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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 29th – What Will Janie Do?

Lots of people are outside now, playing pool or playing in the pool. Discussions are about modeling and acting, while some folks shower or make slop chips inside. James and Danielle get some time to talk alone. James says that if Janelle replaces Booger with Diane, then Janie’s gone – he repeats this a few times. They both agree that Janie should go because she’s scared a lot of people this week and made things much worse than they needed to be. They both agree that they don’t want to get rid of Kaysar, because he’s a “stand up guy”. Danielle is trying to push James to leave the rest of his alliance in the dust.

Will makes some baked creation out of slop and protein powder, and everyone seems to like it. I thought Will said he couldn’t cook? George is impressed with all of the things Will can do with slop.

Booger tells Will that he asked the driver who took him to see a doctor if they were on a normal schedule this week, or if Julie Chen said it was a double eviction week. Flames, of course. They want to go up and talk to Janelle, and offer her a 75/25 split of the money instead of 50/50. She’d have to see through that, wouldn’t she?

Erika tells George that she doesn’t know what she would have done in the veto competition that he won. She says that she would have seriously considered shaving her head, but for some reason I just don’t believe her.

Kaysar is moping today. He’s sad and doesn’t want to be there, and tells James that he just wants to sleep all the time. That’s a sign of depression, isn’t it? James says that they all feel that way now. George wonders if the show is doing well, and thinks it must be because of all the strong characters that are in the house.

Kay goes upstairs to wake Janie up. Howie is up there too, and both are still sawing logs with the light off. Kaysar turns on the light and says that if they don’t get up now, their sleep schedule will be really messed up. Howie says that Big Brother already took care of that for them, it’s too late now. Kaysar leaves, and Howie says (in jest), “Thanks for helping us with our sleep habits. Maybe next time you could help us with our picks.”

James, Kaysar, and Chicken George sit around by the chess board, strategizing a bit. George says that he has to watch out for Erika, since she’s taken him out of two comps already. After a bit of talk about George’s nomination last week, he leaves and James wonders why they’re letting Will dictate to them when he leaves the house. He thinks that Janie really hurt them by instructing Howie to take Diane and Erika out in the veto comp. Kaysar insists that they all have to stick together, no matter what happens.

Janelle asks James and Kay to come into the HoH room with her and Howie. James explains that he tried to fix things with Diane by explaining that Howie and Janelle just wanted to have control over the veto competition and they’re not after her or anything. Janie explains what happened with Booger and Will, how they got to her just before the nomination ceremony.

Janelle says that she wants Will to go home next week, but James is all over that. She’s afraid that Boog and Will are going to be mad at her, and James wants to know why she cares, when just a short time ago Booger was calling her a whore and saying that she’d never be able to get a job at one of his establishments. Go James, go! He adds that if they go after two floaters this week, then it’s like declaring war and everyone in the house will be after them. Howie and Kaysar agree, and Janie looks deflated. James assigns Howie to be Janie’s guardian for the rest of the week, to keep her away from Will and Booger. Even though Janelle has seemed to agree with them, she never actually says that she’s putting Will on the block. Oversight, or intention?

James leaves, and Howie gives her a kiss on the cheek telling her that they love her and are going to save her. Janie, stick with the people who love you! Howie leaves, but Kaysar is still there. He tells Janelle that they really do need to take out Will this week. He asks her to trust him, this is the right thing to do. He predicts that the house is about to erupt, and that things will get bad. Janie sighs and says “all right”. Kay asks if she’s still having second thoughts, but Janelle doesn’t answer. He says it’s just too early to take out the floaters. They can’t make the same mistakes they made last year.

Janelle had a dream that her dog was killed by a bear. She seems pretty upset about it. Kaysar says that he actually likes dreaming in there, since it takes him away from the house and the game. He’s not thrilled to be here – he misses his life and his family and friends. But he says he doesn’t want to talk about it all. Janie asks him a couple of times if it’s a girl that he misses, but he repeats that he doesn’t want to discuss it. It’s quite clear that there is indeed a woman in Kay’s life.

Janie plans to sit in her HoH room and read her makeup boxes. They’re “Beach Bunny” brand and they all have stories on them. Kaysar doesn’t seem too enthralled with this plan, and leaves the room, joking about how he’ll have to buy some of the makeup for himself. I wonder how long Janelle will actually be alone before someone else comes in to guard her?

Danielle and Erika are talking about the nominations again. Just to refresh your memory, Danielle doesn’t understand them, and Erika seems to be sympathetic. Meanwhile, Kaysar and James are regaling Diane with tales of Crappy and Ivette in their season, while Howie keeps an eye on Will and Booger outside by the pool.

James and Danielle have another super-secret conversation. Their preferred boot order is Janelle, then Will, then Howie. Wow. Didn’t take James that long to completely flip, did it? He says that if Janie puts up another floater, they vote to keep Erika and then get right into the game. Heh – wonder if that’ll be true if the floater who goes up is Danielle?

Danielle goes to Will and Booger and says that the nomination will either be Will or Diane. She says that Janelle wants all of the women gone because she feels threatened by them. Dani wants to know if Will has talked with Howie, and Will says that it’s pointless because they don’t tell Howie anything anyway.

People walk in and out of the kitchen, grabbing snacks. Danielle talks endlessly about how much she knows about movies and everything else there is to know anything about. Janelle is called to the diary room, and I was hoping they’d have the veto ceremony, but no joy there. When Janie comes out, she goes right to her room and Marcellas heads up to keep the evil-doers at bay.

The conversation is pretty much the same thing. Marcy suggests that Janie put up George if she’s backed herself up against the wall with the Chill Clowns. But he stresses that people aren’t saying that they’re after her, and if she takes out Will then she’ll be taking some of the heat off of her alliance.

Will enters the room, but Marcy stays put. Yay Marcy! They chat about the pink room, and Janelle’s visit to the set of “Three and a Half Men” last season. Marcellas thinks it’s ridiculous that they didn’t give Janie a walk-on part. My opinion is that it wasn’t part of the deal because, conceivably, Maggie or Ivette could have won it and who wants to see them on a sitcom? Best for CBS to keep their collective asses covered on that one.