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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 28th – Waking Up the Houseguests

Will tries to make the rounds and ask who would be willing to use the veto if they won it, as I’m sure he doesn’t really want to actually have to be forced to play and out himself and his plan, but he’s interrupted by Janie announcing it’s time to pick the players for the veto competition, and they have to rise Goobie out of bed, as it’s around 11:30 PM. Janie picks Howie, Goobie picks Will of course, and Erika picks Diane. I think Will was trying to find someone else to win it for him and take Goobie off the block. Too bad that didn’t work; he’ll have to play himself now.

They have also been informed that the competition will take place later, assumably while they’re sleeping, and that they will be playing wake up calls with the challenge set forth to us Thursday night to choose the interval at which we wanted them to be waken up. Danielle figured we’re too smart to choose the 15 minute option, and she figures they will only be every 3 hours. Oh Danielle. Poor, poor Danielle. You don’t know us very well, do you?

They all talk about the best way to pull this off as to staying up all night or trying to sleep, etc. Janie says she knows how to stay awake all night; she’s a cocktail waitress. She stocks up on red bull, and James advises her not to start too early, or she’ll start to come down. She informs him she never comes down from that. Marcellas informs James she’ll do whatever she wants, as Janie is like a “wanton crackhead.” Goobie is pissy, calling this a disadvantage for him, as he was going to sleep while the rest of them stayed up all night like usual. He says he hates it here. Good, the door’s already halfway open for ya.

I’m not getting anything of what’s going on here. I’m so confused; I feel like George. Will and Goobie talk in the storage room plotting, although we don’t get to hear what it is. They want to include Erika and possibly George. Erika says she’ll try, and George says he’ll have a long night … something about Erika wining the veto I think. Kaysar and James say their plan is working and they’re going to nominate Janie and Marcellas. Huh? I’m hearing Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone music in the background.

Janelle pulls Will aside as is a little pissed off at Dr. McDreamy. She wants to know what he’s doing going around telling everyone to let Erika win the veto, a that wasn’t in their plan! He offers an apology, and she tells him she thinks it’s all retarded. Will then goes to Goobie and says he wants to keep his word to Janie. He says he will let Goobie win it, and instead use his own efforts to prevent Howie from winning it.

James and Kaysar are wondering why Janie would choose Howie, and think maybe she’s trying to lose it. They wonder who to put up if Goobie wins veto, and talk about Marcellas but James knows Janie would freak over that one. They need to get a Chill Town out this week, though, otherwise they’ll look like morons. Well, I have to admit sometimes these nominations have us more than scratching our heads. Yet in the end run, you’ve so far taken out three very strong players from the game, so you can’t be doing too badly.

The first wake up call from the viewers comes in at 12:30, and it’s just a screechy voice, just something more or less to annoy the HGs, and not necessarily entertain us. People are leaving their names and hometowns attached to the wakeup calls, which does give the HGs some interesting fodder. Will calls out, “Hi Carolyn from Texas! F*** you!” And she was just being nice telling them it was time to rise and shine. Before, they knew that the wake up calls were voted on, but they just now realized that these are all going to be viewers.

At 12:45 AM they get the next wakeup call, and this one is just someone playing loud crashing noises. The HGs tell him to “Eat a d***.” Howie says if we’re watching this now to feed our 7 cats, because something’s wrong with us. Ah-ha, he’s getting on Will and Marcellas’ bandwagon claiming there’s something wrong with us for watching, giving our opinions of them. Will and Howie move on to talking about showmances with fans. Okay, there’s something wrong with us for watching you, but there’s nothing wrong with you for having a showmance with someone that has watched you 24/7 during their whole summer?

Will gets funnier as he gets hungrier and more tired. He asks if he can eat the food that has spilled on the floor, if that is still considered cheating, then says he’s so hungry that he just dreamed he ate the squirrel that Howie was having sex with in his dream. The next wakeup call comes through with screaming, clucking hens, and a warning to remember that we’re always watching them. Howie thinks it’s funny.

Janelle gets a chance to chat with Kaysar about the nominations and tells him she’s worried about James’ alliance with Danielle. He tells her he thinks James would pick the BB6 over Danielle, and she shouldn’t be worrying about this so early. He also says they’ll be big targets if they screw this up this week. Where were you before, Kaysar, when Will was cornering her with his ideas? She needed you!

Another wakeup call comes in with someone saying “bet you can’t … sleep.” Umm, no they can’t, because now Janie has that call stuck in her head and keeps singing it, while Marcellas is telling her how much Kaysar’s musky smell affects him. She moves on to telling Howie that the plan with Goobie is on, and to try and not let Erika win the veto, but instead try to get Diane to. Interesting, as this goes directly against what Will was trying to set up. Perhaps she isn’t really falling for him, and is just playing him, like he is her. While they’re talking, a wake up call comes in with a guy reciting a poem with the words “Who will float by?”


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