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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 26th – Mr. Fart and the Mass Protest

So let’s see. Over the past few days Chicken George has gone from prey to king of the roost. Jase has been thrown under the bus several times, dusted off, then tossed back again. Janelle suffered temporary insanity and licked whipped cream from Booger’s body, only to redeem herself completely shortly thereafter by calling him out on his inability to win a competition. Booger showed us that he’s a nasty drunk by shouting vulgarities at Janie for making him look like an idiot (as if he needed the help). Marcellas has been called out and given it right back. James has changed his mind about 739 times regarding nominations and the eviction. Danielle has talked non-stop for about 72 hours, I think. And Will wants to go home – or does he? So much for boring feeds!

This morning all hamsters are sound asleep at 9:15 am when BB attempts to rouse them with “(It’s Getting) Hot in Here”. Which reminds me of the Wang Chung cover of that song in last year’s Hit Me Baby One More Time – anyone else watch that show? I was hoping it would be back this year. Anyway, no one actually wakes up, and thankfully, no one takes the songs’ suggestion to take off all their clothes either.

Oh, wait … Danielle is up. Confirmed tooth-flossing action in the bathroom. About ten minutes later, BB tries some rap song that I’ve never heard. Will, George, and Erika appear. Everyone else is still trying to ignore BB.

Will comes out saying that he woke up this morning with the knowledge that he wants out and Jase should stay, because he can’t be sure that he’ll have enough votes to get out of there in week 5. He tells Danielle to go get Booger but to try not to wake Jase up in the process. Danielle sends Booger out and then tells Jase what’s going down.

Jase gets up and begins hair placing in the bathroom mirror. So Will and Boog should have a good 20 minutes to talk now. Will says that he feels trapped in the house and wants to go home. Danielle keeps demanding to know exactly what’s going on. She says she needs them to play the game. George comes by to announce that he’s already lost two pounds (woo – you go Georgie!), and Will asks him to vote him out. Danielle says she’ll get the votes to send him home if that’s what he really wants, and even Booger is saying now that it might be better if Will goes. Danielle thinks this is a big turning point in the game. Me? Not really.

Jase comes by to hear Will repeat that he needs to get out of there. They talk about taking out the floaters, and Jase says that he made an agreement with James to do just that. Booger and Jase are left alone, and they talk more about the effing floaters and how Danielle is their leader. They want to try and make everyone believe that the Chill Clowns aren’t getting along with each other.

Danielle is called to the DR, so the voting has begun.

In the kitchen people are going over breakfast options. Remember, this is veggies, beer, bread, and kumquats day thanks to the latest food competition. I’m surprised they’re not threatening to boycott the diary room today if they don’t get butter. Will and Boogie duck into the storage room for a quick chat, and Will is excited. He says that he’s not even on the S6 radar now, and that this is All Stars. As we all suspected, he’s playing the game. He plans to use this “I wanna go home” card for the next couple of weeks, try to fracture the S6 alliance, and then create a new alliance from whoever’s left. Booger, his mouth full of bread, looks at the camera and says he’s going to “eat them up”. Y-u-c-k. As they come out of the room, Chicken George just happens to be standing right there. I sure hope he heard that!

Erika is up in the HoH room with James, flipping around with the spy cam. James is whining again about how this game isn’t a team sport and that he doesn’t even feel like he made his own decisions as HoH. Still sounds to me like James wants to keep Jase – he says that Jase would keep his word (which he wouldn’t). Erika says that Will wants to leave (which he doesn’t). HeJames asks what time it is, and Erika says “time for you to get the f*ck up!” and leaves. Maybe she’s tired of his complaining too.

George, who I’m enjoying more and more as his personality actually comes out again, is having trouble with the slop diet. It gives him terrible gas, which is not only embarrassing but also painful. BB gave him Gas-X, but it’s not helping. Gotta give him credit though, he almost never complains about eating the actual slop. He wonders though if BB tested this on anyone before putting them on it. Booger suggests that George should mention this in the diary room and ask for a professional medical opinion.

In a moment alone, Danielle tells Booger she’s tired of running around for “you guys” and she wants to choke him. Get in line, sister. Will comes by and Dani tells him that S6 is keeping him in the game. Will mentions that he saw Erika run upstairs when the voting started, and thinks that she’s the liaison between S6 and the Chill Clowns. Danielle asks Booger to stop using her name when he’s talking to people – she wants him to act like he doesn’t even know her.

Lots of inane chatter as the hamsters mill about eating their breakfasts and finding places outside to sit and pass away some time. Jase says he knows he’s leaving because someone gave him the scoop. Booger asks surprised and wants to know why no one told him. Erika suggests it’s because he doesn’t stop talking long enough to hear anyone.

There’s a lot of talk about previous seasons, which always seems to happen on voting day when there’s not a lot else to do but reminisce. Danielle must have recapped her entire season from day 1 to when she lost the final vote by now. In excruciating detail. Danielle’s great, but she really has to cut down on the verbiage spilling from her mouth day after day. Jase thinks that he’s being edited as more “refined” this time around. Well yeah, you started off that way Jase, but it kinda faded after the first couple of days in the house.

Will and Booger are working out in the gym, and Will is saying that the S6 asked him what would happen if Booger was voted out, and Will said, “see you later”. Booger says that the S6 think he’s a terrible game player. Yes, yes they do. And I’ve yet to see proof that they’re wrong on that one. Will tells Boog that Kaysar had a free pass to the final four, but he screwed it up. Not sure how, exactly. Will points out that the differences between S6 and the Chills is that S6 has more people and they won’t walk away from each other. He also thinks that Jase will be coming back into the house. If it’s America’s Choice, I beg to differ.

Mr. Smith is filling Mrs. Smith in on the change in the vote. She’s pissed off, quite obviously. She says that she doesn’t trust Will at all, and now she doesn’t even want to be there any more. But Diane! If you stick around you might make sequester and then you can move out of your car! (Was that too low?) She throws in that she effing hates BB6. Then she says that Jase could be coming back to the house, and once again I’m not sure how that would happen unless someone other than the viewers send him back in. He says he’d be willing though. Terrific.

Diane goes into the kitchen and tries to ask Erika about the vote, but BB cuts her off with a warning not to talk about their votes. Di heads back outside and asks Jase how he found out about the switch, and he says that James told him. Diane says that Erika must have been lying to her just now in the kitchen when she said she didn’t know what was happening.