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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 25th – Pretty In Pink

James wants to get the floaters’ input, and Janelle and Kaysar say it’s pointless because Danielle will tell them what they want to hear, Marcellas will keep changing his mind, and Erika won’t commit to anything. They don’t think Erika has the guts to come after them. It just keeps going back to Diane and Goobie, no matter what they do, just like all of these conversations. And also like all these conversations, they all have floaters they are friendly with, and the more the field narrows, the more it makes it tough to find people to put up. James has a valid point that last week he put up Jase because he was promised Goobie was leaving this week. Now they want Diane out over Goobie.

Meanwhile downstairs, the conversation isn’t any more agreeable. None of the floaters can decide who should go up either. Danielle thinks it will be Goobie and George on the block, and she says she can’t vote out George because of her agreement with him. Erika wants George out, and you have to notice how the only time she commits, it’s to commit on middle of the road person like George. Marcellas wants Goobie out, and is upset with Erika for wanting to keep him.

The conversation disburses in the HoH as Will enters for his bath. The other guys tease Janie that they’ll leave her alone to share a bath with Will. James leaves, Will is in the bathroom with a closed door, and the rest continue their talk, not knowing how they’ll handle James, as they’re afraid he can turn it around against them. It’s not clear how much of this Will can hear from the bathtub.

Once Howie leaves, and only Kaysar and Janelle are left, Will calls out that he needs some sponges and ducks, as he wants to have a puppet show. Goobie joins in on the fun. He names the ducks and sponges after all the HGs. Dr. McDreamy, Fanelle, Rick Foogie, Faysar, you get the picture. However, Kaysar corrects him that it should be Dr. McFullofHimself. He lays out scenarios in the duck pond leaving Foogie as the good guy that mean Fanelle wants to take out, leaving Dr. McDreamy come save the day. Lord help me.

This guy is irritating, and I want him out badly. Yet, I sit here watching him do this puppet show in the bathtub, and I’m falling for the act hook, line, and sinker. He’s adorable sitting there like that. He has such a … baby face that makes this all believable. I don’t know if there’s another person there that could pull that act off.

James goes outside and finds Diane and tells her about BB6ers plans to take her out. He urges her to go to them, plead her case, and tell them she is not hooked up with Chill Town. He also tells her that both he and Howie want her to stay. I think Howie might have a thing or two to say about this, as he said he wants Diane out. This could come back to bite James.

Will is still performing his puppet show, has Howie get him a candy bar, and pretends to eat it to get a penalty nomination. Kaysar says he knows what Will is doing. He’s trying to get a penalty nomination to save his buddy. He offers them a final six of BB6/Chill Town, but the offer is interrupted by James and Danielle. They leave and Marcellas then comes up and leaves. Everyone wants to talk to the HoH, but can’t because Will is holding court. He’s no dummy sitting up there in the bathtub. He asks Kaysar and Danielle to join him for a We Are the World reenactment.

The next attempt Will makes is for them to all split the money. Janelle reminds them that’s against the rules, and Will tells them he and Goobie own several businesses, and they can filter the money back and forth making it legal. I’m not too sure about that. Before they take that deal, I suggest they check it out with whomever in the legal department.

Diane comes up to finally plead her case, but Will is still holding Janelle and Howie in rapt attention. She leaves, and Will sends Howie to go get Goobie so that they can call discuss deals together. I can’t believe I’m sitting here watching this man play in the bathtub. What he would have to say about my pathetic, sad life right now, I don’t know. But he continues to play to the camera. He lined up the ducks, and flicked them one by one into the tub. And wouldn’t you know it, the back massager thing that was representing Dr. McDreamy is the last one sitting on the edge of the tub. Will sits and half smiles into the camera to see if we caught it. Yep, I did. I get it. Pretty crafty there, Doctor.


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