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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 26th – Mr. Fart and the Mass Protest

Erika, Marcellas, James, and Kaysar go up to find Will and Booger resting in the HoH bed. They make the obligatory jokes, and Marcy goes to use the facilities. The other three leave, and Booger says, “You’re all going home!” about four times. Marcellas comes out of the bathroom, leaves, and Boog cracks up saying that he forgot Marcy was in there.

The hamsters descend on the kitchen to make their dinner. George is very graciously helping Howie cut potatoes for french fries. Janelle seems to be making slop chips for George. Diane looks outside and wonders when BB will let them out to practice the “crapshoot” game for tomorrow night’s HoH comp.

Kaysar thinks that this is like Sesame Street in an alternate dimension. Howie is Big Bird, George is Snuffalupagus, and Will is The Count. He’s thinking of putting prison numbers on his shirt for the live show because of his newly bald prison look.

Lockdown is over and everyone goes outside to find … nothing. Howie notices that there are indentations in the grass and that things are put away differently, so something must have been set up and then taken down.

Booger and Erika are in the HoH room now, and they’re wondering if anyone will ever nominate Danielle again. Actually, Boog is wondering this and Erika is non-committal to anything, as we all know. Booger wants to know which one of the S6 is the most dangerous. He thinks it’s Janelle, but that Kaysar is the calmest and taking him out would cause the others to splinter. Erika has an opinion! Alert the media, er, I mean, here I am reporting Erika’s opinion folks. She thinks that it would be way too hard for her to go after Kaysar this early in the game because she likes him so much. Boog asks if she likes him too much to go after him, and she says no.

They talk for a long time about strategy and how they think the S6 really wants to be broken up because they’re getting on each others’ nerves. Erika says that Danielle would put up Howie and Janelle if she got the chance, and Booger is down with that. Yo. He says, “As long as it’s not you, Will, or me.” This alliance with Erika and Booger/Will gives me the heebie jeebies.

Elsewhere, the conversations range from the Iraqi war to music to farts. Speaking of farts, George is making himself a “Mr. Fart” shirt for tomorrow’s live show. I wonder if he’ll also be sporting some original headgear like he did for the veto competition?

Booger starts talking about Krista again, and says that the reason she sued CBS was because after Justin was evicted for pulling the knife, they didn’t actually take him out of the house for another four hours. CBS apparently settled the lawsuit, and Krista said that they asked her back for All Stars but she declined. Now he starts talking about Krista’s brother killing their father again. Boog, shut up. Krista isn’t there, and I’m sure she doesn’t appreciate this crap being spewed out.

Badminton games outside and games with song names inside (did that sound like Dr. Seuss to you?). Not much going on tonight, it seems. The song game spurs singing, which gives us flames on and off. Smack them, BB!

More talk of the war in Iraq, as Kaysar explains that he was born there, but hasn’t been back since he was a baby. He doesn’t even know his grandparents’ names. That’s sad. He wants to go and visit, but knows he’ll be disappointed because it’s been destroyed. Jase talks about his army stints on the Iraqi border. Then he asks what they think would have happened if the Germans had won World War II. I’m not making this up folks, the discussion has turned intellectual all of a sudden. Well, it was headed there until Jase mentions that Lyndon B. Johnson was the president during WWII.

BB gives the hamsters their beer that they earned, and it seems they have wine as well. They’re excited that they can eat real food again in only two short hours. Do they have any idea how long two hours is for us watching the feeds this evening? And since when are veggies and bread not real food? They even had flavoured bagels, for cryin’ out loud.

Kaysar and Erika joke around that instead of teaching the world a lesson with their Muslim/Jew relationship, they’re going to make it worse and go after each other. This would be funny if it weren’t actually happening right now. They talk about making treaties and breaking them soon after, and Erika says something about the Gaza Strip. Wow. Eerie.

James and Howie are trying to talk strategy, and Erika comes in and makes herself comfy. Out of the blue, she says that she thinks she’s the most “real” person there. James says, “Do you have opinions in the outside world?”

Janie, who is enjoying her wine, tells a story about how she attacked a girl who was supposed to be her friend, but was sleeping with her boyfriend. She says she attacked her with a knife, and someone says, “So that’s why we’re not allowed to have a knife in here!” The one-liners are the highlights of the evening.

At 12:10 am, the food has not yet been stocked in the storage room, and the houseguests are not happy. They wait and wait, and finally Danielle takes off her mic and says she’s boycotting until they get food. Kaysar (!) joins her. Erika is hooting and hollering, obviously a little on the tipsy side. And … flames. They last for about 15 minutes, and when we come back most of the hamsters are in the kitchen. Not eating though.

All the mics are in a pile, but I can hear someone talking about just not talking if they’re forced to wear them. The kitchen is an absolute disaster – it looks like every drawer and cupboard has been emptied. A quick shot of the backyard shows miscellaneous items floating in the pool. Did they go on a rampage during the flames of doom?

Back to flames again, for quite a while again. When we come back this time, they’re some mundane conversation going on about Prada of all things. Then Boogie says that things are unfair, and Will is seriously pissed off and saying how insulted he is. Even Howie is saying that “this is bullsh*t”. Thanks guys, we’re back to flames. But I have to admit, I’m on their side. If BB took their food away at midnight the night before, they should get it back 24 hours later.

Almost another hour of flames here, and suddenly we have happy hamsters eating food out of styrofoam containers. Looks like it came from a deli. Will dares Howie to eat a hot dog, saying that if he does it, Will will never vote him out. Howie says that he’ll throw up – not sure if he’s just eaten too much, or if there’s something wrong with the hot dog.

And now, what’s this? Everyone getting ready for bed? Wow, BB must have laid the smackdown on them all. Erika is laying with Booger, but their heads are at opposite ends of the bed. Bleh. Janelle goes to say goodnight to Will, saying she’ll dream of him. Heehee. “The four” spend their last night of James’ reign in the HoH room.

More flames. Terrific. Then we get the S6 talking about who they want out next. James is after Marcy and Erika, but Howie wants to get rid of the Chill Clowns first. I’m with Howie. They discuss how Alison wanted to vote out Howie because she thought he was obnoxious, and Howie looks offended. James tells stories about Sarah and their dog before returning to strategy talk. James tells everyone that if they bring someone back into the house, he’ll walk out. I hope they don’t bring someone back either.

All of the hamsters settle in to get some sleep, except for Kaysar who is waiting until 5 am so he can pray. He looks like he’s about to nod off any moment though. The clock finally hits 5, and Kay does his thing before crawling into bed himself.

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