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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 30th – Fast Cars and Slow Thinkers

Before Will leaves the HoH, he tells Janie that if anyone yells at her for not putting him up, then she needs to tell them to shut up. He would never tell her to shut up. This is akin to a guy commiserating with you that your boyfriend that is treating you wrongly is a horribly person, and he would never treat you that way if he were your boyfriend. Blech. Meanwhile Howie is overheard telling someone that they need to get rid of Will, and that he doesn’t know what that dumb bitch is thinking. Alrighty then.

Goobie tells a story about getting busted sneaking onto the Batman and Robin set. They wanted him to do jail time, but instead he did 400 hours of community service breaking up pallets at a local theatre. And this is the guy that Janelle is wanting to align with? She talks to Howie and says she tried not to strategize with Will just now, but she couldn’t help it. Howie lays it on the line, and says everyone else wants Will out. He says they need to gather up Kaysar and James and talk about it in the HoH, but Janie has been locked out of it by BB. I’m not sure why, but it has something to do with the upcoming luxury competition. Howie tells Janie she’s making the Reality Hall of Shame this week, but she still has time to redeem herself.

There’s no telling if it’s intentional or not, but the feeds show us a stock car on a revolving pedestal outside in the backyard. Everyone was assuming the competition was for a movie, so it looks like they were right, and it’s for the new racing movie starring Will Ferrell, Talladega Nights. We then cut to Janie in the DR, and we hear them asking her about movies, and if she likes Will Ferrell movies. Yep, that’s what it must be. The feeds go to flames and come back, and all the HGs are out in the backyard with the car, and it seems the competition has something to do with them doing a pit stop on the car. One team is Will, Janelle, Diane, Danielle, James, Boogie, and the other is Kaysar, Marcellas, Howie, George, Erika.

Each team was loaded into the spinning car, and when they were all deemed dizzy enough, they got out and had to do the fastest pit stop that they could. Kaysar’s team goes first and is thinking they won when they come in at 1:48, but Will’s team ends up coming in at 1:38 to win the private showing of the movie. It seems like it must have been a mistake, but we briefly get to see inside the “theatre” where they will be watching the movie. It has purple seats, and there is enough candy in there to keep Janelle happy for days to come.

The losing team receives as their parting gift, a deck of cards. Whoopee. Please hold down your excitement. Howie celebrates by laying down in the red room, and the rest play cards together on the floor. About the only interesting thing to come through all of this is Howie clogged up the toilet. The man Goobie is now referring to as Chicken Chores, unclogs it to once again be the Jedi hero. When the movie ends, Diane comes out saying it was the worst movie she’s ever seen. Wow, this was a great publicity move for them, wasn’t it? BB scolds her to not insult the free movie. The whole movie-watching crew gets called to the DR and they all agree they’ll be doing some acting themselves as they have to say how much they all liked it.

Diane joins in with the card-playing crew and teaches everyone how to play Euchre. Wow, last time I saw anyone playing that game was my father, uncles and grandfather. Howie is wrapped up in a conversation with Goobie, who is telling Howie that Will is ready to go home next week. As if that one seed wasn’t enough, he keeps planting, telling Howie that James and Danielle are getting really close, and that if they want to get rid of Diane this week, they’ll do it. Goobie then turns his attentions to BB and says he didnt’ cosign on the candy dumping. Howie asks what happened, and Goobie says Will was dumping candy on Goobie’s head, and Janie was pouring it in Will’s mouth. This is a doctor acting like this.

Janelle tries to ask for advice from Kaysar and he is non-committal as he just keeps repeating that she should do what’s best for her. She says she wants to get rid of Diane, and Kaysar agrees that he thinks she would put up Janie. Even though I thought they worked through this the other day, Janelle repeats the stuff that was said about her on the internet by Diane. Okay. So you’re taking out someone that said bad things about you over someone that has potential to rule the game and is trying to break your alliance. Right. And what the heck is wrong with Kaysar? I don’t think you can blame this mess just on Janie.

As she leaves to get Marcellas and Howie’s opinions, note how she’s not mentioning anything about James, Janie runs into Erika and gets her opinion. She says the same thing as Kaysar, to just do what she thinks is best. As far as Danielle, she and Kaysar agree she probably isn’t coming after Janelle yet. Janelle says she just doesn’t want anyone mad at her, and Erika reminds her she is the one in power. Janelle says that Marcellas keeps advising her to do what the house wants. Erika points to her own season when people were mad at Allison putting up Jun and Dana instead of Justin and Dana. She says either way, someone is going to be mad.

Goobie talks to Kaysar and tells him that if they put up Diane, they will vote her out if that’s what the S6 wants. He reminds him that Will plans to be out of the house by next week anyway. Kaysar points out that would make Goobie another floater. Goobie has to admit that the house is running out of targets. No they’re not. They’re running out of targets that can be voted out without any repercussions. Goobie leaves this conversation, finds Will and fills him in, and they both decide they’ve “got Kaysar now.”

Will, bored with trying to woo Janie, has now moved on to trying to force Diane into dating Goobie. Kaysar tells the group that he’s thinking of moving to LA to take up acting, and Goobie jokes that Kaysar will just end up working for him as a bouncer. Man, I would hate to be one of Goobie’s employees; you can tell he treats them all like dog crap.

Diane and Erika talk to Danielle, and tell her Howie is making them comfortable, and they don’t want to sleep in the same room with him anyway. Erika doesn’t want to say anything, though, since she’s on the block. It’s too risky for her. To me, Howie always seems harmless, more more so than Goobie does, that’s for sure. But, then again, I’m not in that house living amongst it. While they’re on the subject, Diane does complain about Will trying to push the showman with Goobie on her. They all start to wonder what the Chill Town’s DRs are like, and Erika complains about the night Goobie pouted when Erike and Janelle wouldn’t lick whipped cream off him.


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