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BB6 is at it Again – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 10

Jase Gets the Boot. Janie Gets the Key.

9 to 0 for Jase to get the boot. Man, that sucks. Per Jase’s request, Danielle and Diane walked him to the door. Kaysar says in diary that it’s best that Jase goes for strategic purposes, but it was the hardest eviction yet. Danielle says that Jase shouldn’t have gotten evicted. He deserved to stay (didn’t she vote to evict him? Okay, I know she had to do it to save her own butt).

Diane says it’s kind of good that Jase left because it proves that there is no Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance. Will and Boogie are in the diary room laughing at how dumb the house is for evicting Jase and not Will. Marcellas is going nuts in the diary room because he’s happy that Jase is no more.

Several houseguests are sitting around talking about the Jase eviction. Marcellas says that he voted him out because he couldn’t live with Jase anymore. Danielle defends Jase to them. James and Howie are talking one on one about Jase. Howie says he doesn’t feel sorry for Jase because Jase was switching sides too much.

Those Damn BB6’ers!!!

They show flashbacks of the HOH competition when Janelle wins and again BB6 has control. Marcellas talks in the diary room about his alliance with Janelle and how he’s happy she won. Will says in diary how great a competitor Janelle is. Diane calls BB6’s the Nerd Herd part two.

Will and Boogie discuss the disadvantages of BB6 being in control again. Will had an opportunity to knock Janelle out of the HOH competition, but let her stay because he feels he can work her over later.

Janelle and Will … Noooooo!

Janelle are Will are flirting uncontrollably with each other. Janelle says it’s strategy. I say it’s nauseating. “That’s all I’m gonna say about that….”

Janelle’s HOH room is exactly how Marcellas described it: A Pepto Bismol nightmare!! Pink, pink, and more pink!!! Every single thing is pink. The bed, the chairs, the floor. Geez, I had to adjust the color on my television screen because it was hurting my eyes!!! (just kidding)

A Little Strategy, Anyone?

James wants Boogie gone. Kaysar wants to take out Diane. Janelle says that Diane is the most dangerous floater. James says in diary that nominating Diane is stupid. James asks why won’t they get rid of Chill Town now because Chill Town has openly said they are coming after BB6. Janelle continues to rant about how she thinks they should get rid of Diane. James still believes that they need to stop playing around and take care of Chill Town while they have the chance.

James and Diane go off together and talk. He tells her that she needs to talk to the other BB6 peeps and try to do some damage control. She gets up and heads to the HOH room and sits down with Janelle. Diane tells Janelle that she’s not after the BB6 alliance and that she’s in the house all alone. She feels no one trusts her. She tells Janelle that certain people are coming after BB6. Janelle says that Chill Town is coming to her and telling her that Diane is coming after her (yeah, you gotta trust the Chill Town boys. Their word is bond). Diane says in diary that she’s not a butt kisser and it was so hard to go into Janelle’s room and beg and plead.

The BB6’ers are chillin’ in the HOH room and Will pops up wanting to take a bath. He goes into the bathroom and sits in a tub of water, announcing he’s having a puppet show with a bunch of rubber ducks. He gives each duckie a name and begins his story which is basically his version of what’s going on in the house with a Dr. Will sarcastic twist. He finally (after what seems like an eternity) gets down to the nitty gritty. He suggests to Janelle and Howie that they nominate two floaters and promise not to put he and Boogie up with the POV. In return Chill Town won’t nominate BB6 until all the floaters are gone. Howie and Janelle consider it and say they’ll speak to the other BB6 people about it (I really see James going for that deal. Yeah, right). Howie says he’s about to make a deal with the devil (no sh#t, Sherlock).

Georgie Peorgie and His Slop

Poor George is about to go nuts eating nothing but slop. He’s working hard trying to come up with different ways to cook it and make it taste better, but with no luck. Boy, I feel sorry for him. Well, no I really don’t.

Food Fight!

The houseguests step outside and see what looks like an arena. Each houseguest puts on pads and head gear and they step into the mini arena. A bunch of balls fall down and they have to each catch one. One ball has a star on it. The person that catches it gets to eliminate another houseguest from the game and the person eliminated has to eat slop.

Boogie catches the first ball and eliminates Marcellas as payback because Marcellas eliminated Mike Boogie in the HOH competition. Howie catches the star ball again and he eliminates Will (before the game Howie and Will made a pact not to eliminate each other. Some trust). Kaysar catches the next star ball and he chooses Chicken George, who no matter what would be on slop anyway. James catches the next star ball and he eliminates Diane. The final two left to play are Danielle and Erika. They go after it nearly killing each other. Danielle catches the star ball which eliminates Erika.

Who Will I Nominate>

Janelle and Howie sit with Boogie and Will talking about who to put up. Chill Town of course suggests putting up floaters. They also start with the head games and Janelle and Howie seem to take up. Gotta hand it to those Chill Town dudes. They are super manipulators.

Howie and Janelle head to the HOH room. Janelle talks about how she doesn’t want to make a stupid move. James joins them. Janelle explains that she does want to put up the floaters. James says they could put up Danielle and Marcellas, but if they get rid of one of those two, then Chill Town would try to form alliances with the remaining floaters.

Later on Will and Janelle are in the HOH room talking. Janelle says that if she doesn’t put up Chill Town, then everyone will be mad at her. Will tells her that it comes with the game. He continues to put seeds in her mind about what she should do and how her alliance might turn on her soon. He says that he and Boogie will give her the reassurance that Kaysar and James won’t. Will actually says he is true to his word (I had no choice but to laugh at that). Janelle asks what if he’s lying, and Will replies, “Then send me home.” Not sure if the Buxom Blonde bought this crap or not. Let’s see, shall we?

Nomination Time

Well, here we go, folks. Time to sit around the round table. Janelle announces she didn’t know who to nominate and she hopes she did the right thing. She pulls out the first key and it’s James. Next key belongs to Marcellas. Next it’s Howie. Next it’s Kaysar. Next it’s Will. Next it’s Danielle. Next it’s Diane. The final key belongs to Chicken George.

Your nominees this week are Boogie and Erika. Janelle basically says she put Erika up as a pawn to get rid Boogie, but reveals in diary that she’s just trying to shake up the house and maybe get rid of a floater. Yeah, whatever.

My Thoughts

Is it really strategy that BB6 is doing by keeping Chill Town in the house, or are Chill Town just good manipulators? Somebody please help me understand. BB6 as a ton of power right now and all Chill Town needs to do is get a slight opening and they’ll take over. I mean, I’m not for one side more than the other. I’m just trying to get a grasp of what’s going on in the house. Makes great TV, I tell you.

That’s pretty crappy what happened to Jase. Did I type crappy? I meant to type that was pretty FUNNY what happened to Jase. That ladies and gentlemen, is how you play Big Brother. You lose some because you screwed some.

See ya’ll next week. Same BB time. Same BB place.

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