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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 29th – What Will Janie Do?

Janie talks about the trip she won last season, saying she hasn’t taken it yet. She wanted to give it to her parents, but wasn’t allowed to. She’s going to take her mom in the winter. Will reads the stories on the makeup boxes. Erika comes in but doesn’t say much at all.

Outside, Howie is still with Booger (he should get paid extra for this), and a few others are gathered around the hookah. They all seem to think that BB has something big in store for them tonight – maybe a luxury competition or something. Even the gang in the HoH room think this.

Back upstairs, Janie is talking about her doggie dream again. Will mentions that George is planning to do the live show in drag this week. Oh joy. Marcellas and Erika both leave the room, and surprisingly, so does Will. He says he’s going to bed, “goodnight sweetie”.

Howie comes up to the HoH room now, and he almost seems surprised that Janie’s alone in there. He say something about everyone being told something in the DR, but of course that brings us to flames. Darnit. He says that taking Danielle out is a good plan, but it’s just too soon. They have to get rid of Will and Booger first. He leaves to go back downstairs.

Outside we have groups of hamsters either playing pool or talking about nothing. I think I’ve written that exact same sentence in other recaps. Diane says that the game is twice as hard this time around, so she feels “stupider”. At least she’s not “parannoying”.

Booger is playing at light sabers with Howie, using the pool cues as sabers. This is the most exciting thing happening in the house at the moment, and it doesn’t appear that things will be picking up any time soon. Diane says that Jase was signing autographs at the season 5 wrap party that said “Diane sucks”. Lots of talk about Jase, wrap parties, and how Danielle likes to go to all of them to help the people who were “hated” in their season adjust to the reaction outside the house. Now she’s a psychologist too.

Howie goes to check on Janelle, who is napping in the HoH room. He tells her that the floaters are about to become the Nerd Herd, but he still wants Will out now so that he doesn’t try to rally everyone else against them. Janelle says that she feels that she’s doing the floaters’ dirty work this week by splitting up Chill Town. They talk about Ivette, and how she thanked Janelle for voting for her at the end. They agree that Ivette isn’t that bad a person. Janie says that she doesn’t want to go after Danielle now, because she believes that she’s not after them. Ugh. But she’s still seriously considering nominating Diane. Howie insists that Will has to go home. Now.

Kaysar and Danielle talk about how being there this time is different than it was in their seasons. Well yeah, I’d imagine it would be. Kay says that last year he was searching for something, trying something new, and this year he feels like he was on the right path but took a detour to come into the house again. Danielle starts talking about Jason and her season, which gets caught in my Danielle-is-talking-endlessly filter, so I don’t hear her any longer.

Outside, Howie mentions Julie’s saying that this would be an intense week of competitions. Will, who is up again, says that they’ve done them all, so BB likely has enough footage for the show. Ah, but is it “good TV”? Howie wonders what footage – both comps were over incredibly quickly.

James breaks a glass in the kitchen, and warns everyone not to walk through with bare feet. Kaysar comes in, and says that he wants to go home. He’s getting depressed that and he’s not comfortable with it. Blargh. Doesn’t anyone want to stay in the game other than Howie and George? James doesn’t say anything, and Kaysar leaves.

Erika goes to find Booger, who seems to have headed to bed. She tells him that she thinks it’s Diane going home, but it could very well be Will. There’s a newsflash. She wants to win the next HoH and put up Janelle and Howie. She says that they have to take Janelle out, or they’re dead. Booger agrees. Looks like Howie, Kaysar, and James were right – Janie’s only managed to anger the floaters this week.

Howie and James huddle together and talk about how stupid the nominations were this week, and what really went down in the veto competition. James accurately points out that the real pawn this week was Booger. The Chill Clowns went after everyone but themselves and Janie in that veto comp. Howie says now S6 looks stupid, and everyone’s after them. If Janie doesn’t put Will on the block it will be an absolute disaster. They both agree that everyone’s been working for the good of the group, and now Janelle is doing what she thinks is best for her. Howie seems to be having a revelation of sorts, since he’s been so loyal to Janelle all along he hasn’t even considered that she might be messing up the alliance.

Howie wants to go and wake Janie up right now and tell her that they’re screwed if they don’t get Will out of the house this week. James wants to wait until morning, but Howie is really worked up now. He’s even calling her a f*cking bitch. Never thought I’d see this day. They decide that they have to threaten her and do it often until the veto ceremony, so that she understands how tenuous their position is.

Hamsters are slowly breaking away and heading to bed now, since they’re dead tired from all the excitement and the wake-up messages the night before. Howie stays up for a while, working out and talking to himself in the backyard. He comes in and Janelle is just getting up. Her sleep schedule is way off kilter now.

Howie asks her why Will and Booger went after him and not her in the veto competition. Janie says she doesn’t know. They go over who’s safe with which floater, and agree that the only person safe with Diane is James. He still wants Will out, but Janie is resisting again. Howie shakes his head and says that Will has really manipulated her. He points out that James won’t vote to evict Diane, but Janelle thinks he would if everyone else was.

Howie goes to relieve himself of sexual tension in the bathroom and has a shower while Janelle grabs something to eat. When Howie returns, he asks her flat out if she’s joining other alliances. She says no and wants to know why he’s asking that. He brushes it off and they start talking about other things, like Janie’s boyfriend and roller coasters.

Eventually Howie goes to sleep, and Janelle sits alone to think. She finally crawls back into the HoH bed with Marcellas, but she looks restless and a bit agitated. Maybe Howie’s question about other alliances will get the point home that the rest of S6 are starting to doubt her loyalty.

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