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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 28th – Waking Up the Houseguests

There must be something in the air. Something is amiss. While Janelle is HoH, keeping the BB6 continuously in control of the house since the beginning of the season, it may seem like business as usual. But there’s still just something amiss. If these live feeds had Smell-O-Vision, we’d be able to smell it.

Yesterday it was Janelle that was the first one awake, making it seem like Moses must be parting the sea somewhere. Today it’s Will that’s awake first. He wakes up and wanders around the hose with an electric toothbrush in his mouth, finds his way outside, goes back in for a pillow, goes back out, then comes back in and goes back to bed. I think he was actually waiting for someone. Danielle is usually the first up, so I can only assume he was waiting to talk to her and see her ideas for this week and who should go up. My guess is he never fell asleep after his puppet show. Later, it’s Danielle that goes on to retain her crown.

Will gets up again later and fills Goobie in on what he missed when he went to sleep early. He mentions to him that he made the offer for the BB6 and Chill Town to join together for a super power. They find Janelle and work on her again together. Will suggests to her that if she wants to find out if the floaters are really her friends, she should tell them she is nominated them as pawns. If they get upset, she’ll know they can’t be trusted. He also tells her about the Dolce dinner with Marcellas, and that it was his idea.

Howie joins in on the conversation and says that Chill Town is only going to go after them if they are saved, and Will disputes that, saying they’ll take out floaters. Howie then disputes that and says it will never happen, as everyone knows Chill Town can’t win HoH. Goobie adds that if they do get HoH, they won’t put up S6, as there’s four of them, and no one wants to take on four people. He says the floaters are an alliance on their own, and he would take on the five of them. Excuse me? You wouldn’t attack an alliance of four, but you would an alliance of five. Interesting.

Perhaps they made an impression on Janie, as now she is telling Howie privately she would like to put up floaters, but is afraid to as they would hate her. Looking at it that way, Janie is afraid to leave the floaters in, as they are a big alliance as a whole, and they need to pare them down. Then again, if she puts up floaters, she knows she’ll be a target next week. Janelle is starting to think she should have thrown the end of the HoH competition, and let Marcellas win, feeling he probably would have put up Goobie and Will. She wants to get Danielle and James in on this to see where they stand.

Once James joins them, Howie probably half seriously and half jokingly asks if he is planning on joining up with Diane and Danielle to overthrow the BB6. Janie admits she’s worried about the floaters, prompting James to ask if she doesn’t trust Erika, Marcellas, and Danielle. She replies she does, but is unsure what will happen next week. James says he knows Danielle won’t nominate the BB6ers, but he’s afraid Marcellas will. Will and Boogie try to interrupt a strategy session once again, and they worry he heard them talking. Howie stuffs Janelle’s underwear under the door. Before getting to the question of why he used her underwear, why does Janelle have them out and accessible like that for them to be the first thing he grabs?

Janelle asks for James’ suggestions, and he is wondering why they are suddenly trusting Chill Town, thinking it’s a “Maggie” thing to do to put up people and make alliances with them. They go back to the idea of putting up a Chill Town as a pawn, and a floater. Janelle wonders if it should be Marcellas or Danielle, and James says he refuses to vote for Danielle. James points out the obvious that if Will really wanted to go home, he wouldn’t have spent all night in the bath tub doing a strategy puppet show. Worried that if they take out a floater, Chill Town will unite with them to bring down the BB6, James says if they take out chill Town, they can take out what they have been avoiding this whole time, and then concentrate on the floaters. They all agree to this plan … eventually.

Will finally gets into the HoH to talk to Erika alone, and wants her to take out Erika by telling her she’s a pawn, but still evicting her. She suggests Goobie and the Chicken Man … sounds like a 70s sitcome doesn’t it? will, though suggests himself and George. She’s worried about repercussions on that one, but Will offers up that he and Goobie will protect her. Wow, that must make her feel loads better. She points out that they can’t win comps.

Score! Will asks why Janelle won’t put him up, and notices she’s blushing. Now he wants to put up Danielle and Erika. He’s just all over the board with these suggested nominations. Again, interesting for the guy that wants to leave supposedly. James and Howie find Janelle stuck alone in there, and are worried. Just after, she is called to the DR, and everyone else is on lockdown, meaning she has to make her nominations now, without being able to talk again to her alliance, after being drilled by Will.

Janelle ends up nominating Erika as a pawn, and Goobie. Cool, him and his little girlfriend. Janelle wants Goobie out, and if someone comes off, Will goes up. Erika is really upset, walking around pouting about her hurt ribs and now being on the block. Janelle is worried, still, what everyone will think of this, but her alliance assures her it was a good move. Marcellas, though, not so much. Will tells Goobie that of all the nomination scenarios, Goobie and Erika was never one they mentioned. He also instructs him to be cool about being nominated, otherwise he’ll get sent home. Goobie? Be cool? Please show me one instance where that feat was accomplished.

Erika makes her way up to the HoH room just to be sure she’s safe. Janelle and Kaysar assure her that she is and that she’s just a pawn. She tells them everyone knows the pawn always goes home. She is told maybe in her season, but not this one. Janelle explains she was the safest to ensure Goobie going home, with anyone else, they couldn’t be sure that Goobie would be leaving.


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