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Dog Eat Dog Fashion – Project Runway 3, Episode 3

Doggy Design

As someone who loves to try to figure out what someone’s life is like by the groceries in their cart, I was excited by this week’s challenge that “unleashed” the contestant’s ability to create a story of the woman behind the dog.

Over the grassy knoll, Tim appears with dogs in tow. Each dog is distinctively unique and appears to be mirrored images of some of our favorite designers. Tim explains that each designer is to choose a dog, tell a story about the dog’s imagined owner, design a dress that fits her personality, and then also create an outfit for the pooch to pull the entire look and theme together.

As the designers eagerly choose their pup, Laura stands behind and cringes at the thought, insisting that because she has children she has no time to mess with such an animal. Even though she’s not entirely thrilled with the concept, she literally bags up her dog to take back to Parson’s so she “doesn’t have to touch it.”

A Unique Model

The designers begin their sketches based on their newfound best friend. Some have a hard time controlling their pooch, while others have found a loyal companion who truly inspired them.

Robert can’t get his mangy model to sit still for his personal photo shoot, and Laura sweeps her pup off her paper like eraser dust. Keith refuses to make his poor pal wear a ridiculous outfit and boycotts the second portion of the challenge all together, while Alison take the challenge head on with gusto and enthusiasm.

Jumping Off Bridges

As the fabric is cut and sewn, everyone has an opinion about what everyone else is creating.

Angela made a variety of rosettes for her poofy purple skirt and Keith observes that it looks like a “big bag of skittles.” Bradley struggles with his blouse and decides half way through to chuck his first idea and start all over again. As everyone watches in confusion, Vincent claims that Bradley seems to be, “jumping off bridges and finding things as he falls.”

Speaking of Vincent, as he puts a lot of effort into his doggy design, he develops a hat that has him in stitches of laughter. And Laura finally warms up to her dog as she prepares the pooch for the runway.

The First Runway Stumble

It’s official folks; we’ve had our first runway stumble and fall, although I believe it was done on purpose.

As the models escort their dogs down the runway, some of the dogs haven’t perfected their runway walk and the models have a difficult time strutting their stuff effectively. Although the models maintain their composure, it’s Jeffery’s dog, Flex, who decides, as he makes his way back up the runway, to take a little tumble and roll.

Ivanka Trump is this week’s guest judge, and like her dad, Donald, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. While the other judges try to give Angela some credit for her skittles skirt, Ivanka says her model looks like a hooker.

Now on to my picks for the week:

  • Most Ridiculous: I can’t decide what was more ridiculous: Angela’s design or her story behind her dog’s owner. Angela tells the story to the judges: “She’s an assistant director of an art camp in Paris, and she’s throwing a kid’s birthday party for the camp’s mascot, Pattycake.” Huh? Heidi asks, “How old are the guests at this party?” Angela replies, “Six through twelve.” Heidi and the rest of the judges are stumped by her story as it pertains to the outfit, and Nina, for the first time ever, is so dumbfounded by Angela’s design and story that she says, “I don’t even know what to say…” and turns away.
  • Most Creative: Although it was Kayne’s funky, fun and flashy design that wins this week’s most creative design, it was Keith’s lies on the runway that takes the prize for this week’s most creative. Keith opted not to design a silly “baby doll” outfit for his dog and the judges tell Keith that his dress is gorgeous (which it is), but they want to know why he didn’t follow the instructions of the challenge. Keith says, “Well, it’s not that it [the dog] doesn’t have an outfit, it’s definitely styled.” Heidi responds: “It’s accessorized.” We then watch Keith cover his tracks as he tells the judges he’s made “many, many outfits for the dog” and “thought about it a long time.” Nina laughs and the other contestants, who know the truth, shake their head in disagreement. Heidi then inspects the dog’s accessory that Keith said he made, which turns out to be a bracelet. He then confesses that it’s really just the tiny sash that he spent a lot of time on. Oh, come on, Keith, we all know the truth. And Ivanka had the right idea when she suggests watching the take to see if he really made four outfits for the dog.
  • Most Dramatic: Bradley has finally made an impression on me. It didn’t look too promising this week for him as he struggled endlessly with his outfit. His dark gray skirt was gorgeous and flawless, but he continued to have a hard time executing the blouse. At the end of the day, it looked as if Bradley was going to forfeit and go home, but at the last minute, he pulled off the most dramatic honey sleeveless top. Instead of an entire outfit for the dog, Bradley made a cute shirt collar that matched the skirt. (See Keith, it’s not all that hard to do.) I truly adored this design, but after careful consideration, realized it had remnants of Daniel V’s inspirational piece from last season.
  • Most Wearable: Uli, Uli, Uli! She has yet to disappoint me. Every design has been well thought out and stunning. This week, it was the risky task of mixing patterns that won the judges over and granted Uli immunity for the next challenge. The colors, fabrics and contrasting patterns made this ensemble a success. Although the dress was simple, it was still stylish, hip and versatile. By merely taking off the cute brown jacket, the dress was transformed from business attire to flirty and playful.
  • Most Beautiful: Alison truly put a lot of thought and effort into her design for both models. Her crisp, hip and chic dress flawlessly matched her story of a “young Japanese woman working in fashion, who religiously travels with her dog, and was on a trip to New York’s fashion week as a buyer.” The judges not only loved her story, but also thought the make-up and hair complimented this modern design.

Dog Gone

This week it was Katherine’s boring and blasé “sporty” dress that saved Angela from going home again. The cute hoody doggy jacket won over the judges’ hearts, but since Katherine was unable to execute Tim’s wise suggestion of a replica for her human model, she found herself on the receiving end of the famous farewell, double cheek kiss by Heidi.

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