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So You Think You Can Dance 2, 07/26/06 – Lost: Dimitry's Open Shirts

For Donyelll and Travis’ second dance, they will be doing the quickstep, choregraphed by Glen Weiss. He calls the dance the most difficult, but also the most fun to watch. Travis compares it to playing Red Light Green Light, and Donyelle compares it to a hopscotch marathon. I love those comparisons. They quickstep to Dancin’ Fool by Barry Manilow. Travis is definitely debonair, an they two look believable together.

Nigel thinks Donyelle and Travis cheated reasonably well, saying the style wasn’t quite right, and rather than skim, they more or less hopped around. He tells Travis he looked like the Gingerbread man from Shrek, with that stiff-legged feel. Mary says she loves the two of them to pieces, but the best part of the routine for her was the ending. THe movement wasn’t very powerful, and it seems like they were dancing by the numbers. She says Jamile and Nick did a much better job with it last year. Dan says nothing pleases him more than to disagree with Nigel and Mary, but they are right. It wasn’t there. He realizes they’re having a rough night tonight, and Donyelle says she’s taking notes for next time.

It’s another Shane Sparks hip hop routine for Allison and Ivan’s second number. They’ll be using umbrellas in the routine, and he says the person dropping an umbrella has to do fifty pushups. Of course, who’s the first to drop one? Shane, as he calls out that it wasn’t a drop. He then does pushups with Allison on his back while Ivan does them at his side. They dance to Sexy Love by Ne-Yo. It fits the cutesy-ness of their personalities very well.

Nigel calls it lovely, as far as the style of hip hop being done to R&B. He liked the softer side with no aggresiion and no booty spanking. He calls it very good and beautifully danced. Mary thought it was going to be Singing in the Rain with the umbrellas, but it was more like bringing out the sunshine. She tells Shane it was really beautiful. Dan says Shane usually comes out and does some crazy fast, hard stuff, but as he turns to Shane in the audience, he tells him that is so hot. Dan always says that is a lot harder to do than coming out and giving a lot more energy. It takes a lot of feeling and a lot of flow. He says Allison and Ivan were perfect. I have to agree with the judges. Mad props go out to Shane for that dance.

Natalie and Ryan get to dance within their own style, contemporary with Tyce Dorio, for their second dance. He really wants them to go for it passion-wise. Ryan admits he’s been waiting to work with Natalie as a partner, although we never would have known it watching their first dance. Natalie compares him to a little puppy, following her around all the time. They perform to I Will Get There by Boyz II Men. It’s much better than their disco routine, and I have to say it’s the most emotion I have ever seen from him. Unfortunately, it might not be enough to save the two of them after last week both narrowly making it another week, and then doing awful on their first dance tonight.

Nigel tells Natalie he thinks she is such a beautiful girl and such a beautiful dancer, and says she couldn’t have asked for a better partner with Ryan this time. He tells Ryan he showd why heh is in this competition with such beautiful lines, and while he sometimes doesn’t finish everything off and his hands aren’t there or he leaves his feet behind, in general it was beautiful. Mary agrees with the name of the song, and says she thinks the two of them will get there. She’s not sure if they’ll be at final two, but they are both headed for long dance careers. She loves the way they both moved, with Natalie being beautiful, and Ryan having beautiful extensions. Dan thinks they really came with it time time. They forgot about everyone and focused on each other.

I love it when performance shoes save the best for last. Benji and Heidi are doing their second routine to the mambo with Alex Da Silva. They watch him demonstrate the dance, and with Alex calling it the fastest mambo they will ever see, Benji says, “Holy poo!” They don’t think they have been this challenged the whole competition. Despite their troubles, Alex says he has faith in them. Dancing to the Mambokats version of Black Mambo Angel, only Heidi and Benji could pull off those spins. I have to admit, though, knowing they’re cousins weirds me out a little when they get to the sexy parts of the dance. There is this awesome spin she does under his leg that is just … amazing.

Looking at Benji’s open shirt, Nigel says he’s please they found something to do with Dmitry’s old shirts. He believes there are so many superlatives with this dance, and this is why they got nearly eight million votes last week, it’s why they are America’s number one summer season show, and why they were picked up for their third season on Fox, when they haven’t even finished the second season yet. Has he been waiting to say that all night? This is the best routine of the night. He tells Benji he knows how good he is as a partner, and says Heidi did it perfectly waiting for her partner to get to her, then picking up. Their toe hell was magnificent.

Mary starts off saying she was just a little bit disappointed, although she doesn’t think it’s their fault. She thinks the choreographer let them down a little bit because there were only 99 turns in there instead of 100. She is kidding, of course, pulling that one again on Benji. More seriously, she calls it brilliant choreography by Alex, and says there are not two other dancers that could have done that. It took so many partnering skills, and it really was the fastest mambo they have seen. Dan calls this the most professional looking routine they’ve seen this entire season, no matter the style. He says they are the most refined dancers in their style on the show. They leave nothing to criticize. Nigel is so excited, he wants them to do this routine on the tour. He knows people will pay to see that again.

I won’t be surprised if the cousins make it to final two together. How weird would that be? Last year final two were best friends, Nick and Melanie, and now this year, it could very well be cousins? I think this all points to how important the partnering is, as only people that have lots of experience in that area make it that far. This is why it will mostly likely by Ryan without partnering skills leaving tonight, and Natalie, who never was as successful without her favorite partner, Musa.

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