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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 25th – Pretty In Pink

Now that Will has been in the bath tub for over 2-1/2 hours, he is still waiting for Goobie to show up. Howie never went to get him, though. He went in the backyard to join the hookah gang, and Goobie is sound asleep. Danielle tries to wake him at one point, but he’s not budging. Will is then called to the DR, forcing him to leave his bathtub. He goes to see Goobie on his way, and whispers something to him.

Janelle and Diane go up to the HoH room, and Janelle gets to the heart of the matter with her. She wants to know about the internet posting of Diane’s that was attacking Janelle and James for what they said about her last year. As they go through everything, they realize Jase was at the heart of many of their problems with each other. He told Janelle that Diane didn’t like blonde women, and told Diane that Janelle just didn’t like her. Diane is now realizing she is alone in here, as no one will talk to her. Even Erika lied to her about who everyone was voting for.

The two try to mend fences about the stuff that has happened before All Stars, and Diane admits to Janelle that she is intimidated by her. She also says she has noticed that when they’re getting ready for the live show, Janelle always has the same clothing color scheme as her. Diane tells Janelle, too, that she and the other floaters had all decided to keep Will the night before the voting. Will peers in to wish the two goodnight, and as he leaves Diane says she doesn’t want to mention any names, but there’s two HGs that need to go. She makes an offer to Janelle that the two of them run together, at least until sequester. Janelle apologizes for what she said about Diane last year, and Diane says it just hurt a lot, as Janie and James were her favorites of BB6. They hug as Diane leaves.

Howie comes into to strategizes with Janie, and she says she knows Goobie is going up for sure, but she isn’t sure who the other one will be. She knows she wants to keep Will. She would rather keep Diane over the others now, as she trusts her more. Janelle is worried about Danielle asking Will why he took out Howie instead of her. She knows there is something up with that. They wonder where Kaysar is to help them with this discussion, and Janelle says she thinks Kaysar is depressed lately.

Kaysar is downstairs talking to Erika, telling her in fact, that he is depressed. She mentions DOR, but he refuses to even give that a thought. Erika then starts crying, playing on his sympathies, I believe, saying she is alone here, and wishes she had Jack with her again.

Finally making his way upstairs, Kaysar talks with Howie and Janelle, and they discuss the order of who took out who. Kaysar is very noncommittal to everything, and Janelle tells him to wak the f*** up. She asks what’s wrong, and he admits to being homesick. He then says that no matter who they take out this week, the floaters are still going to come after them. True enough, but get over it and go on. They discuss the thing with Danielle and possibly putting up her and Goobie, but know they would lose James and his trust.

Diane finds James in the backyard and she tells him about her conversation with Janelle. She’s made at Jase for telling her that Janelle hated her, and for telling Janelle she hated blondes. She’s also mad at Will for telling Janelle that Diane wanted to to target her. She says she has heard that Janelle is loyal to people that are loyal to her, and asks James if this is true. James is still unsure, judging in last season. Wake up, James. Janelle never turned her back on you until the big Bible incident. He advises her to just wait to see what happens with the nominations, then she’ll know.

Upstairs, Janelle decides to put up the Chicken Man and Will and backdoor someone, but tell anyone who, not even Kaysar and Howie. Well that came out of nowhere. She must be backdooring Goobie. They hope again they won’t lose James for this one, and say that every time they want to play the game, James always insists on playing his own game. Well, not last week, his HoH was on your nominations. They realize he’s up to something, though, which we know he is, so at some point they did need to splinter. Either way, it’s totally unexpected by Chill town, and I think that’s the best part.

Just before Marcellas walks in, the HoH group is back to putting up Chill Town together, knowing it’s the only way to keep everyone happy. Marcellas mostly just bitches about every left it seems, to Janie, especially about Goobie. He also makes fun of the pink HoH room and says, “IT’s the Barbie bed, and I’m the gay black Ken!” When Janie complains about her Flaming Hot Cheetos being sugar-fee, Marcellas tries to point out it’s a hint.

I’m back. I just had to go check my own kitchen to see if people were making Flaming Hot Cheetos hints to me too. Luckily, I’m in the clear. We’ll see if Chill Town stays out of the clear, or if Janelle does what she needs to do to appease everyone and put them up. BTW, on a semi-personal note, I want to issue a very happy birthday to Christi. I hope it’s a good one, even though Will lives to spend another week in the BB house.

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