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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 26th – Mr. Fart and the Mass Protest

Booger is getting nervous about the possibility of losing Will in the next week or two. Why, I don’t know. He wants to know what he should do when he’s all alone in the game. Will says that he’ll do better on his own, and suggests that Booger should become a floater at that point. He’s stressing that this week is very important because they need to flip the numbers and take out one of the S6.

Back outside now for more conversation that would only bore you to tears if I recapped it. Just about everyone’s out there, chatting or napping or staring into space. Will asks Booger about his idea of opening a restaurant staffed only with reality TV stars. Uh, I’m not sure I know of a lot of reality stars who would be waiting in line to work as a waiter for Booger. Maybe Diane. Anyway, Boog says that he can’t see it being a success because it would only attract tourists. And stalkers, Boog.

Now on to the kitchen, where Howie is making something that might be fries, but really looks like lumpy oil in a fry pan. When he removes the pan and starts piling the contents onto his plate, James points out that perhaps he should drain them first. Janelle takes one look and thinks maybe she’ll just have some slop today.

Howie and James start teasing Janie that she has a crush on Will. Will is right there and starts hamming it up, saying that she’s only bored and he’s her play toy. Howie says he can smell a showmance in the air, and calls out “Will likes Janie! Will likes Janie!” Janelle doesn’t say anything, but she’s smiling like she’s just kind of putting up with them for the sake of keeping things calm in the house.

James gets called up to do his HoH blog, and comes down with the digital camera. Will gets a picture of him pinching Howie’s tummy with the kitchen tongs. Will of course hides his face behind a roll of paper towels while Howie holds up a piece of bread to play the “find the bread on Dr. Will” game. Will gets some ribbing from Janelle about having his picture taken with Howie, and Will says that it goes against his principles. He gives a shout out to Erin, and then kisses Howie on the cheek. Fortunately Janelle gets the shot with the camera. Howie jumps up and down singing “pale boy loves Howie!” I do too – the guy is hysterical.

Janelle gets her picture taken with Marcellas, and has the shot done over because she looks too fat in the first one. Yeah, right. Lots of photos of the HoH room, and then Howie is sent down to try and get some pics of the Chill Clowns.

Kaysar is working out on the treadmill without his shirt on, talking to Danielle about how he hopes she takes Marcy out before he gets the chance to do the same to her. Marcellas comes by to check him Kay out. Marcy stays and watches the workout for a while, as Dani and Kay pretend they’re talking about Jase. Poor Marcellas – that boy is going to be wound up tighter than Crappy after a few beers when he gets out of the house.

Marcy finds Erika and complains that he was planning to put up Chicken George and Howie, and tell Howie that he was the pawn. Then he was going to arrange for Howie to be evicted. He thinks he can’t do that now, because then whatever Jase said when calling Marcy out would be true. Erika agrees with him without actually saying anything or attempting to make it appear that she has an opinion.

James and Danielle are in the gym now, talking about Erika. See how this gets passed from one person to the next? Who’s going to talk about Danielle now? James is upset with Erika because, after he ranted about how Karen in BB5 played the game as if she were a piece of furniture, Erika said that maybe that was her strategy. James feels that Erika plays that way, and it annoys him to no end.

Poor Georgie is still trying to make something palatable with his slop. He fashions some sort of round, flat thing that is either a pancake or a tortilla, and pops it into the toaster. He starts poking around at it, and suddenly BB’s voice appears saying “Stop that”. Once again, “Stop that!” Apparently the third time’s the charm: “George! I said stop that!” George is bewildered and says he wasn’t doing anything. Jase comes walking by and asks George if that’s a fork he has in his hand. “No, it’s a knife” says George. Jase tells him he’s going to electrocute himself sticking it in the toaster like that. Hahaha! George thanks Jase, unplugs the toaster, and tries to fish out his slop over the sink.

Booger tries to do some impressions of the houseguests. They’re absolutely terrible, but the people who are watching him give the courtesy laughter, which is similar in effect to a golf clap.

Will and Booger take off to the HoH bedroom (sounds dirty – it’s not) to talk about what they’ll do when they win HoH. That’s funnier than Boog’s impressions. They wonder whether they should start their threats and deal-making with S6 now, or wait until Thursday night. Aw, go on and do it now. I could use the material. They want to let the S6 decide amongst themselves which two will go up on the block. If they can’t decide, then Will and Boog will put it to the house to decide.Will instructs Booger about how to do the nominations, and what order the keys should go in. This is information I hope he never has the chance to use. I don’t know if I could handle a week of Boog being in power. Will says he hopes that the show is edited so that it looks like the vote is a close one. Someone get a pin and pop this guy’s cranium.

Now Will wants to make James an offer – leave S6 and come with us, or be put up and go home when the Chill Clowns win HoH. Conceivably, there are enough luck-based comps that I guess Booger could win one. But I wouldn’t count on it.