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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 28th – Waking Up the Houseguests

James sits with Danielle and Diane and discuss the nominations, pointing out that if it’s Will that wins PoV, it could mean trouble. He complains and says that he doesn’t think the rest of season six is thinking clearly this year. He also points out that last week they made a deal that if he put up Jase, they would put up Will and Boogie this week. I’m not sure about last week, but if that was the case, why did he never mention this agreement when talking to Janelle yesterday or today?

Danielle says it doesn’t makes sense when you have two people that are clearly coming after you, to not nominate them. James agrees and thinks there’s something up that he doesn’t know about. Danielle’s argument would hold a lot more validity if every member of the floaters hadn’t already said at one point in time that they were either coming after the BB6 or that they needed to be broken up.

Erika moves on to find Goobie in the gym. Suddenly she’s not pouty anymore, but is agreeing with Goobie that the nominations were a good move, especially considering the others don’t know they are secretly aligned. I’m sorry, but these two really gag me … just the thought. Erika tells Goobie she has had his back throughout the game. I’m not sure if this is one of Erika’s crafty moves or what, but she says that the Chicken Man is working it by telling the BB6 he was forced into being with Chill Town, but he is really still a floater. She refers to herself as “Undercover Chill Town.” They’re a little too giddy for two people on the block.

Here’s something I didn’t know. While smoking the hookah in the mid-afternoon hours, Erika asks Boogie how it was he got to go to school for tennis. He says that at 15 he was discovered by a coach. He calls it an easy sport, saying all you need is a partner, raquet, and balls. Again, how was it got to go to school for that, as I don’t recall him having any balls.

George, Danielle, Erika, and Marcellas discuss the slop. Marcellas says that with a week’s worth of competitions, there should be something coming at them very soon, and he wonders if they’ll be able to win their way off slop. Erika personally likes the slop better than PB&J, but she hasn’t been on it for a full 24 hours even. It seems Marcellas may be right, as the TV screen says “Expect the Unexpected.”

Danielle comes to Janelle in her HoH room, wanting to understand the nominations. She asks what happens if Will wins veto and takes Goobie off. Janelle replies that Chicken George then goes up. Danielle asks why both Will and Goobie weren’t up to begin with, and Janie says no one would help her make the decision. Danielle tells her that’s why she needs to do it on her own. Since when is anything here ever done on your own? Further, when does Danielle ever do anything on her own?

As Janelle goes through it with Danielle, she realizes she shouldn’t have told Goobie she disliked him in her nomination speech. Why not? It will make “good TV” which is what Goobie’s always after! Danielle says she won’t be able to vote against George because of her promise to him when he saved her, then gets to the heart of the matter, and tells her whatever happens, she doesn’t want to be nominated. It’s funny; she’s all worried about her friends, but more than anything else, she doesn’t want to go up there herself. She leaves, and goes downstairs, climbs into bed, saying she wished Jason was there. What was that about needing to do this on your own, Danielle?

Goobie is chatting with Will and Diane outside, and wondering if it’s possible he’ll have the votes to stay, but Diane doesn’t think so. He wonders if that other vote he’s looking for is from Danielle or Marcellas. Diane says everyone is upset about Chill Town throwing them under the bus. Goobie says he personally isn’t doing that, but everyone has a “parachute” to save them anyway, such as Danielle having James and Janie having Marcellas. In other words Goobie thinks he has Will, but I think Goobie would join the group of people wearing Will’s bus tire tracks if he thought it would get him further in the game.

Diane tells them she’s upset about them throwing her under the bus, and while Will turns it around and admits he never heard Diane’s name mentioned at all by the BB6ers, Goobie says he never threw her under the bus, and he can’t figure out why everyone is so quick to believe the BB6ers and not them. Read the word In-te-gri-ty on the wall, and you’ll figure it out. He claims they tried all night last night to get Janie to nominate Will. More like Goobie went to bed, and Will sat in a bathtub all night getting pruney and throwing every floater under the bus.

Howie joins the group, and Will asks him to apologize for saying that he threw Jase under the bus. Howie says he didn’t say that, Jase did. Jase said that Will threw him under the bus. Will goes back to his usual M.O., ripping Howie. He says it doesn’t make sense to hold Howie accountable for any of this since he isn’t the leader. Goobie says people will believe him over Howie, and Will says it doesn’t matter as Howie isn’t the leader. Keep messin’ with him, Howie, you’re getting to him.

Goobie takes the floor again and wants to know the rationale behind Janie’s nominations. Howie pleads the fifth and says he wasn’t around when she was called to the DR. Here’s a thought, the reason this wasn’t well-talked out by the BB6, unlike the other weeks, is because your buddy Will never let anyone talk since yesterday to Janelle in private. Had he not been doing that, they could have had more time to has this out. But instead, Janelle had to sit through a 2-1/2 hour puppet s how in her bathtub, courtesy of Will.


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