her. Marcellas asks if she has a deal with Chill Town, and Janie lies somewhat and says only that they would vote out who she puts up if she doesn’t pout up Will.

Howie joins in on the conversation in the HoH room, and again it’s the same thing, that Janelle needs to do what she feels is best. He seems to understand if Diane is making Janelle uncomfortable, then she needs to get her out. Howie warns all that if there is an endurance competition that comes up, he will win it; he doesn’t care. He’ll stay up there 24 hours of he has to. He didn’t get to hold his finger on the button last year as he was outgoing HoH, so we really don’t know how he is in endurance type of things.

In the bedrooms downstairs people are moving in and out and adjusting beds and sleeping positions. This is all being done apparently because of George and his gas. Danielle gets an idea to push the mattresses on the floor, but we get flames, and they don’t do it. Most likely, BB put the big kibosh on on it. People are shuffling for a long time it seems, and I’m just waiting for it to stop, so someone can say Goodnight John Boy.

James, though, decides to go chit chat with Janie up in PoV. Marcellas and Howie are still up there as well. This does not go well. It’s what we all knew would happen, and there are no surprises, and only the same thing being repeated ad nauseam. James is pissed that Janie wants to put up Diane and not Will. He says he was promised if he put up Jase that the other would put up Chill Town this weekend, and it’s not happening. Janelle says she tried to take out Goobie, but he won PoV. She reiterates she’s afraid of Diane. Howie kind of hangs both ways in this discussion, but Marcellas just tries to hide out in the bathroom and avoid it all. He’s called out on the running away by James, and finally Marcellas lets out he thinks it’s a stupid mistake.

James leaves in a huff, but before he does, he makes it clear in no uncertain terms there is no more safety for Janelle from him. If he wins HoH he will put up who most benefits him, not the group. Janie goes downstairs to talk to Erika. Eventually they both make their way upstairs again, and still nothing gets resolved.

See? I’ve been telling you all week that something just amiss in this house. It’s not going to be good. I’m hoping against hope that Janie comes to her senses and nominates Will. It’s not bad to take out a floater, and it does make sense on that level, but now with Will around who is just going to continue to spill his motivation.

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