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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 25th – The Morning After

Diane, Danielle, and Jase talk about his agreement. He is asked if he is going to throw the HoH, and he says he wants to win. He wants to show the BB6 that he’s a man of his word. They know that Will and Boogie are up in the HoH trying to make a deal as well. If they only knew they were talking about skin cells. The girls talk about letting Jase win HoH so he can make the BB6 trust him again. Danielle says they can’t tell Marcellas or Erika. Duh. James comes out, and Jase says the more he thinks about it, the more he wants to win HoH. James jokes with him about when Jase through the fire extinguisher in his fit of rage, and Jase says James would have done the same thing. James replies he would have thrown Jase instead.

Will finally gets to the point when making another attempt to talk to the S6, and says he wants to stay until sequester now, and wants to call a truce. The BB6 say they want to talk about it, and to send Boogie up there in about twenty minutes. Considering Janie sent for him, he ought to be afraid, very afraid. When Boogie returns he says if Jase stays he’ll try to trust him, but isn’t sure if he can. Yeah, I’m sure that was the BB6ers’ big worry.

Howie just can’t stop messing with them. He asks Boogie how he’s voting, and Boogie says he’s voting for Will to stay. When Boogie asks how Howie is voting, he says he’ll vote however Marcellas does. Will asks if he is being voted out to please just tell him before Julie Chen does. Howie picks this up and starts doing Julie impressions, by telling Will he is free to leave the BB house, so he should put on some sunscreen. He jokes if Will wins HoH, he’ll have that in his basket.

Boogie leaves, but Will stays, trying to make nice. He tells Howie the reason he doesn’t ‘tan anymore is because he got skin cancer on his leg in BB2. Howie wonders about his back having skin cancer and wants Will to check it out. Will refuses, and Kaysar just laughs. Kaysar suggests Will stay, dump Boogie, and they go from there. Will refuses, and they talk about whether Will really wants to win or not. Kaysar wants him to admit it. Will tries to make a deal for him and boogie to go in weeks 5 and 6 instead. That is so stupid. Why would anyone agree to that. What is the point of him staying then? The point is that then he can win HoH and kick them out to not keep his word and stay and win the game. The BB6 didn’t fall for it to put Marcellas up in the veto ceremony, and they’re not going to fall for this. Will gives up and goes to bed.

Janie, Kaysar, and Howie know something it’s completely right with James’ insistence to keep Jase. They suspect he has something going with Danielle, and that Danielle has something with Jase. Kaysar thinks James is setting up other alliances so that when S6 gets picked apart, he’ll still be safe. If they’re smart, they’d all be doing that. They decide to keep Will and take out Jase. Of course, this is without James. I think this is a mistake, and could fracture the S6. It’s not good that they shook on it with Jase.

Boogie talks with Danielle to ask her what’s going on. She says she thinks Jase might end up having the votes to stay. Boogie think she need to go talk to the BB6 to get them to let Will stay. That’s a mistake. Are you going to try doing it over a bubble bath again? He says Will really does want to stay, but now doesn’t want to be the guy that said he did and really does go. Huh? Will joins and tells Boogie, in front of Danielle, to vote him out, asking him if he’s disappointed. Boogie says he understands. Is it for show? Will goes around to tell everyone he can find to vote him out; he’s ready to go.

James rejoins his gang in the HoH room, and just then Boogie comes up to plead Will’s case. Janelle asks him to come back in five minutes. James is really confused, and Janelle tells them they have decided to vote out Jase, because they it just isn’t setting right with them. A huge argument ensues and Kaysar remains steadfast that they vote out Jase. Boogie comes back and is told to give them more time.

Boogie is finally allowed in, and says Will wants to stay but his ego is stopping him. He claims Will can’t win, but Jase could. Their best bet is to keep Will. Boogie asked who he personally would put up, and he says “one of you and a floater”. Yeah, that’s the way to get them to trust you. Again, you don’t know how to turn on an oven, yet you were insulted becuase a cocktail waitress throught she was smarter than you. Guess what. She is.

Boogie leaves and James seems to be coming around. He feels bad for Jase on the competitive level, that he didn’t get to go out playing, and Howie points out that Jase was throwing the competitions, so it’s hard to say that. They finalize it to keep Will, and also that if one of them wins next week, they will not go after George. I still have my reservations about keeping Will. They worry now about what to tell Jase since they shook on it. This could get ugly. I see more fire extinguishers being thrown.

As much as Kaysar and Janelle said it just didn’t sit right with them to keep Jase, I’m the other way. It just doesn’t sit right with me to get rid of him. You can see it in Will’s face that he never stops playing the game. The whole time Jase was going off on Marcellas and James during the show, Will sat back smiling and eating a sandwich. Somehow, keeping him is playing right into his plan.

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