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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 25th – Pretty In Pink

And now for something new and completely different … Janelle is the first one up this morning. Hmmm. Is this a changing of the guard? Is she taking over for Nakomis a week after the fact? Is she getting used to a new routine in preparation for taking out the only early riser that’s left, Danielle? In order to fight for her rightful spot, Danielle gets up shortly after Janelle.

Perhaps BB wants the house to nominate Danielle. A few weeks back she started suggesting that she wanted to hear Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go as a wakeup song. They listed to her today. I’m going out on a limb here to say that song probably irritated everyone enough they were all calling for her immediately removal from the house. That will have to remain a mystery, however, as we got flames after that for two hours.

The feeds came back just long enough for us to overhear Boogie talking about his conversation with the producers over the midnight microphone pack protest over the lack of food. As usual, thanks Boogie, you’ve sent us to flames. You know what? I made a typo earlier and corrected it. I typed “Goobie” instead of Boogie. I’m deciding to call him Goobie the rest of this recap, as it’s just as ridiculous of a name for an adult businessman to be called as “Boogie.”

The definitions that have been on the wall of the bedrooms all season about deceit, honesty, betrayal, etc. are playing on the TV screen in the living room. James and George sit down to study them, although this is most likely for the upcoming HoH competition, and James can’t compete. James wants to be sure that if George wins the HoH, he thinks about those that have been kind to him all along, not just now. Umm, where do you fall into that James. Then again, when the word “honesty” comes up on the screen, James jokes he doesn’t know what it means.

I’m a person that believes everything happens for a reason, and apparently many in the BB house realize that that is especially true in the house. While everyone is bounding around beginning to get ready, they can hear wedding music playing throughout the house. While they all realize the music is to cover up whatever is being set up or tested outside, they wonder if the wedding music has something to do with it.

By this time mostly everyone is getting ready, with most of the guys getting ready in the bug room. James asks Diane’s opinion if his jeans look okay, and Jase uses what looks to be Janelle’s makeup bag to apply makeup, do his hair, and of course, make the “mirror face” that his mom hates. He does all this in the mirrors in the weight room, in the bathroom, and in the kitchen. Will talks about putting base under his eyes as well. Howie walks around the house in his underwear, then has Marcellas fix his hair into a faux hawk.

After Janelle wins her second HoH, she says that the one she answered that took out Danielle was just a guess, and Will is saying he took out Howie because he figured if he let Janie stay in and she won, he could see her making more sound decisions. Danielle tells Will thanks a lot, as he left Janelle in, she took him her out, and now she won’t get beer other than Guinness and pictures of her kids. Well, Danielle, maybe you could have opened your mouth and tried to win yourself. Just a thought. Goobie talks to Will about his fears about being in the block, and the two decide they should threaten that they won’t do DRs anymore if Goobie goes on the block. Yeah, that’ll work. I think you’d find stagehands and producers hiding your key in that case so that Janelle couldn’t put it in the box.

Goobie is confused as to why Marcellas took him out of the competition. Danielle reminds him that he had said if he wins he was putting up Marcellas. Apparently Goobie forgot he said that, then says he wouldn’t really do that, he just wanted to BB6ers to think that. It’s not rocket science here, Goobie. This game operates on fear. You threaten someone, they’ll strike first before you get the chance. BTW, Janelle is still up on you. I think she’s still waiting for you to prove you can win something. Just wanted to remind you. Goobie is still ticked, and tells Will that if things hit the fan, Marcellas’ pre-All Stars dinner at Dolce will be talked about. Now he’s resorting to tattling? Besides, wasn’t it Goobie and Will that were trying to take out Marcellas last week?

Those that have been playing both sides are starting to get some notice. Goobie found out Erika has been talking to the other side and is none to pleased. He tells Will that she has some ‘splainin’ to do. He then asks Will what he’s going to do to save them this week, and Will replies, “F*** Janelle?” He comes up with what he thinks is a better plan than that, to threaten Janelle with food. He’s going to tell her he will throw the food comp so everyone is on slop if she puts up Goobie. However, the nominations are after the food competition, so he really doesn’t have a lot of power with that argument. Showing that Janelle was wrong about his intelligence, Goobie says this is what I think of the s6, and farts.


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