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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 25th – Pretty In Pink

The HGs get Chinese as their catered meal tonight. Will is upset that Chicken George still can’t eat, and says it’s just not right. Janie gets a fortune cookie telling her she will make changes for the better. Wow, how appropro. Marcellas’ says he will receive an unusual proposition, Howie’s says he is a fun-loving person, Kaysar’s says wrongdoing for a good cause may be virtuous, Danielle’s is promising a pleasant journey far, far away, Goobie’s says prosperity makes friends, and adversity tries them, and Erika’s says she will continue to make changes and be glad she did. From this I gather Janie finally is able to break up Chill Town, Marcellas gets a proposition from Chicken George to create an alliance (although a different kind of proposition from Kaysar would be much funnier), Howie is just same ole Howie, Kaysar will decide it’s okay to lie in the game if it takes out chill town, Danielle is being evicted, Erika will continue to be an Amber, and Goobie has no friends. Probably the only one to come true will be that Janie makes changes for the better, leaving Goobie with no friends.

Goobie complains to Marcellas after dinner that since BB put in a whole team (that would be S6) into the house, he had no choice by to have to play with Will. Oh, my bad. I thought it was because Will Kirby had CBS put Mike “Goobie” in his contract. I thought that’s why you were here and playing with Will. My bad. Marcellas then confronts him about telling people they had dinner at Dolce together. Goobie tries to change the subject, and when that doesn’t work, he says he didn’t say anything.

Janelle gets here HOH room and it’s Pretty in Pink. The whole thing is in pink from the HoH sign to the chairs. Janelle even gets pretty silk pajamas with the bedroom ensemble. Everyone goes up to see it except Will, who remains seated in his HoH chair. Once the BB6ers get the room to themselves , minus James, they tentatively decide to put up Diane and Goobie. The plan is to take out Diane with the excuse that they were afraid Jase would come back again, and they wanted to ensure that Mr. and Mrs. Smith remained broken up.

Janie, Kaysar, and Howie watch James talking with Diane on the spycam, and know that he’s tight with her, and she’d vote the rest of them out before her. They also know Danielle haas a major part in all of that as well. Howie is still pissed at Diane, as she told him not to celebrate when Janelle won HoH. He started to get excitedly upset, saying he wants to go “Busto” on her, and Kaysar talks him down. C’mon, Kaysar, let the big guy have a little fun.

The guys leave the pink palace, and Erika gets her shot to pick at Janie for awhile. She’d like to see Chicken George up on the block, but Janie tells her, ill-advisedly, that it probably will be Diane and Goobie, but she hasn’t talked to James or Marcellas yet. Erika, of course, isn’t pleased, because she has her little think going with Goobie. Janelle picks up on this face right away. And this is the problem with floaters. They never get too far, as people start to see they aren’t total team players. Erika declines the offer to sleep in the HoH room with Janelle, and if Janie was smart, she would realize this is Erika saying she thinks her bread is buttered downstairs with the Goobie alliance, not up here with yours.

We get flames for a long time, and oddly long time for a Thursday night. We even get trivia flames, which means this is a planned and excused absence. They finally come back, and we can tell there’s been some kind of competition … on a Thursday night after HoH? Wow, Julie was right about a week’s worth of competitions. Some people are very upset about the competition and calling it unfair.

Apparently this was a food competition, done in teams. Janelle was of course safe as HoH, and the rest of her alliance ended up on the food eating side. The slop side this time appears to be Goobie, Marcellas, Erika, Will, and Danielle. The others are still up for grabs still, as to how they’re eating. Howie, James, and Kaysar talk downstairs, and James isn’t happy, as he’s somehow caught wind that his alliance is targeting Diane, and just as they suspected, he’s not happy.

In this food competition Howie made an agreement not to take out Goobie and Will, but did anyway. James calls it a dick move, and Howie says that’s how he plays this year. Alrighty then. Goobie and Howie both heard producers behind the wall say, “Put Erika on slop.” Interesting. They move the talk upstairs to the HoH room with Janelle, and everyone has different ideas. Howie wants Will and Goobie and Diane, James wants Goobie and Will or Erika, and Janelle won’t go for the Erika nomination.

They break it down to two Chill Town, four floaters, and four of them left in the game. James says he likes Diane because she’s nice, and says he can trust her. Janelle wants assurance he still trusts them. Kaysar thinks all floaters are dangerous. Will breaks all this up, coming in and wanting to take a bath. They tell him to come back in a little bit, and he sits outside on the couch.


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