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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 30th – Fast Cars and Slow Thinkers

It’s just one weird freaking week on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Nobody knows what got into Janelle with the horrible nomination decisions she’s making this week, and Kaysar has been a mope for the past several days, with people figuring him to be homesick. But this morning, he’s now the first one up, beating even Danielle, and getting up around 7:00 AM to pray, then staying up to work out.

Later one, Kaysar is joined by George, Erika, and Danielle. They discuss the merits of Will’s cooking with the slop, comparing him to McGyver for the things he’s able to come up with. Erika and Danielle go into the bathroom to shower and start their day, with Danielle in a great mood, singing Pussycat Dolls in the shower. She and Erika discuss that it’s a great day and they want either a luxury competition today or America’s Choice. With her luck lately of getting her ribs broken and getting nominated, Erika thinks America’s choice will be for her to get shot in the head. Who knew she had this sardonic wit?

I wish I could remember what James said about his family last year. I know there was something interesting about the makeup of his family that came out early on in the show. He talks to Goobie this morning, first about Hurricane Katrina, and not being able to figure out why people just didn’t leave New Orleans instead of being stranded. I know he was locked up in sequester when it hit, but he’s a smart man. Why can’t he figure this one out? He then starts talking about his family, segueing with losing their family home to Hurricane Andrew when he was 16, yet they had escaped when it hit. His parents are separate, and he hasn’t seen his dad in few years, but does talk to him on the phone. He’s not close to anyone in his family as his sister is tight with his mom, and his brother is tight with his dad. I think that’s why he clings to Sara the way he does. Was he saying last year that he hadn’t talked to his brother in years?

Goobie and James then talk over the game and Janelle’s nominations. James is still standing strong with the fact that he wanted to put up a floater last week, but Janelle wouldn’t hear of it. She should now be listening to them and doing what they want instead of coming up with her own agenda. Goobie wonders if James thinks Janelle will put up Will to replace him on the block, and James thinks it’s a 50/50 chance. Goobie asks if the BB6ers will work with Chill Town in the house, and James says no one believes that they will actually work with them … well, except for Janelle.

Goobie says he doesn’t want to vote out Diane, but will to show his allegiance to the BB6. James says he believes him, and he’s not the BB6 he should be working on. He advised Goobie to work on Kaysar and Howie, saying Howie isn’t the stupid guy they believe him to be. Goobie then takes note of the fact that everyone in James’ alliance has a parachute but him. Interestingly enough, this isn’t true, and Will said the same thing to Janie, and that’s not true either. It’s like the Chill Town strategy is to make the BB6 think they need them as this parachute, but James has Danielle, and Janie has Marcellas.

Janie and Marcellas talk just after they get up in the HoH room about the upcoming luxury competition that everyone seems to know is coming. Marcellas says he swears he’s not going to compete for a pet. Janelle asks him if he was told that in the DR, and Marcellas says no, but that’s what everyone else wants. As for me, I’d want a pet. I’d be going with dog withdrawal. I usually do when I’m vacation. It would give them something to do at least.

Erika and Goobie are in the bathroom together and she suggests they go somewhere to make out. Yuck. Why are all these girls fighting to be with him? I just don’t get it. Diane wants him too, but I think for her she’s just playing. She sometimes has the repulsed look on her face when she looks at him. I just don’t get why these girls flock to him.

Danielle finds Goobie next (he’s making the rounds today!) and tells him they can not let Janelle put Will up on the block. It’s not because she particularly wants to save Will, though. She wants the shit to hit the fan with Will not being on the block, as she knows everyone will be upset with her, and most likely James especially will be upset with her, and will move him closer to aligning with Danielle. Crafty one, isn’t she?

Will goes directly to the source and talks to Janelle about her replacement nomination. This is of course after he graciously allowed her to come out of the bathroom and get dressed beforehand, since he started the conversation with her wrapped in a towel. He tells her the girls are coming after her, and she says she has a lot of pressure on her to do the right thing. He wants to know if it’s Howie that’s pressuring her. She says she has tried to explain that Diane is coming after her, and Erika told her that Will has to be put up. Will points out that of course she’d say that; she’s afraid of going home. Yep. Then again, that’s the same as you will. You’re just more cool about it. I’m surprised Janie is blinded not to see straight through you, but the rest of us all do, no matter what you think of us internet feeders.

Janelle is surprised to find out from Will that Boogie and Erika knew each other beforehand, and he says Erika was supposed to be part of Chill Town. He tells Janie if he leaves this week, the floaters will all be after her. Well, they’re going to be after her either way. The only way she’s safe is if Howie or Kaysar wins HoH, as I think right now James would return the favor to her, and sell her down the river, as we’re past throwing people under the bus at this point. Will promises to vote the way Janelle wants him to, and she says she needs to talk to some of her people first. I’m pretty sure I know what they will say. You can probably save yourself the time and effort. His parting words are that if he stays, she’ll have the support of Marcellas, her alliance, and he and Goobie.

I’m not too sure of that, as it appears she has already lost James’ support. He and Danielle pledge that if Janelle puts up Will they’ll let her have a week, then put her up. If she doesn’t put up Will, they will both try to win HoH this week, and will put up both her and Marcellas. Here’s the problem with all these “parachutes”. It’s them that are bringing down the BB6. Without them, they’re strong. But with them, it leaves everyone wanting to save their own parachute floater.


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