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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 25th – The Morning After

Will and Boogie then change it up and decide the best thing for them is for the BB6ers to get into power again, and tell them to decide amongst themselves who of them need to go. They figure it will cause in fighting, and the PoV will make it worse. What? Sorry Chill Town, but I don’t see them turning on each other just yet. They fight it out, but they bring it in the end. Either way, someone from your alliance is leaving this week, so you’re not sitting real pretty. As Erika joins the conversation, she tells them she thinks the votes are there for Will to stay. Well, someone must be playing both sides then.

Jase, who told George he was on his seventh beer, joins Will and Boogie, and all talk about being afraid to go home. Will is leery of seeing his patients and girlfriend, and Jase is afraid to talk to his mom. She warned you! Mom always knows best. Will claims he won’t look at the “nerd sites” on the internet, and just watch YouTube. Well, Will, if you weren’t an ass, you wouldn’t need to worry about how people might be dissing you on the “nerd sites.” But Will, I’ll tell you now. Bring it. You want a chance to plead your case, I’m here for the interview.

James says he’s not as bothered by Howie this year, and Janie said she never was. She sees him like a little puppy, and James corrects him that he would be a three-legged puppy. James then makes comparisons to the other big alliance in the house, and says Chill Town throws its members under the bus. George chips in and says he trusts his Jedi alliance more than that of Chill Town. You rock, Chicken Man!

James then talks to Janelle in the HoH, trying to get her to vote out Will, and see things his way. He believes Jase, if kept, will go after the floats. That’s right, James. Floaters and … Janie! Janelle believes if Will goes it’s a wasted week, and James replies that Will is a smart player, so no week he goes is a wasted week. They decide they need to be careful around Marcellas and Erika as they are like April, but not bas bad. That’s going to kill Marcellas when he reads that later. Erika joins them, and they stop the strategy talk for Erika to discuss the way she likes the men in the house. No, really?

Diane and Boogie do a little strategy talking, and they talk about Danielle running the house, and also mention her voting to keep Will. That’s funny. I’ve heard her say the opposite twice. They discuss the BB6 alliance getting ready to implode, and believe that James is just waiting to make sure the other alliance is strong before he flips. Right, that’s why he put you guys on the block. Because he wants to join your alliance. And this is after Boogie isn’t drinking at all. I think taking out Will makes the most sense, because without him, Boogie has absolutely no game. He will implode himself. He also thinks George is on their side because he loves Dr. Will. Are you kidding? I think Boogie has borrowed those rose-colored glasses George was sporting the first few weeks of the show.

Daniellel and Kaysar do their own strategy session. Kaysar admits he’s leaning towards keeping Jase, and Danielle admits she is going back and forth. They agree they’re going to start playing more individual games in a few weeks, and Kaysar swears to not make the same mistakes as last time. They can’t figure out Diane, except that she seems to be doing the same thing she did last time, pissing everyone off as they go out the door.

The rest of the BB6 debates last season while Erika sits and listens. They still can’t decide whose fault it is that none of them made it to final two. James wants to blame not being accepted, and Howie and Janelle want to blame James for turning against them. Erika leaves, Janie fakes anger, and I’m pretty sure Erika is on her way to report this to whomever she can find.

Danielle is in a private meeting with Will and Boogie angry that it’s getting out that she said she wanted to save Jase, because Boogie had told Diane that. She doesn’t want her name used at all. Just wants to soak up the good things that comes with it I assume.

James and Janelle go back to arguing Will or Jase. It’s the same argument again and again. Janie knows many of these people don’t like her, and James blames “Janeallousy.” that’s right, because Will is called a good player because he’s a man, and Janie gets blamed for Janeallousy and called every other vile name Boogie could think of in his drunken state because she’s a woman.

Jase and Danielle join the conversation in the HoH to plead his case. He brings Howie a rose. Wrong reality show, Jase. Jase admits he has said he wanted Janelle out, but it’s because he’s jealous because she pays more attention to Will. It’s off the hook, some, but I do think there is something like that behind all this. He’s got such extreme dislike for her, it has to do with something personal. you can tell.

James points out to Jase that in the beginning, Janie was the one that wanted to trust him, and always pleaded her case to them. He keeps pleading to stay, and says if he wins HoH he will go after floaters, especially Marcellas and Erika. He wants a guarantee to be safe for two weeks, and says he won’t go after them in that time either. Jase also explains to them they’ll look stupid if they keep a good player like Will and evict him. A handshake is made when Jase agrees to put up Boogie and a floater. Hmmm. I like that plan.

The floaters worry with Jase up in the HoH, and start saying they need to know what’s going on up there. Danielle finds her way up there along with Will. After BS talk with Danielle there, when she leaves, Will asks the BB6 what they want to know. Howie starts asking about subcutaneous skin cells. You have got to give it up to this guy for that. He so totally plays Will and gets under his skin (pardon the pun). Then he switches to talking about Will’s girlfriend, and Boogie joins them.


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