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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 25th – The Morning After

Coming from one of the two that wanted to have a Jenga bonfire, Boogie heads inside to cook something, and can’t figure out how to bake something when he only sees the word “preheat.” And he was mad at Janelle for intimating last night he was stupid and couldn’t win a competition?

Will does an impression of Boogie’s antics the night before, complete with slurring curse words. Marvy. I just didn’t see enough of it last night. Boogie claims to not remember it, but then once Will starts retelling it, Boogie manages to chime in that he was pissed. Well, apparently you remember it then. Will tells him when Janie was goading him he should have just shut up and not said anything. Boogie’s excuse is that he was drunk and “you know how I am.” Great. Will informs him that him peeing in Howie’s apple juice is probably all over YouTube right now. Boogie hopes his mom doesn’t see it, and I’m thinking for his sake, he better hope Jase’s mom doesn’t see it.

As the talk continues, Will figures he and Boogie are really popular by the fans since they are so mean. If that was how it worked, April, Jennifer, Maggie, and Eric would have been voted in instead of the Kaysar, Janelle, James, and Howie. Just ask Jase’s mom.

James turns his attention to Howie and works on him to keep Jase and out vote out Will, and also shows Howie how to properly fold towels. Could he be more of a metrasexual? Howie admits to James that he thinks Janie is different this year, and James tells him to remember everyone is here for themselves. They both decide that Marcellas is the first floater that needs to go.

Jase catches up with the boys club and assures them they aren’t his targets, Janelle is. He also says Howie will be the entertaining one when Will is gone. That’s assuming Will is entertaining though. I admit the group of Will, Jase, James, and Howie initially entertained me, but Will’s schtick grew thin way too quickly, and Jase stopped being funny and started being mean.

When the HGs get their catered meal and booze for the night, Jase asks if Boogie can get all the booze so that he can stay another week. That’s the spirit Jase. Both Will and Boogie offer to play pool with George while everyone else eats, but he declines the offer. Seems he’d rather be alone than be talked down to by those two. Will then goes inside and makes fun of the Chicken Man not eating. Either way you look at Will, the Chicken Man proved he has more balls than you whole alliance.

Jase, James and George talk about what it’s like to leave the show, and James fills them in on sequester. They can watch some TV, but it can’t have anything about BB in it, so mostly they watch documentaries and movies. They have a cook there that cooks great food. Jase and James talk about how it’s hard to leave the show behind, feeling like you need to be checking you Mike all the time or something. James also says they have to film three time the part where he arrives at the sequester house. He kept flipping everyone off. I kind of like that about him though. It fits.

For some reason Janelle’s boyfriend, “Big Daddy” needs to be a secret. She told Howie his name before, but said it wrong. Now he thinks he knows who he is, as he has friends who played pro football like Big Daddy. Janelle says Howie can’t tell anyone, not even after the show, because no one can know. Howie asks if he’s married, and Janelle says he’s not. Hmm, now I’m wondering what’s behind the secrecy.

Marcellas and Danielle sit down for a long chat, and talk about their mutual dislike for Chill Town and how mean they are. They’re upset that no one has done anything yet to get rid of them. Again, win an HoH yourself and see how difficult it is to pick something that benefits the most people to keep them happy. They’re upset that Jase wants to actually play the game, unlike Chill Town, and is leaving because he was with them. Marcellas turns the conversation which of the guys in the house he would do. He doesn’t like Jase’s body, but he would do James. Moving on to a possible American’s Choice coming back in the house, they want it to be Nakomis, but figure it would be Chicken George. He’s not gone yet! They also wonder if the BB6ers are as popular as they were last year. Yep!

As talk begins outside about what happened last night, Will and Boogie, mostly Boogie, begin a little panic over whether the show is pretending there’s a showmance going between them. Boogie realizes some of his lines could be cut and pasted, along with him spraying whipped cream on Will, and he’s suddenly worried. But hey, Boogie! It makes good TV!

Whether it all makes good TV or not, these two just don’t get it. Will tells Boogie his idea for breaking up the BB6ers up is for Chill Town to win an HoH, then go around and ask them who they want to get rid of, since that is what was done to them. They figure they can get the Chicken Man to win the veto for them. A few things are wrong with this plan, but first I need to point out it looks like Boogie has decided that Janie was right that he can’t win HoH. The first problem is that currently the votes are pretty close to sending Will home. The second problem is that George is planning on voting out Will because he doesn’t like being talked down to. I’m thinking he wouldn’t be helping them.


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