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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 28th – Waking Up the Houseguests

Erika comes up just to make sure everything is cool and that she isn’t a target. Janie assures her she isn’t the target. She says she would have put up Marcellas as a pawn, but she knows everyone would have voted him out, but they won’t vote out Erika. Another wakeup call comes in and it’s from Diane’s mom which delights her. Will tells Diane to tell her mom to stop bugging him, as he throws a pillow over his head.

Janie is worried about getting to the PoV competition, as they have been told they’ll get the warning for it, and they need to get ready and other the door, as they only have one minute before it starts. Those not competing aren’t to go outside. Janie puts her shoes and everything by the door so she can just pop them on and run out.

It’s 2 AM and another call comes through, forcing James to say, “It’s Friday night, you dumb bitch. Go out to a bar.” In the next room Will is asking Goobie if you could cut off one person’s head in here who would it be? Goobie answers “Marcellas”. Diane asks Will who he would choose, and he says Howie, but it would maim more. The talk switches to who they would take chain saws too. Honestly. What does this type of talk do to a guy with medical practice?

The funniest wake up call comes in of some guy singing a song about slop. Everyone likes it, including me, and goes on singing it for awhile. Will joins Howie and Janie sitting in chairs in front of the memory wall, and can’t believe the other two do this all the time. He and Howie decide Alison is hot, and Janie suggests she may have had a nose job. She says she thinks Danielle is the prettiest. She also tells Will she loves him and kisses his picture on the wall. I know she is attracted to him, but I hope she’s playing him right now.

Janie and Howie admit to Will that they are best buds, even outside the house, and talk all the time. He’s surprised, and she tells him not to tell anyone else there. Yet another wakeup call comes in, but they’re getting routine now after hearing the slop song. Nothing beats that. Janie starts talking about splitting the money with Howie and Will, but Kaysar walks in and she switches the topic to HGs coming back.

The next wakeup call is a low toned voice, prompting James to think it’s from a transvestite. Will wants to know which of Janie and Howie is more in love with him. Howie asks if he can call him after the show, and Will says no. Get on the 405 and walk, yet he also says he doesn’t live hear there. He moves on to talking about Goobie, saying he’s a bigwig in Hollywood with his businesses, prompting Howie to say he thinks Goobie’s here just to promote, not to play the game. More wake up calls that are just … odd.’

Alison is kind enough to leave a wakeup call for her ex-housemates. This makes Marcellas say he is losing his mind and will jump from the balcony, but he just lays down instead. He then joins Howie, Will and Janie, and wonders if this is some type of endurance thing to get people to want to quit. No, it’s just done for the simple annoyance factor. That’s it. Janie, Howie and Marcellas move upstairs to outside the HoH and Janie offer to teach Marcellas how to play. He declines, asking if she can just hit him hover the head with the chess board instead, and push him out the door to Julie Chen.

As another wakeup call comes through from someone playing what sounds like a cowbell, Marcellas talks about jumping off the balcony again for the first BB suicide ever. Howie is on watch on a couch downstairs, and Marcellas and Janie have moved into the HoH room which they decide reminds them of a porn movie. They get more wake up calls from Seth, a friend of Goobie’s, and also from everyone’s dear friend, Ivette. She says, “Wake up, Bitches!” and Marcellas says, “No way!” Janie feels badly for Ivette not getting back in the house, and Marcellas eeks out a mention of the $5000 for not getting back in before we get flames.

Janie’s mom leaves a wakeup message saying, “Mommy, Mommy, I want a Janie doll.” She tells Marcellas her mom is always asking her why she doesn’t just date Howie. Marcellas laughs and thinks it’s a better chance that Janelle would date him before she dated Howie. Marcellas talks about his own mom saying on BB3 about some people calling her son a freak, faggot, or queer, but she loves him anyway. Janie says she remembers Beau hating anyone using the word faggot, yet when she was out one night with him, he called another guy a faggot.

We get another couple of wake up calls, nothing special, just more oddity, and at 5:00 AM the feeds go to flames for awhile, prompting us all to wonder if this is the veto competition. Janie did manage to stay awake, as she’s promised. We’ll see if it helps her out in the veto competition. Either way, I’m hoping she’s pulling one over on Chill Town who is pulling one over on her. But her hormones might be getting in her way.

Is Janie really snowed by Will or does she seem him for what he’s worth? Tell us what you think in the BB Spoilers & Feeds Forum and share your thoughts, or email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com.

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