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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 29th – What Will Janie Do?

When last we left our sleep-deprived houseguests, they were gearing up for the veto competition at 5 am. Flames turn to trivia (yes, we know about Chicken George wearing a space suit in Big Brother 1, thanks), and 45 minutes later we learn that Booger has indeed won the veto as planned. He’s also ripped open his foot and is being taken to hospital for stitches.

Marcellas talks to Janie right away, wanting to know who she’s going to put on the block when Booger takes himself off. She waffles, and Marcy is incredulous that she didn’t automatically say “Will”. In fact, Janelle says she wants to nominate Diane because Jase told her that Di was coming after her. She wanted Booger gone before Will, and now she’s not sure what to do. Marcellas makes some good points, telling her that now’s not the time to start believing Jase, and that it doesn’t matter what order Will and Booger go out as long as they do indeed go out. He adds that S6 is the worst alliance ever, because they spend hours figuring out what to do and then the HoH goes and does whatever they want anyway.

Janelle leaves the HoH room to find Kaysar, Howie, and James. They sit in the lounge area upstairs and whisper. Janie asks them to tell her what she should do, but James is upset that they can’t use the HoH because Marcellas is in there. After a brief fire interlude, we’re back with Janelle in the HoH room with Marcy, who is still trying to make her see that taking out an obvious threat is more important than taking out a potential threat. He says that the whole house wants Chill Town gone, so no one’s going to be mad at her if she puts Will up. Well, I guess except for Will maybe.

Danielle is ranting to Erika about how the nominations don’t make sense. We’ve seen this rant before, and I think the moral of this story is that, if something doesn’t make sense to Danielle, then they are clearly wrong and should be corrected. Because Dani is an expert on all things. Erika explains that S6 used pawns all the time in their season, that’s the way they play the game. Danielle actually says that S6 wasn’t a big deal until they started sneaking off to the HoH room for hours at a time, but now they’re an obvious alliance.

More complaining from Erika and (mostly) Danielle. In the same breath Dani says that she’s ready to go home and that she needs to win and HoH because she knows who she wants to put up. S6 needs to be thinned out – it seems they’re in agreement on that. Danielle just keeps talking – in her season she and Jason decided things in two minutes and then stuck to it, yada yada.

Upstairs Marcellas is on a tear. Janelle keeps saying that she doesn’t know what to do, no one will tell her what to do. But Marcy is telling her exactly what she needs to do: put Will on the block. She says that people will hate her or be mad at her, but Marcellas tells her that all she needs to do is explain that she made a mistake – she thought she could control the veto but she couldn’t, and now she has the power to fix things and evict the good doctor. He’s tired of BB constantly telling the Chill Clowns to stop singing, stop doing that, all because they “can’t parent themselves”. Heehee.

James comes in and says that he could hear Janie yelling that she didn’t know who to put up all the way in the downstairs bathroom. As he and Marcellas work on driving their point home, Howie comes in too and agrees with them – it’s time for Will to go home. Why Janelle is still waffling is beyond me. Either she does what she wants to do, or she does what’s best for her alliance – but no one is going to agree with her that putting up another floater is a good idea. But his whole being confused thing must be an act – she’s much smarter than that.

Janelle finally relents a bit and says that she’ll just have to explain to the floaters that she had a dumb blonde moment. She doesn’t promise to put Will on the block, however. She thinks that Diane is stronger than Erika, but Marcy disagrees. “If I had broken my rib, would I still be here? I don’t think so!”

James leaves and Janie and Howie go back out to the lounge area. She says that she should never have won HoH this week – she’s made a mess of everything. She says that “these people are not like the Nerd Herd”. She confesses that Will and Booger got to her just before the nominations were made, and tells Howie what they said to her. They both wonder why Kaysar hasn’t been around much to tell them what they should do, and Howie says that Kay is always sitting on his ass or sleeping these days. Janie thinks he’s homesick, and asks “America” to send him a phone call or letter from home.

The rest of the house seems to be asleep and Howie suggests that it might be time for him to do the same. Janelle is wired though and says she wants to talk. Howie, being the big sweetheart that he is, stays up to keep Janie company. They head downstairs for some food, and Janelle wonders is Marcellas is right – that the Chill Clowns are the Maggie of this season. Well kind of, except that they don’t talk about how much better they are … uh, yeah, they do. Never mind. Janelle is still saying that she wants two floaters up, and Howie is trying to both calm her down and make her see the light.

Howie tells Janelle that she can never talk to Will and Booger alone again. If they try to corner her, she’s to tell them to get lost. He reinforces that if she wants to talk to them, she needs to have Howie, James, or Kaysar there with her. Janie looks sad and agrees. Howie goes on saying that they pissed people off this week and stirred things up, but it’s not too late for damage control. Talk to Diane, explain the situation, and then nominate and evict Will telling everyone that he manipulated you. Janie doesn’t look sold. They finally split up and go off to get some sleep.

Almost four hours later, Booger is up and walking around. I guess his foot injury wasn’t too serious, but he does have a bit of a limp. Gosh, I hope this doesn’t affect his performance in future competitions. [/sarcasm] Danielle is awake too and asks Boog if he got stitches (he did) and if they hurt. I’m surprised Dani doesn’t know exactly how stitches feel, and where they rate on the pain scale.

They talk about Diane a bit, and Danielle wants to know if anything is “going on” between them. Booger says no, but he likes her and wants to see her outside the house. He thinks maybe he can help Diane get back on her feet. I’ll bet he does. I wonder how long it’ll be before Di becomes “celebrity wait staff” at one of Boog’s restaurants?

Now we get flames for an hour. You know, if I were part of the camera or production crew, I might put the flames back up until someone more interesting woke up too. Think about it. People are already complaining that the feeds are dull. Watching Booger and Danielle chat while everyone else sleeps is hardly going to spice things up.

Feeds are back now, and it seems that BB gave the sleeping hamsters a bit of a nudge to wake up and get out of bed. Thanks BB. James is talking about how this has to be a double eviction week because everything is on fast forward, and Booger is saying that he can’t get a straight answer from anyone when he asks if Jase is still in town. Ah, the DR staff won’t say if there’s someone coming back or not, so that means that there must be someone coming back into the house! I’ll bet if you asked them if the entire cast of Survivor: Guatemala was entering the house next week, they wouldn’t answer you either, geniuses.

They talk about the wake up messages and whether or not any of them mean anything. It’s funny to me that they think Alison’s had hidden messages, but the guy who suggested that they think about the rooms they are in is accurately written off as full of it. Booger talks about being taken out of the house early this morning to get his stitches. He says that he saw someone he recognized, but of course the flames of doom won’t let us hear the rest of that story.

Boog and Will head off to the storage room for some whisper strategy talk. It’s hard to hear them, but from what I can tell, they know that Janelle’s target is Danielle and they like that plan because she’s the one who organizes the floaters. Will says that he was talking to Janelle last night while she was looking at the memory wall, and she mentioned that she’d been thinking about the deal he offered to split the money. Apparently Marcellas was right there, but Janelle didn’t see him. Oops.

These two are considering splintering S6, scooping up Janelle and Howie, and then grabbing a floater or two to create a big strong alliance and split the money at the end. Good luck, gentlemen.