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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 28th – Waking Up the Houseguests

Yesterday Janie’s fortune cookie said she would be making changes for the better. Tonight it says someone is speaking well of her. I’m pretty sure it’s none of the floaters or Chill Town. She then decides it would be a good idea to go to bed early tonight. If she only knew about the wake-up messages that are headed their way tonight. My guess is the fans are having fun and most likely have voted to wake them up every fifteen minutes.

Howie, Janie, Kaysar meet up by the chess set upstairs. They can’t talk in the HoH room because Marcellas is napping in there. Howie asks if they know what pisses him off. And instead of it being something funny like I was expecting, he says it’s when people that aren’t even in power threaten him. He explains about the conversation he had with Goobie and Will in the backyard. Howie vows that if he wins HoH next time, he’ll celebrate like he’s never celebrated before. That’s a tough one to imagine. They talk about the floaters all being worried now, and they wonder if Danielle knows they’re on to her.

Danielle pins down Kaysar now to ask about the nominations, and he admits Janelle did these on her own without anyone else’s input. Kaysar is thinking at this point that Will really does want to go home early from the game, and trying to point out what is obvious to the rest of us, Danielle asks him if he’s ever met a doctor that didn’t go all out and try his best at everything he does. She also says it’s likely Erika will retaliate for this nomination – and eye for an eye. Now that she’s going, she can’t seem to stop, as she points out Erika didn’t even take them out in the HoH competition; she took out the Chicken Man.

Will corners Janie in the HoH wanting to know why she didn’t put him up on the block. She indicates it’s because she has someone else in mind, another floater, that she wants to backdoor. I’m thinking it has to be Danielle. Goobie joins them, and she says she wants to help him win the veto so that she can take him off and put this other floater up. He’s cool with it and thinks he may have prejudged her. Ugh! Take him and his mouth out! It sounds like she’s doing this outside her alliance’s wishes, but she also says at some point that Kaysar know and is cool, but I’m not clear on if she means her original nominations, or this backdooring a floater plan.

Diane and Erika have themselves a major bitch session, from everything to the food competition, the nominations, etc. They decide they both need to win HoH next week to save themselves, and also realize they are both players that are good at endurance. They are upset that all the competitions this year have been male-oriented, and wonder if it will be basketball for the PoV since Will and Goobie play weekly together. Diane says she would whoop some ass in puzzle. You go Girl!

Howie crashes this conversation and talks about getting a woody when he watches football. Erika suggests he might be gay if he gets excited watching men get physical. This then turns into a discussion about the real possibility of Howie being gay or bisexual, and James adds his $.02 in saying he’s just going to have to let Marcellas pound him once to find out if he is or not. Howie is very uncomfortable with this topic. I don’t know what Howie is, but I know he is definitely unique.

Howie leaves, not surprisingly, and the rest have have girl talk with James and Danielle who has now joined in as well. They all want to help james stop biting his fingernails, and Erika offers up that she has some fingernail polish with the bitter apple stuff in it. She has that with her? Is that packed next to the kitchen sink? They talk about Janelle’s nominations and James says they didn’t get a chance to talk with Janelle before the DR called her in, but he thinks Erika is safe … for now. Yet he then admits he wanted Marcellas out as far as floaters go and Janie wanted Erika out. If I’m not mistaken those hands with the bitten fingernails are looking for a Bible.

Will is outside pretending again to be miserable. Along with everything else, he is now on the food restriction, and asks BB if they can also find a mechanical boot to kick him in the ass every morning. Maybe not, but I’m sure there’s several HGs and fans outside the house that can help you out with that task. Will gets the idea to make some popsicles from iced tea, and does so in the ice cube trays using sushi sticks. I’m sure his parents will be glad all the years of medical school and college have led to this productive life.

Diane shares with all that her front teeth aren’t real; they’re implants. She cuts up all her food and doesn’t use them as they’re supposed to last longer. When she needs to get them replaced, she’ll just get dentures. Erika tries to connect with her over this, and tries to compare her breast implants to Diane’s teeth. Umm, yeah. You desiring to be a larger-chested dancer definitely compares to Diane wanting to be able to chew food and not look like a 6 yr. old waiting for the tooth fairy to come.

Danielle is waiting to use the bathroom, and Will and Goobie are in there. Rather Will is talking and Goobie is, according to Danielle, “pinching a loaf.” They talk a little about S6 and nominations. Danielle is irritated with them, and Will says he tired to talk to Janie and strategize, but just couldn’t. Let’s just say it’s good thing this guy isn’t Pinnocchio. The only names he had heard before the nominations came out were Will, Goobie, and Chicken George; he has no idea where Erika’s name came from. Ummm, Will, that would be from you when you suggested it be you and Erika.

Diane, Will and others spend time talking about other reality shows they’ve been on. Diane talks about meeting Will for the first time and recognizing him from BB, and Will talks about being on Battle of the Network Reality Stars where his partner was Nikki McKibbin from the first season of American Idol. The guys talk about her being a little rough around the edges. Yeah. I could go into my American Idol chat here, but I’ll refrain.


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